The King and The Succubus

The King and The Succubus

By:  Cassandra Davy  Completed
Language: English
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Armand was appointed king, his small hellish kingdom was nothing compared to his nemesis. But he was not claiming for more, he was done after his lover's demise as King Ranulf accidentally kill her and made both of them cast to hell. He's a fallen angel who wanted nothing but to spend the rest of his eternal life grieving in his way. That was until the day he met Rain, the human werewolf he thought can heal his wound. But he was rejected, he thought Rain liked him until he chose King Ranulf. The day he was going to kidnap Rain was the day he got badly wounded. And Rain once again rejected him and told his lover not to hurt him. And that's how for days he ended up in the care of a very chatty Succubus named Basilea. ***** No one knows how valuable Basilea was, not even the last king she served her life for. Basilea was the last princess of the demon succubus, both parents were killed in the great war less than a hundred years ago. Her kingdom falls and she had no desire to fill her royal throne. She was living the harem life with King Ranulf, her life was easy under his protection. Basilea was brought by King Eustace, the ruler before King Arkael and King Ranulf. She was taken in just before her she reach adulthood, no one knew her, and no one gets close enough to peel layers of her deep darkest secret until Armand. The one being she couldn't resist, the one male who can fulfill her desire. She was a demon after all, and she knows that demons don't get her happy ever after. Or do they? ***** Warning! R-Rated for 18+ due to strong, explicit language and sexual content*

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Very nice book. Perfect for weekend or vacation! I haven't read anything from this author before, but I like this story very much.
2023-08-26 18:59:41
44 Chapters
Previously on Fallen for The King
Armand's POVI hated Ranulf for not killing me. I wished that he did and be done with it. The loss that I felt for my angel had not lessened in all those decades. But when Rain was there, my mind was healed, he had made the hurt go away.Those couple of days that we spent together were easily the best I've had in decades. I was a ruler of the least popular kingdom on the west side of the hellish region. I've had no urge to join the battles of other kingdoms, never feel the need to.My warriors were there to defend, never to attack. I was never motivated enough to broaden our territory, yesterday was the first battle I had our warrior engaged in. I was prepared to die, and my legion was aware of the situation, and they wanted nothing but to follow me to their deaths should we fail in getting Rain back."... you need to stop moving. You know, you should be thankful that he spared your life, he had changed a lot since master Rain. They said that he's the one..." the demon succubus was put
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1. New King
The strong stench of the blood of my elders was the distinct memory that I remember from my past. I was barely reaching adulthood when my parents were annihilated. Gone was the kingdom that I belonged to, my throne forgotten.I was the princess of the demon succubus and her king, the heir who lost her wings as they cut them off to make sure that I will always suffer for my kind.*****It has been less than a week since I stayed in his kingdom. The dark, quiet surroundings were strikingly different from Ranulf's kingdom. There's no sense of grandeur in Armand's, strangely I feel pain, and sadness as if this palace was built for isolation. I decided to take a leisurely walk around the palatial structure, I've done this a couple of times already, and it doesn't matter where I ended the aura has been the same. Eerie, quiet sadness, aside from the clinking metals and the chatters of his warrior demons and generals. I've heard about his kingdom, Maven told me the history of his castoff ki
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2. Chatty Succubus
It's strange how losing your lover and being cast down to hell can change your view on your existence. Still being immortal, now living in a place where I once frowned upon, a place where lesser beings remain. I did nothing wrong but fall for the most beautiful creature I ever laid my eyes on.I thought she loved me, when I realized she was with me just to make Ranulf jealous, I was hurt. I had warnings but decided not to listen. And now I'm paying my dues as Armand, the fallen angel.*****Looking at Basilea sitting alone was kind of confusing, she did ask to be left alone and now I was wondering. I don't think it natural for a demon to feel sad, she's a succubus, a wingless one. I've learned that she had survived the great annihilation of her whole family, and was taken under King Eustace's protection, the king who reigned before Ranulf's time. I tried not to ask about her wings, but imagining the decapitation and what it must've felt like to her body, I shook my head and decided t
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3. Dragons' Lair
Never would I imagine having the feel of being respected ever again. Losing my throne and my lineage had rearranged my perspective and expectation of my life.Since king Eustace took me under his protection, I had been stripped down of my royal privilege. I was torn, hurt, and many times wished that I was not cruelly spared. Wingless, throne-less, and all alone, I kept on surviving day after day.*****A month had passed that I was living in King Armand's kingdom, under his protection, respected by his followers. It feels weird, but I didn't tell him that. I kept it to myself, attending to my pet dragon in my little tower. Brontes, my fierce young dragon who is the only dragon in the kingdom had let me sit on his back a couple of times. He took me to the sky, flying low to enjoy the warm breeze but high enough to taste the peacefulness of the hellish terrain. It may seem meaningless but I was loving our little getaways and Armand was letting me have my time. The most important thing
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4. Spared Succubus
I was in love, it was perfect. Until it was not and I became a fallen angel. Then I fall for Rain and for the second time I was a fool to think that someone will share the same feeling as me. That's why when a certain demon succubus starts making me feel things, I put all my effort into pleasuring both of us, sexually. There won't be a third time to fall in love. I've learned my lesson.*****"My King." Titus greeted me the moment I took my seat at the throne."How's everything?" I've been patiently waiting for his report regarding yesterday's ambush to the dragon lair. I left Basilea still asleep in my bed, I had my rest, though I still feel a bit tired from our intense sexual activities, at least my wound was getting better. "Our army is in good condition, no casualties, just bruises and lacerations, all curable. The dragons are the same nothing our healer can't fix." He reported, smiling, no doubt feeling satisfied that he finally had his dragon army."Just keep in mind the drago
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5. My Demon Slave
The kingdom is my isolation, my punishment. I was banished down to hell because of my feelings. But Basilea is a demon, what could go wrong, right? Wrong. All of it was wrong. History had proven to be true. I was no match for my angel, not loved by my handsome werewolf and now, I need to shake any feelings towards my one and only harem. Easier said than done.*****I busied myself with my generals until I recognized the need for them to rest when we have worked well into the night. Following the situation, I was back to my chamber not long after where Basilea had waited. The demon succubus looked graceful in my royal blue color. Her curves were perfect, her sway was enticing, and her gaze was making me hard in seconds. She walked toward me and put her hands on my bare chest. "Seemed that I've upset you? please accept my apology." Her words were soft as she kissed my chest and then glanced at me, searching for a hint of anger. My hands rest on her small waists, rubbing her bare s
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6. The Jealous King
Demon succubus is what I am, what I have identified myself with, since forever. Feeding on sexual pleasure has been it, no feelings ever play a part.Not until a certain fallen angel made me see that I'm the only one for him. And strangely he's the only one I need. For a harem that is. His only harem.*****As a sexual demon needing to feed on several beings to survive, I find myself wondering how the hell was this powerful king seemed to manage to fulfill my hunger.Last night was one of many times, and I wasn't lying when I said that the fallen angel made me feel things I'd never thought I would. His possessiveness was raw, his demands, his demeanor, all made me feel truly wanted. The way he engulfed me in his embrace was the first I've ever felt so safe in my entire existence. My body thanked him for his endless surge of energy, I need to talk to Maven about this. I'm not sure why I need to, but I have questions that needed answers and he's the only one who really knows me. I ne
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7. The King and His General
Being a demon succubus made me desire multiple beings. I needed more. I desire more.Being the creature that I am, made me thoughtless. I've never cared for my sexual partners. I can easily seduce them to give in to their desire allowing me to feed on their bliss.But King Armand made me see differently, not sure if it's in a good way.*****I walked to the curved stone stairs, I'd seen the room before. I had sex there with King Armand before, but we've always ended up sleeping in his bed afterward.Magnus, his younger general looked a bit confused when he entered the room moments after I settled on the bed. I was not su
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8. The King of Affection
I had loved him before and it was not enough. And now he hurts me by wanting to be with me. I still love him, I do. I'd do anything for him. The thought of being in his arms again was making my heart come back alive.Though I know he will tear it apart once he had had enough of me, I will do as he asks. Cause that's how much I love him. Yes, I still love him, although I keep it hidden inside. No one needs to know, not even the man I love.*****Armand was as strong as I remembered. It has been decades ago, that he had fallen out of love with me. He had hurt and tear my heart apart the moment he ended things between us.The room that I used to be in, the bed that he used to worship my body in, the s
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9. Love and Dedication
I've never known feelings can be so complex. He was once my lover, he once warmed my side. He made my mind at ease every time he was in my bed.With Basilea, I was feeling another kind of fondness. I hadn't felt the same for another being and I don't understand why I couldn't reciprocate his feelings toward me back then.It'll all be so simple if I could, I wanted to feel the same towards him. I don't know why, though I strongly wish I could.*****"He still loves you, you know that right?" Basilea asked as she wrapped her arms around my body. It had been a week since I visited him back in his room, he has been keeping himself busy with his peers.
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