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Ambrosia is the daughter of Lucifer. Of Satan himself. She despises her father. Ambrosia has lost everyone she's loved, leaving her with one thing: Hunting. She hunts her father's creations- creatures that lurk in the night. Along with this, she helps train other potential hunters at her Uncle's boarding school, and one day, one of the boys manages to beat her in a spar. The two have an instintaneous attraction, and sparks fly. But as Lucifer gets closer to Ambrosia, things take a dangerous turn.

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Savannah Maxey
2023-02-01 17:18:39
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keep going, can't wait for more chapters to come! i am wondering, is there any socmed to discuss your story further?
2021-07-21 18:18:18
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Savannah Maxey
I am in love with this story.....really need more chapters I am seriously obsessed
2020-11-14 16:43:27
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I am luving it. With each chapter, this book gets more interesting. I am excited for more ?.
2020-07-03 04:37:41
6 Chapters
Chapter One
CHAPTER ONE“So, Amara.”The Vampire whom I sit across from lets my fake name roll off his tongue in the most seductive way. I never give out my real name, Ambrosia, to the undead. Too risky.Judging by how his eyes are lazily traveling up and down my body, I can see how desperate he is. Yep, this one is looking for an easy screw. To him I’m a pretty brunette in suggestive clothing, in other words easy prey.What he doesn’t know is that I’m actually the most deadly assassin to the undead. An oxymoron, I know. But either way, my slutty appearance and flirtatious mask is putting him perfectly at ease. After all, he thinks he’s the only one in this bar who knows that creatures of nightmares actually exist, his race being one of the most common. But he’s wrong. I’m here, and I’m most certainly not alone. My best friend, Moss, is at the other end of the bar chatting up a pretty blonde next to him. Although he may look engrossed in the seduction game they are playi
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Chapter Two
CHAPTER TWOI don’t cry very often, but there is one day a year that I always do. December 5th, the day my mother died giving birth to me.Today is that grievous day, and I’m kneeling in front of her grave, in the snow, allowing tears to roll down my face.But I don’t just cry for her loss. I allow the tears that I don’t let slip the other 365 days a year to fall freely. I allow the pain of missing her and everyone else who I treasure to spill over. I allow myself to mourn, and feel all of the feelings that I pretend I don’t have. It’s my fault that my mother’s dead, but her fate is the fault of my father who raped her and left her for the nine months it took for me to be born. He assumed she would die, because no woman could ever survived giving birth to his child. Normally he kills women before they can give birth, but when he found out I was a girl- he was overjoyed. Turns out that even Lucifer himself has always wanted a little girl.That’s rig
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Chapter Three
CHAPTER THREEWhen it’s time for dinner I put on a modest yet pretty dress, and throw an outfit to change into for the club in my car, along with my handbag.In the club I’m going to be wearing a black dress that reaches about mid thigh and has a V-neck that pretty much flaunts my cleavage. Moss and I carpool to the restaurant together, and my uncle takes Trigger with him. As I pull onto the highway, Moss gives me the tea. “So Trigger approached me after the fight and asked if you were single.”Oh no. I can’t have him after me. I won’t be able to resist. “And what did you tell him?”“That you’d kill anyone who ever hurt you in their sleep.”“And what was his response?”“That he just got turned on.”I groan. Moss smirks. “Are you into him?” He asks me.“Honestly, yeah. He’s hot as hell and the first guy in years that’s been able to pin me down. For some reason that’s a solid turn on. But you know I don’t date
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Chapter Four
CHAPTER FOURReality creeps into my mind bit by bit. The first thing I feel is that my hands and feet are both tied to a chair. My hands are tied behind my back, and my feet are tied to the legs of the chair.The second thing I realize is that the chair is metal, bolted to the ground, and I’m not tied by rope. No, I’m restrained in leather cuffs, which will make freeing myself a hell of a lot more difficult. Next I open my eyes, and see through blurred vision that I’m in a gorgeous house. Lavish furniture surrounds me, and a crystal chandelier hangs above me. Under other circumstances I would admire this house quite a bit. “Oh, you’re awake! That’s surprising. I only knocked you out about two hours ago, and the drug keeps a normal person out for at least eight hours, but most often ten. But then again you aren’t a normal person.” “You bastard” I mutter as the last of my haze lifts, and Arken comes into focus. He’s siting at the far end of the room, k
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Chapter Five
CHAPTER FIVEI wake up to agitated and worried voices all around me.“Back the fuck off, I need to get the shards out” Moss’s voice could cut steel.“I’m not leaving. She’s like our older sister” I hear one of the boys say, accompanied by a chorus of agreements.That’s when I snap my eyes open and sit up, only to feel shooting pain go through my body, forcing me to lay back down. It’s a good sign, considering I don’t feel pain with my red lights on. I’m only wearing a bra and jeans, likely due to the glass shards sticking out of my whole torso.Moss smiles wide. “Glad to see you’re back. And don’t worry, your pretty face is intact.”Translation: Your eyes are back to green, your secret is still well kept. “Moss, get Oak in here.”“I’m right here, Ambrosia.”My uncle is on the other side of the medical table I’m laying on. “Perfect. I’m going to need you and Oak to put pressure on each wound once I get the glass out and di
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Chapter Six
CHAPTER SIXTwo uneventful weeks have passed since Trigger, Theo and I made it to Chicago. I’ve picked up the trail of a banshee that haunts an abandoned children’s playground, but haven’t yet gone out to kill it. Oak pulled some strings, and managed to enroll the three of us at Northwestern University. Trigger and I are both majoring in political science and minoring in English. Theo has no fucking idea what major he wants, and so he’s taking all generals. Trigger and I have all of our classes together.Despite my very best efforts to ignore him, my attraction to him has only grown exponentially, and it isn’t helpful that he flirts with me every chance he gets. Two days ago I even found myself flirting back before I snapped the hell out of it. “Ambrosia, care to take a stab at the answer?”I look up at my introduction to law professor from the book I’ve been reading under my desk. “Mens Rea is the Latin term that indicates criminal intent.”
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