The King's Brightest Star

The King's Brightest Star

By:  SunScar9  Completed
Language: English
10 ratings
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Ellis Stewart was on the verge of becoming a Civil Rights lawyer when a strange woman abducted her. Deemed to be the Emperor's soulmate, she was forced into a marriage she didn't want. Logan Alcott was the Emperor of a dying race, his solar system torn apart by civil unrest. The moment he saw her, he knew they were fated. Can Ellis learn to love this strange man? Will she be able to uphold her ideals in the face of a society wrought with havoc? The enemies lurking in the darkness were coming for them and the only thing she could do was hope that her people remained safe.

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This was such an interesting story! I enjoyed the characters and plot development. A recommended read! One hiccup was that throughout various chapters there was random errors in the names (e.g, Ellis named Bella). It was a bit distracting but not a deal breaker.
2023-02-06 09:02:38
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Eleri E
(Part 2) I have to commend the author for having such an amazing ability to come with an amazing story! The characters are lovable! There’s humor, passion and a good solid story around it! What more could you ask for! It’s definitely worth your gems and time! You’ll love this!
2022-08-24 03:06:22
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Eleri E
So why does this book deserve more than 5 stars? To start off, the story is refreshing, it is beautifully written! No wolf, no dragons or mafia’s and CEO’s that I honestly have grown tired of. So this is new and uniquely written and I have to commend the amazing ability of the author to(part1)
2022-08-24 03:02:05
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Eleri E
I don’t understand why this book is not well known in this platform. It deserves more than 5 stars! I just gave it all my gems! And will continue to give it more! Im not a friend of the author but I am now a huge Fan! The plot of the story is refreshing!
2022-08-24 02:55:27
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Wow!! This one also? Sunscar9, uve written so many books n i was not aware of it all.. Kek! Ok added! U one of my favourite fabulous authors..damn sure im gonna find my way to read all of ur books even in WN .. u r one most talented author SunScar9 Sis! 🙌🙌
2021-06-11 20:05:45
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From joy baba cage to joy baba logan *shamelessly following my love for sunscar's characters* 😁 The beginning was super intense and I can't wait to see the plot to deepen! And ofc the steamy scenes 😏 Do not give this a miss coz you're in for a wild ride!
2021-04-06 14:38:23
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Emerald Splash
The story is so good! Its out of cliches and very interesting. If you are tired of all those cliche romance, check it out!
2021-03-05 16:47:28
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Richard Furigay
this novel is good, the author is good enough, hope to have a complete reading on this book.thanks to the author..
2021-02-10 16:06:49
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shameless reader here, supporting the author wherever she goes.. this novel is different than the other novels she wrote, its funny but at same time it touch human issues and right.. keep the good work dear, and stay healthy and safe
2020-12-09 13:52:53
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Author supporting her own work. While the romance will be the focus, crucial questions about moral issues and the rights of all beings will be brought up. Follow the story of a sharp-witted girl as she drags herself up from a lack of power to becoming a champion of the people's rights.
2020-11-24 16:41:35
116 Chapters
Chapter 1: New Home Across the Universe
Ellis sat under the blistering heat of the sun, basking in its glow, and wondered why she felt that way. She had set out her supplies. An unsent message to her parents telling them she was moving far away. Check.Her suitcase filled with all the stuff she had in her room. Check.A backpack filled with food for the journey. Check. All her identification and paperwork. Check. The beauty of the sun shining over the sea had always comforted her soul. She drew her knees to her chest and hugged them. On the horizon, the sun was setting, painting the sky red. The purple filtered through, making the clouds dance in the fiery sky above. Closing her eye, she savored the sound of the waves and the cries of the seagulls, the scent of salt permeating through her senses. She felt mildly sticky but didn't pay much attention to it. She had felt the happiest here since she was bo
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Chapter 2: Flipping the Celestial Bird
"Ah, alien abduction. I would laugh but my head is killing me." She waited for the other to reply."It's not a joke," Nadia deadpanned. A small smile cracked on Ellis's lips and she nodded. "So, what happens next? Do I get anally probed and my chest cut open to see what is inside? Is a lobotomy due?" Well, this is what the people who were kidnapped by aliens said, right? Not that she believed in it. "Can I leave after that?"Nadia's smile didn't falter as she shook her head. "Sorry. You can't leave." At that point, Ellis was sure that the smile was plastered on the woman's face. If she truly were an alien, it would be comparable to the white-faced monsters people often fantasized about."So, what do I do after the probing?" Ellis asked blandly. This joke was getting sour quickly."We've retrieved you because you are a perfect genetic match for the Emperor of EN-4396. Therefore, you are going to become the new Empress."Sure, little old
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Chapter 3: Coming to Terms With an Alien Abduction
The first thing she saw when she awoke again was Nadia's face. Another round of palpitations plagued her. Her senses seemed to be drowned underneath water and she was staring at this other human's face who had little sympathy for her. "Deep breaths," Nadia commanded. "Come on, breathe through it!"Though the voice sounded faraway, Ellis followed it. After a few minutes, she felt her racing heartbeat slow to a near-normal pace. "Why me?" she asked finally. "Out of all other people in these universes, why was I picked to be the Empress? Surely, the Emperor would prefer to marry someone of his own race."As awkward as it sounded coming out of her mouth, she knew it was not derogatory. Marrying another species wasn't the norm when she was on Earth, so she couldn't see why it would be so anywhere else."Well, Zothea, the planet you will be living in most of the year, is actually much more advanced than humans. They found species that are gen
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Chapter 4: The Race That Found the Miracle Cure
Nadia shook her head. "No, he's a Zothean. And Nin is not biologically compatible with Zotheans," she informed, her voice filled with sarcasm. 'Sorry, Miss Attitude. You look old enough to know none of this makes sense. Don't give me shit for not knowing the reproductive compatibility of aliens.'"I'll show you what he looks like." She tapped on the pad and a man's image projected into the room."He has anthropomorphic features," Ellis evaluated. Not too shabby. The man had wild hair on top of his head, looking like he had rolled on the ground prior to taking this picture. Moreover, it was an odd shade of yellow. If she were an art major, she could have pointed out the exact shade. It didn't look bleached, though. It seemed to be naturally silky. "The quality of these pictures is great," she commented with great awe. Then she noticed the golden spots on his pale skin. And his skin was rather pale."Yeah, they look very human. A few mino
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Chapter 5: When Your Husband-to-be Looks Like a Anthro-Cat
"Well, what about you? Did you have a husband?" Ellis asked. This time she was polite. She started to sympathize. "I did. They call them mates here. Mine died so I went back into the pool. It will take a long time to find someone new, though." Nadia's voice was tight as she replied. Ellis quieted down. "I'm sorry to hear that. But can I ask why it will take a long time?"Nadia's jaws tightened visibly. "I'm not a high priority. You, on the other hand, would be. Don't ask me why. I don't make the rules. If you refuse the Emperor, you'll be quickly matched with someone else."Ellis nodded. She'll find some way around it when she reached Zothea. For now, she needed only that information. She could deal with everything else as it came to her. "How long will it take for us to get to the Emperor's planet?"There was silence. "We reached when you fainted. We transferred you to another room." She looked around and explained. "They
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Chapter 6: Getting Over a Dancing Tail
Laurel pointed to the man flanking on the left of the emperor. His hair was grey instead of yellow with golden eyes. Through the tight suit that the men wore, she could see that they were muscular. "That one is my mate, Dorian. He's cute, isn't he?" she exclaimed. Ellis gave the man a glance and wondered which part of him was cute. He looked like a cat, a terribly scarred and abused cat. Well, she thought. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. "And the one on the other side is Leo, Logan's younger brother."Seeing her distracted, Logan inched closer. Ellis saw the movement and her eyes snapped towards him. Behind him, something moved and she stared to make sense of it. The shock hit her like a punch to her gut. A very long tail danced behind his head, the visible bits showing the color of his hair and the golden spots on his skin on it. A tail... the man she was supposed to marry had a tail. This was definitely not a smal
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Chapter 7: Committing a Crime Over Dinner
Ellis wanted to retreat but Logan and the two others stood behind her, effectively cutting off her escape route. The room had gone eerily silent as if they were waiting for something to happen. Without warning, she felt two firm arms grasp her and suspend her in the air. She closed her eyes, mortification coloring her cheeks as she hoped the ground would open up and swallow her. Why was she being treated like Simba from The Lion King? Sorry, she hadn't signed up for this. She'd long been an adult and being cradled and shown off like a newborn was the last thing she wanted with her life. Apart from being the Empress of an alien solar system, that is. She clutched at the arms that held her by her ribcage to make sure she wouldn't fall. "Empress Ellis has arrived!" Logan's voice boomed. The room erupted into noise, the creatures banging the tables and shouting her name in unison. When Logan set her back on he
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Chapter 8: Challenging the Emperor to Court the Empress
"They're carnivores," Laurel whispered. "I tried feeding Dorian a vegetable and he gagged and puked for the next three days. I wouldn't recommend trying it unless you want revenge for something." Laurel looked very pleased. "Was your attempt an experiment or petty revenge?" Ellis asked, just to be sure. "A bit of both," Laurel admitted honestly. "Of course, Dorian wouldn't reprimand me. He ate it willingly." She had an evil smirk on her face. Ellis nodded, suddenly enlightened about this woman sitting beside her. Logan's eyes remained on Ellis as did the eyes of some of the other men in the room. Ellis found it hard to eat while she was stared at. Finally, she knew how animals in the zoo felt. The men couldn't use her fingers as deftly as the human females could because of their claws, so they poked holes into the pieces of meat and popped them into their mouths. It seemed those claws could double as toothpicks, how fascinating.
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Chapter 9: An Obsession With Colorful Pillows
Ellis was quiet for the rest of the ceremony. She was led back to a strange room. She had to admit that she was tired of these strange rooms.Considering the situation, she went to sleep in a large, circular depression in the room lined with pillows of all sizes and colors. She had to say that it was well decorated and looked cozy. When she opened her eyes, she had to wonder why it was so easy for her to sleep. She stretched her body and rolled over onto her stomach. She peered over the edge of the depression and saw Logan sitting on the floor with his back against the wall on the other side of the room. Ellis ducked down immediately, not wanting him to see her alone. Without the presence of another person in the room, Ellis wasn't sure how to interact with him. It just seemed so... foreign to her. "I won't hurt you," he said. His voice was husky and deep, quite pleasing to hear. She wondered if this was the little chip in her brain making his voice
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Chapter 10: Some Things are Lost in Translation
She could spend hours browsing through all of this and not get tired. To her delight, a section of the library was dedicated to books on law and governance, with case files and newspapers in them. No, it would be too rude to ignore Logan and read through these. She forced herself to give it back to him and sit silently. "I'm glad you like it," he said. "I asked for Laurel's advice. She said you would need a comfortable and fluffy chair on which you can read, so I ordered it. It should be in transit as we speak."Ellis gave a small smile. "Yes, a fluffy chair does help. May I ask why you have so many cushions in the room?" she asked. "Dorian had to buy a lot of pillows when Laurel first came. She likes to sleep amongst them. She told me that you would like it too." He smiled at her, his eyes twinkling. "And you don't like them?" she teased. Cats do love pillows, especially sleeping on them or tearing them apart. 
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