The Last Alpha

The Last Alpha

By:  Zia  Ongoing
Language: English
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Onyx was raised as a human and unaware of the truth of his identity. He started experiencing bizarre complications when a werewolf approaches him, his mate. Despite ignoring his fate as werewolf, onyx had his first shift in the woods and a wave of enormous power rises inside his body. Curious of his abilities, he went in search of finding the truth which was kept hidden from him.On his way to become the fated werewolf, Onyx made few friend and enemies but the one who is waiting for him patiently is yet to face him.What happens when Onyx realizes that he is the last Alpha of his clan and he is the only one who can save both the worlds from the doomsday.

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55 Chapters
The water spills and splashes beneath the feet of the running wolves, crossing the river to the border. The full moon rises in the sky, shining like a white pearl. It lightens the black woods where two rogues are running for their life.  The paddy feet are silent and alert in the direction they are heading, but the pack behind them is closer than they thought. The woods scream silently, and the dark souls are wide awake. The naïve animals are hiding under the layers of earth, laying silently.
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The woods and the fire, killing innocent animals, engulfing them inside. The horrendous view to slaughter makes a cub, shiver in fear. He runs without an aim in the black woods to find a shelter but it fills his lungs with smoke and gas by the fire started by an enemy wolf.He is a big and dangerous wolf who gazes aggressively at the poor cub. The steady and firm steps approach the scared cub and lashes at him with his sharp canines. 
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The birds are chirping early this morning and wake up before my alarm hits. That's not usual for me to wake up early on days but i have this weird feeling in my guts since Dad proposed about the vacation. Something is going to happen, best or worst, the time will tell.I descend the staircase and run to the kitchen, finding mom and dad asleep. I grabbed a jacket from the hanger and went out to get some fresh air. I love the smell of air, woods and soil. Sometimes, I feel that I belong somewhere in the woods but the drastic nightmare made me afraid of the woods. I agreed to go on the trip because I want to see my
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The night is getting intense, but its darkness fades away under the magnificent light of the moon. The girl standing in front of me, I don't know who she is and where she came from but my heart aches to see her eyes wet. I don’t understand her reason for crying but it baffles me a lot.“Listen, please! Don’t cry. What are you saying doesn’t make any sense to me? We never met before, neither of us on social media but you say we are mates. I found this ridiculous.” I state and she pours more water from her eyes.“I was looking for you for so long but see how we met here, in the human wor
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My head hurts since last night’s dream and now I can't sleep. I spent the entire night changing sides on the comforter but it gave me a backache too. The morning glowed like a fairytale and I pulled my jacket from the hanger and went out to breathe some fresh air. Little birds are chirping and I can sense a peace lingering in the woods. Not sure but I felt relaxed somehow, despite the troubled sleep. A dense fog floats over the valley, covering a major portion of the woods and it is colder than usual. I breathed peacefully until I felt a tap on my shoulder. I gasped but relaxed the next moment when my eyes fell on my mother’s face. She smiles at me and her embrace warms me every time I gaze upon her.
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OnyxI waited on the exit for an hour before I saw Fiarra coming out from the school premises. I approached her and stood still while gazing into her eyes.“Thank you.” I smile.She stays emotionless. There was something bothering her and I couldn't make up. “What’s wrong?” I asked her.
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The wind is swirling up high, burning the flames of the fire which engulfed the home of wild animals. There is blood and chaos everywhere, but the shadows are dark and creepy. Somewhere in a stranded corner, a small cub is sobbing quietly. Nearby, a lifeless body of a wolf is lying in a pool of blood. Upon inspection, it's a female wolf and a mother of that poor cub.The flames are rising up to the sky like someone set the night on the fire. The temperature increases as the fire and the flames engulf more and more of the area.
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I got up from the bed earlier than usual because I did not sleep for the entire night. Somehow, I feel bad for behaving rudely with that girl, but she is clingy and I hate such people.Why she acted like she knew me well, just like a wife. I never want a girl like her as my wife.It blows away my head, and the pain is excruciating to my entire face. Today is going to be one of a terrible day.I was not very hungry, so I skipped my breakfast and headed to the college after informing my parents. T
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Fiarra's pov The tiny cold droplets of water poured over me from the dark-clouded sky, as I stood in the middle of a stranded road, waiting for Onyx to come back to me.Maybe I was wrong, but my intentions were right. I knew that I was playing with the fire when I left the pack in search of my mate to this human world, but it burned me when he did not accept me as his mate.
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The sun was about to set earlier than other days. It shows that the winters are closer than we expected. Though, the breeze was chilling the bones, but the hotness increased the surface tension when I noticed two wide eyes staring at me with horror wash off.“What are you?” Martha asked.“I am a she-wolf, a werewolf.” I started with pride in my voice.“The Halloween is yet to come, so keep your idiotic jokes to yourself.’ she yelled at me but I could smell the
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