The Mafia's Virago

The Mafia's Virago

By:  Maan_1995  Completed
Language: English
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18+ content, User discretion requested. ******Complete******* Arthur's POV "So you are gonna make me stay here even if I don't want to and will not let me do whatever the fuck I want? Why you cannot just let me be happy? You are happy with your lover so let me be no? Why the fuck you have to interfere with my life?" She shouted at me and stood up to leave. I was furious now! I pulled her back by my hand and pushed her towards the wall. I held her chin and looked into her eyes... "DON'T YOU DARE TALK TO ME IN THE SAME MANNER!" I shouted at her face coldly and I could see tears forming in her eyes but in a split second, she rolled my hand which was holding her chin and turned me gripping my neck. Not giving me a chance to respond. "If you ever try this again or even touch me, I am gonna cut your balls off so you won't be able to fuck those whores!" She shouted leaving me and left me there shocked. **************** Ava's not like any other girl letting anyone control her life. Arthur on the other hand is the coolest mafia leader who fell in love with her. A lot of misunderstandings came in their way but will Ava forgive Arthur and love him back? Will she be able to endure Mafia's life? Will she be able to become the strong girl her parents wanted her to be? Let's find out in the story...

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47 Chapters
 18+ content, User Discretion requested, contains sexual content, abuse, violence, and self-harm.THIS IS A WORK OF FRICTION. ANY RESEMBLANCE TO A PERSON REAL OR DEAD OR ANY EVENT IS COINCIDENTAL.All rights reserved. No part of this story shall be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means without the permission of the author. PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME.
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Episode 1- Chasing the Traitor
Arthur’s POV I was waiting for Sam in my Range rover with Lukas, Max, and Tyler, he was in the hotel to enquire about Ryder. Well, Ryder was one of our gang members who stole from us and tried to harm another member on the way out. Technically, I really don’t know what was the nee
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Episode 2 - First Meet
Arthur's POV“Stop, you will kill him!” and she stopped giving me a hard glare. Her eyes met mine, and at that very moment she realized what she did and stood up from him, leaving that guy on the floor who was unable to even stand. I called Sam and asked him to come here and get the guy. She came to me and asked “Do you know him?” her voice, so light, she is so soft-spoken just like her looks, but only if you know what this girl did a few moments back…
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Episode 3 - In my mind
Arthur’s POV After about 6 hours of extreme torture, that bastard broke. Well, I must say he was hard to open but was worth it. Right now, I am not in a mood to talk as everyone knows what happens when I get in this angry mode. I went to the bathroom to get a cool shower and change my clothes. I always have a spare pair over here for such events. I got undressed and stood underneath the cold drops of water. I wanted my mind to relax but it had other plans. 
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Episode 4 - Like what you see?
Sam came in my study with some documents which I knew was a background check on that girl and its quite impressive that he got it done in less than a day.“Everything about that girl who knows how to punch,” Sam said grinning and I chuckled.“Let’s see what you got little girl,” I said and as I opened the document her photo was there pinned and it looked like it was taken recently. She was wearing a dark maroon tracksuit with white stripes and Nike shoes with no makeup and still, she managed to look so beautiful. I flipped the page to notice her name “ Ava Williams”.
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Episode 5 - Friends?
Ava's POV“What do you do Arthur?” I asked him and she started to think of something but quickly replied “ I am a bodyguard, the guy tried to kill the person I guard so we were searching for him,” Okay, that explains a lot. “What about you?” He asked, “Well professionally I work as a manager in a start-up but I love music so you would find me here
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Episode 6 - Thanks Ar...
Arthur’s POVI knew today would be a great day. I wanted to know more about Ava and the best way to do that was to join those classes. When she came in and started talking to that instructor I could not control myself from staring at her, she was wearing all blue tracksuit which was loose for her but still showed her curves, and her hair was left in its natural way, all straight. She was not wearing any makeup again. I got back so that she doesn’t see me and when they all started practicing
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Episode 7 - Someone's Jealous
Arthur's POVI took her car keys and gave it to Max who was driving Range Rover and asked him to give it off for servicing. I took her number and dialed it.“Hello” Her beautiful voice, from the other side came, she is more soft-spoken in calls…“Hi, mm I know it's weird but this is Arthur and please save my number, I am sorry I took it without asking but I had to make sure y
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Episode 8 - Big Brother
Ava’s POVArthur just disappeared after getting that call, he didn’t even tell me he’s leaving and that’s making me angry. I know he might be having something important that needed to be handled but at least he can tell me he’s leaving or even a text could have been great. "That was a great day! What are you doing now?" John asked me."I am heading home now. I have
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Episode 9 - Lovely Parents, Beloved Brother
Ava's POVIt’s been a week since Arthur was gone and every day I just wait for his call or to see him in dance class but he never showed up. I called him a few times but he picked and told me he will call back but didn’t. He was not even replying to my texts. To be frank, I should not be surprised, people leave my life all the time the same way but I had never expected him to
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