Loyal to Wrath 11

The twins started scratching Charlese’s legs when suddenly Koda shifted back into a human. He looked at Corbin and asked, “Can I eat her?”

Corbin looked at him like he was crazy. “Why would you eat something so disgusting?”

“It wouldn’t be the first time. At least she’s better than the shit dad feeds us,” he commented and shifted back into his wolf. He circled around Charlese and growled, her body was slammed down. Koda’s teeth sunk into her throat.

Danielle looked on in horror, and so did everyone else. Corbin picked her up and said, “I’m amazed at how deep your friendship is. You two might actually die together today.” Her eyes opened wide. Torture was one thing, but death?

Before she could process her thoughts properly, she was slammed down. Kane came over and bared her canines, ready to sink her teeth in. On the other side, Koda wasn’t going easy on Charlese. She was struggling and couldn’t get him of

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