Loyal to Wrath 12

Kaeden saw the deep frown on Corbin’s face and immediately knew that it wasn’t nonsense this ‘Sloth’ was speaking about. Corbin sighed and gently laid back down in between Kaeden’s legs, “I’m not in the mood, but doesn’t that mean he’ll go after your mate?”

The hairs on Dante’s neck stood up. He and his mate were basically a taboo. “Well, my mate is very protected and only leaves the border of his pack when I’m around him. How would he know?”

“They found my mate,” Corbin said plainly.


Chris arranged for Corbin and Kaeden to move into their own place because they were mates. The house they moved in was on pack lands just near the pack house, a fifteen-minute walk away. Kaeden was ready to be released in just a few hours and it would be better if he continued resting in a place with no negativity around.

After settling his mate in, Corbin made his way back to the pack house and went to Chris’s

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