Loyal to Wrath 13

I feel an uncomfortable pain that isn’t so much of a pain but just an uncomfortable feeling inside me stab at my insides. I open my eyes and try to sniff out Corbin and find a few familiar scents around his light honey smell.

I get up out of bed slowly, minding the uncomfortable feeling. Walking around the bed, I head into the bathroom connected to our master room and look at myself in the mirror. My eyes are red with the surrounding flesh swollen.

Feeling myself about to cry again, I step back slowly and sit down on the edge of the tub and take a few slow deep breaths in to calm myself down. After I feel that I’ve calmed down, I pull off my tee-shirt and pull off my black underpants.

Chucking it aside, I try to push the glass door open, but I see that my hand has blood on it. I turn to look at my rear end in the mirror and it’s completely covered in blood, with blood trickling down my left leg.

Pushing t

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Does anyone know how much this chapters are?
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Lori Overby
Flower had yet to bloom? Huh?

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