Loyal to Wrath 4

“Dick, what’s going on?” Miranda asked, running after him. He looked at his wife and said, “Cyro said he hates everyone here.”

Miranda stopped in her steps and looked at her husband, that was walking away. Charlese came out and leaned against the door frame, rolling her eyes and scoffed, “He really knows how to ruin everyone’s day but at least one good thing came out of this, Chris found his mate and his position is stronger than Corbin’s.”

The sky got dark real quick, and before he knew it, Corbin was on his way back to the pack house. His scent was still masked, and he was now driving the same make of car but just in the colour of royal blue. Stopping outside of the pack house five hours after the party began, he wound the window down and the warrior guarding the gate, eyes widened, “Sorry Alpha Corbin, I didn’t know it was you.”

“Just open,” Corbin ordered. The gate opened, but everyone was completely overwhelmed. Tyrese, the warrior who spoke to Corbin, told everyone through the pack link he was back.

Hearing his words, they thought he was lying, and when they saw Corbin walk over, it felt as though they were looking at a complete stranger. He was dressed in the finest suit and looked so handsome, with his hair slicked back, but why couldn’t they sense his wolf or smell his scent?

Ignoring everyone, including his family, he went into the pack house and tried sniffing his mate out. He found him in his room along with the wolf he spoke to earlier on in the morning. His eyes turned to glare, but he’ll deal with it later.

Going to his room, he stripped out of his suit and took a shower. He could feel that the wall shutting the pack link out was being scratched at but he didn’t take it down. The only link open was connected to Kaeden, if he needed to reach out to speak to him.


I get dressed in plain black jeans, pull on white socks and jump into my Cyro sneakers. I rub lotion onto my skin, then pull on the black shirt my Kaeden gave me, and shrug on the red and black baseball jacket. After getting dressed, I let my hair hang loose and go down to the third floor. I stop in front of Kaeden’s door and hear him sniffle. The scent of the other wolf isn’t there anymore.

Knocking, he doesn’t answer me, and the link has a wall up. I unmask my scent for a split second as I knock a second time, then mask it again. I hear him walk over and the door opens.

Looking down at him, I see that the skin around his eyes is pink and puffy and his eyes are red. He wasn’t dressed for the party. I step in and close the door behind me, locking it. Pulling Kaeden into a hug, I slide down against the door and place him in my lap. “What happened, Kitten?”

Kaeden’s body freezes in my arms for a moment. Then he suddenly bursts into tears. A few seconds later, he clutches my shirt and looks up at me. His eyes are no longer bright blue and are violet—so beautiful.

>Alpha?< a deeper voice than his sweet one speaks.

“Yes?” I answer, looking into those beautiful eyes of my mate.

>Kaeden is too afraid to speak about it but I am willing< he says. I narrow my eyes and pull him back into a hug. “Speak mate.”

I feel his breathing hitch and he shoots up, >I’m your mate?< He asks and I nod.

>I knew it< he says, leaning his head against my chest.

“What happened to you and Kaeden?” I ask.

Phoenix settles into my chest and starts >Ever since we came out as gay, the pack members have isolated us. The Omega mothers are the only ones who really talk to us besides our parents, so we are very lonely. They don’t even allow us to sit at the table with them during breakfast and dinner. Our friend Angela, well she was until a moment ago, tried to convince us not to attend your party since we were originally not invited because of your sister. We didn’t want to get punished by you, so we went and when we were downstairs, Kaeden was scolded for dressing inappropriately and they called him disgusting. When Charlese asked him why he was inviting himself, he said he was invited by you and she smacked him. She told him he should stop dreaming and he shouldn’t lie using your name because even you... have no grounding in this pack.<

I rubbed my hand up, and down his back as I listened to him. Phoenix started crying and I and Cyro could feel his pain. The blood in our veins boiled. I never once laid my hand on her, but now, after she insulted and laid her hand on MY MATE, not even our blood relation can save her. “Phoenix, let Kaeden take over. I want to speak to him.”

Phoenix looked at me reluctantly. I smiled at him and kissed his lips, which made him whimper. I hit his butt gently, and he blushed. He gave control over to Kaeden, who refused to look at me. “Kaeden, I taught you this morning how you should be in my presence. Should I punish you?”

Kaeden looked up at me with his tears spilling, “Did you hear everything I told Phoenix?” I asked, and he nodded his head. He fidgeted and looked away. I growled low and squeezed my hand on his butt. “Look at me.”

Kaeden’s head hit against my stomach, and he started crying again. Fuck! I pulled him into a tight embrace and kissed his forehead. I rubbed comforting circles on the back of his neck as he cried his heart out.

>I won’t forgive her!< Cyro growled. “I won’t forgive her too,” I answer him.

Kaeden soon calmed down, but I couldn’t help but grow angry every second that passed by. I could hear my name being called and the warriors looking for me like madmen. They were breaking down the doors since they couldn’t find me. “They’ll break my door down,” Kaeden said.

I chuckled, “Get yourself ready, and I want to see you dressed up mouth-wateringly delicious so I can devour you with my eyes,” I order and he looks up at me.

“I’ll go shower. You can pick out what to wear,” he says to me and gets up. I hate the feeling of his warmth leaving me. Instinctively, I grab his hand. He looks over at me surprised, “Don’t be too long, okay?”

He looks at me confused then smiles, >Okay mate< he sends me through the link. I can’t help it and beam at him. Kaeden smiles with a squeak and runs to his bathroom.

I get up from the floor and dig through my mate’s clothes. I pick out light blue faded jeans that look like it’ll squeeze the fuck out of his thick thighs and ass.

He has a bunch of crop tops and I choose a white tight long-sleeved jersey type one and just as I look through his other cupboards; I find a drawer full of harnesses and pick out one with leather straps and chains.

>Check if my Kitten has a collar< Cyro says jumping up and down. I do as he says and rummage through his stuff, just as he thought. I found a nice thick collar with diamonds on it. I set it on the bed with his clothes and pick out socks and a pair of white sneakers similar to my Cyro’s.

Kaeden comes out of his bathroom, wrapped in a towel at his waist, and I notice he has a belly piercing and that he had no tattoos on his body. I got up and walked over to him. He lowered his head and backed away.

I reached for his hand and kissed it. Looking at my mate, I informed him, “I don’t want to leave, but I’ll wait for you in the kitchen. If I stay here, I might mate with you by force.” He looks up at me blankly.

I lean down and kiss his lips. Before it’s too late, I pull away and head out of his room. I make it downstairs and bump into my brother’s Beta Chase. “Alpha?” he says, disturbed. I grunt and go to the kitchen and sit down at the dining table.

Heavy steps make their way over to me. Turning around, I see that it’s my grandfather, Zander Waters. I look over at him and try to smile, but I don’t feel my face move. He stops in front of me and gives me a good look before saying, “Happy birthday, Cor.” I stand up and shake his hand. “Thanks.”

He pulls me into a hug, then holds me at arm’s length. “Why can’t we sense you?” I shook my head, “Cyro’s angry.”

“Mmmn, I heard about his conversation with your dad. Tell him not to be angry. It’s your birthday, so let’s celebrate,” he says and tries to pull me away, but I stand my ground. He looks at me oddly and frowns. “What is it?”

“Nothing,” I answer.

“Then hurry, everyone’s been waiting for you,” he says, but I shake my head. “Grandpa, I’m waiting for someone,” I answer as I sniff out MY mates’ movements.

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