Loyal to Wrath 5.1

“Nonsense!” my grandfather said.

His hand tightened around my arm. He began pulling me. >CORBIN MY MATE!!< Cyro yelled in my head. I firmly put my foot down and pushed my grandpa away. Glaring at him, I growled, “I said I’m waiting for someone!”


My father came running in. “Corbin, calm down!”

“O ho ho, if it isn’t the spoiled brat! Get off your fucking high horse, will you!” Charlese came in taunting me. She rolled her eyes when I growled at her.

“You don’t scare me! All you are is an attention-seeking whore. Since you and Cyro are so eager to be savage leaders, why don’t I fill you in on something today? You have lost against Christopher. He will be our Alpha and not only that, our Luna will be your girlfriend Samantha Cross—this should serve as a slap to your face, yo..”

“Enough! Charlese, know your place!” My father yelled at her. His eyes glowed green, showing that our other father, Zeus, stepped forward. He looked at me and said, “Corbin enough. If I knew you were going to act like this, I would have never promoted you. How can you be so irresponsible and ruin everything? Today marks your day as coming into adulthood and all you’ve been...”

Turning on my heels, I rushed upstairs and picked Kaeden up. He squeaks adorably as I throw him over my shoulder. My body immediately settles from its tense state and leave with him over my shoulder. I push past everyone and ignore them. I stop as Charlese steps in my way at the door, “Where do you thi…” she starts and I grab her by the throat.

I fling her out of the house, through the glass doors, hitting the wooden railings. She falls over into the dirt and I know a few of her ribs broke. I jog past her and everyone and head to my car. Chucking Kaeden inside it, I get into the car and drive off with my foot on the gas. The outside gate quickly opens since I guess they see that I’m not slowing down.

“Fasten your seatbelt,” I mumble and force my tears back, although it’s not working. I step on the gas harder as the sound of wolves following us echo in my ears. ‘We’re being followed,’ I say through the link to Kaeden, and he nods his head.

‘When we reach the city, we’re swapping cars,’ I say, and he looks over at me. “Alpha, please don’t cry,” he says, and starts sniffling.

I grab his hand and bring it over to me. ‘I don’t need anyone. All I need is you,’ I say to him through the link. He bursts into tears and whispers, “I’m sorry.”

I shake my head as the tears fall down my cheek. Bringing his hand to my lips, I kissed each of his fingers, ‘You did nothing Kitten, don’t be sorry.’

We reach the city and the wolves behind us slow down. I drive to where my third car is parked in a parking lot and we get out of the car.

I wait for him and grab his hand, noting his sexy appearance. I lock the car with the control and switch keys. I unlock my red Audi and help my mate in. Buckling him in securely, I cup his cheeks and kiss his lips. Letting go, I pull away.

Closing the door, I jog over to my side and wipe my face as I walk. I get into the car and start up the engine. Driving off, I say, “Sorry for just taking you away like that. I was originally going to attend the party, but I just didn’t like that my grandfather tried forcing me to leave you behind. I… they… those people,” I try to speak but choke on my words.

“We can celebrate your birthday together,” he says as he reaches over and wipes my tears. I look at him for a few seconds, then back at the road, >I love him Corbin< Cyro whimpers. “I love him too, brother,” I answer.

We drive for a while and I stop at my apartment building. Driving into the parking area, I sighed and got out after parking in my space. Walking over to his end, I open the door, undo the belt, and pick him up. “What are you doing, Alpha? I can walk on my own,” he protests. I chuckle lightly and look at him. “Please let me hold you. I feel lonely even with you here.”

He looks down at me and hesitantly nods and hugs me with his trembling body. I shut the door and lock my car, then head over to the elevator. It dings seconds later and we climb into the cart. The annoying music playing made me scrunch my face and hug Kaeden tighter. “Ah,” he moaned.

“Sorry,” I mumble and loosen my grip slightly. We arrived at my apartment. I pressed in the passcode and the door clicked open, closing the door behind us. I walked over to the wide sofa and threw us down as my legs went soft and gave in.

Burying my head in his chest, I couldn’t keep it in and let all my frustrations, anger, sadness and heartache out. “Kaeden, all I wanted was to be accepted. I got into fights because no one understood me. I stopped smiling because everyone showed their hate towards me. I could never hold my siblings because my mother said I would hurt them! Whenever I wanted something, I had to behave to get them, but when I tried to behave someone would fuck it up for me. I tried, and I tried and I tried, but it was all for nothing. My mother, my father, everyone, the pack members. I don’t belong there.”

AAAHHHHH!!! I yelled against his stomach. My hands clutched his skin and I could feel that I was close to ripping the flesh, but he wasn’t screaming. My mate held me tighter as I kept on crying.

“Today, I was ready to fight at full force to be the Alpha of the pack but you, I met you - my mate and I realized that there was much more to being Alpha. If you were by my side, I could do anything and even become a good Alpha, you know?”

I get up and look down at him, “I—I thought I could be good. The son that he wanted, but did you hear what he said to me? I’m childish and he should have never promoted me! Why do I have to live in Christopher’s shadow, but I’m the oldest? I wanted to learn everything I could about the pack and the family business and I even excelled at school, but I’m still looked down on. I—I—I just wanted to be loved but they look at me as though I am a monster, Kaeden, they don’t see that they made me into the way I am!!” I get off of him and fall to the floor.

Gripping my hair in my hands, I scream out my frustrations. My breathing hitches and I suddenly can’t breathe. I hyperventilate, then get smack across my face. I look up at Kaeden in disbelief. He immediately starts assaulting me with smack after smack after smack across my face. After the tenth smack, he stops and looks at me. Dropping to his knees, he grabs me by the collars of the jacket. “My hands hurt from smacking you!! If it didn’t I would continue so calm down, please Alpha.”

Pulling him in for a hug, I kiss his cheeks that have tears on them, “Sorry for hurting your hands, I know my face is tough,” I joke. He chuckles, making me smile. I’m glad I could at least make him laugh.

“I love you Alpha,” he says to me. My eyes sting and tears well up. “Why do you love me?” I ask him weakly.

He chuckles and sits up, straddling me. “I’ve always loved you,” he cups my face and continues, “I know—I know—You tried every day to impress them but they didn’t see you for who you were. You were always sad and tried to show it to them, but it was taken the wrong way. You trained the warriors hard without rest because you don’t want to lose anyone because you didn’t want to be alone, but everyone turned on you. I don’t know about your life inside your family, but I’ve always watched you since we were children. You may not remember it, but you saved me from drowning in the pond near the border. It’s since that day that I’ve loved you. I’m so happy that you are my mate, Alpha. You’re the love of my life, my Alpha and my mate!”

I tilt my head with a frown. I honestly can’t remember that day but for him to have watched me all these years, “Ah! The moon goddess blessed me with my moon,” I groaned, embarrassed in his arms.

He chuckles, pinching my nose. Kaeden says, “Your birthday is almost over. I need to go to school tomorrow. How will I explain this?”

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