The Nigerian Cutie

The Nigerian Cutie

By:  ZezeLove  Ongoing
Language: English
9 ratings
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KB is a Nigerian, he's 17 and has lived in Nigeria all his life but then his Dad got relocated to the US and he has to deal with life in a new environment. But when he meets Emma Wilde and falls for her a lot of problems arise and start to threaten their relationship, they both have to fight to keep their relationship from falling apart.

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Grace Rivers
Amazing I love the blurb. Would recommend to everyone
2020-11-14 22:17:04
user avatar
Great synopsis, can't wait to start reading
2020-11-14 00:58:13
user avatar
Great book, kudos to the author
2020-11-05 00:19:16
user avatar
I love the blurb. it's very catchy. it makes me want to read immediately
2020-11-04 02:06:40
user avatar
Amazing cover! I can't wait to dig in??
2020-11-01 03:26:23
user avatar
Didi Adeyemi
I love the approach. Wonderful ❤️
2020-10-30 18:26:46
user avatar
I love cutiessss so I know I’m going to love this book❤️
2020-10-11 06:15:07
user avatar
Bina'an Yalmi
Wow so original, I like your style
2020-08-24 17:59:35
user avatar
Prof Israel
Interesting, I really like the pidgin in it, well-done
2020-08-23 21:16:23
33 Chapters
Chapter One (1)
Korede's POV"I don't want to move Dad" I complain to my Dad. He's just finished telling me he was relocated to the US and as usual I was the last in the whole house to know.Okay let me give a brief introduction of my self. I am Korede Bello. I am seventeen years old, I was born in Lagos, Nigeria and that's the only place I have ever known, my life and friends are here. I have even got my music. I love to sing, music has always been an escape for me. I have two siblings. Jasmine; who's the first born and Ezra; who's the second and I am the last... Which brings us back to the real story (how my life just got ruined)."Korede, I don't have a choice, the company chose me to head the company in the US, it pays more and has a lot of financial back up, it's not something I can pass up" my Dad said obviously frustrated at my stubbornness."And why was I the last to know?" I said looking at my mom,Jasmine and Ezra."K-
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Chapter Two (2)
 Korede's POV"I'm sorry Dad for the way I acted, I was just upset at the news that's all" I said talking to my Dad "I am willing to give the U.S thing a try without anymore complain" I added."Well, that's good, I am also sorry about the change" my dad said"It's okay Dad." I said to him "I'd better start packing" I added. We hug and I go to my room to start packing.After an hour of packing, I stopped to take a break. Just then I get a WhatsApp message from my friend Di'ja.Di'ja : Korede! How far naKorede: I dey o. What's up?Di'ja: I heard you and your family are relocating to the US? :-( Korede: Yes. Lol, don't get like that I will miss you too naDi'ja: How won't I get like that, my bestie is leaving me.Korede: I am going, but you won't be far from my heart.Di'ja: I have told you to stop talking to me like I am your girlfriend. :-D Korede: Mtcheeew, I
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Chapter Three (3)
Korede's POVWow, today is the day. It's Saturday. My flight or our flight rather, leaves by twelve noon today."Korede!" I hear my mother call "Yes" I call back. I quickly rush downstairs."Food is ready, come and eat." She said"What's for breakfast?" I ask"Chips and egg with Ketchup" she said "Cool" I saidI sit down and my mom puts my food in front of me. Even with all my protest she still treats me like a little boy."So what are you going to do today? Before time I mean" my mom asked me."Nothing, just hang around the house" I tell herJust as I was eating, there was a knock on the door. I stand up and go to see who it was. It was Di'ja. What bad luck. I am still in pajamas."Hey, what are you doing here?" I asked."Nothing, just wanted to see if you can go for a walk before your flight?" She said"Okay, just give me some time to take a bath and change" I tell her"Imagine,
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Chapter Four (4)
"I don't wanna go to high school, I am suppose to be done with that. I need a University" I was arguing with my Dad after hearing I had to go through another year of high school."You don't have a choice, you need to go through the American curriculum for a year before you go to the University" he said.I am so angry, if I knew my way around I'd storm off."Okay, I heard you" I told him, then I went to my room.I take out my phone and opened my WhatsApp. I had lots of messages. It wasn't unusual since I had lots of friends. And a few fans (not bragging, just saying) I saw a message from Dave.Dave: Hey, KB what's up? Sorry I wasn't able to say good bye before you left yesterday. I has some errands to run.Korede: I dey o. No wahala. So whats happening??Dave: Just the usual o, eating, work and what notKorede: Lol, this boy ehn
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Chapter Five (5)
I wake up to find my worst fear realized. I am going to high school today! Another year , gosh i am so hating this.I get up and head for the bathroom, I brush my teeth. And then take a shower. Since it's the first day of school, I decided to dress as good as possible even though not meaning to brag but I have awesome sense of style! I am so ready for school. Lies.I go downstairs to find Ezra and Jasmine having break fast. "He's finally up!" Ezra says "are you excited about today kiddo" he asked. I have a feeling he knows I am not. I just hissed and sat down. "Korede, don't mind him o. On his first day of school he cried outta his mind" Jasmine commented. We both laughed at his fake pout.After breakfast I went outside to see my dad waiting for me in the car. I had a car in Nigeria now I have legs, so yeah dad said he
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Chapter Six (6)
Finally the bell rang. Chemistry was over so I was heading to the cafeteria for lunch when I heard Randy calling me. "Hey dude. What's up? I've been calling your name. Wanna have lunch with us?""Sure, why not" I sayAs we reach the table I see all this boys looking so buff and tall with all the cheerleaders. Slender and beautiful cheerleaders."Hey Randy! Who's the hottie?" One of the cheerleaders ask"Oh, this is KB from Nigeria. He lives next door to Emma" he said and patted my back"Oh, and is he single?" Another cheerleader said"I don't know" he said and then he looked at me with "are you?""Yes, I am" I said not understanding why they asked. And then it dawned! They like me? Why?"You know, I am gonna start calling you the Nigerian cutie""What?" I asked not understanding what was happening"Because you're cute" she comes over to where I am standing and starts to put her hand all over me. And the other girl
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Chapter Seven (7)
"Did she actually say that?" Ezra asked laughing hard about the story I had told him about the girl from the cafeteria.  "I swear she did." I replied laughing along with him.  "That's why I love white people. They are so bold." Ezra replied. "But, what's up with that Emma chick?" Ezra added. "I don't know. I sorta like her but she's dating this Randy guy." I replied somberly. "Your dilemma." Ezra mocked. "So what happens if she never breaks up with him? Will you go and date the Skye Mobile girl?" "Hell naw. I am not desperate for a girlfriend!" I squeezed my face like it was the most awful thing that could ever happen to me. 
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Chapter Eight (8)
This morning, before getting to school, I had to make sure that I didn't run into Emma. So I got up early and arrived at school thirty good minutes before time. I went into the library and connected my ipod to my headphones. I put the volume really high and played music.I pulled out my Literature text book and continued my home work. The literature in Nigeria is so much different from the one in America.The music was playing so loud that I didn't hear when the bell went off. It was at least twenty minutes later when I felt someone tap me. I turned around to see one the girls that I see always hanging out with Emma."Hi." I said after I had taken the headphones off."Hello. I just came to tell you that your class has started. I figured you didn't hear the bell because I could hear Bruno Mars from where I was sitting." She said.My eyes widened. "Holy Moses! I am late for class." I stood u
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Chapter Nine (9)
EMMA'S POVWhen KB smiled, I couldn't help but smile too. He looked into my eyes and I just knew he was the one. All this while I was dating Randy, I thought I had everything. I saw all his bullshit and I ignored it because I thought I loved him. I have been dating KB for just two weeks and he treats me like a fragile egg. He doesn't treat me like I'm weak but he protects me. Randy didn't ask if I slept well or if I had eaten or if I was doing alright. It was all about Randy. But KB didn't go a night without calling me and every day before we went school, he'd look through his window and call my attention by saying 'Hey princess.' I had never gone out with any guy that treated me like he did, I have never felt about any guy how I felt about KB."What are you thinking about?" KB asked. He'd been singing a song to me and I guess I just blanked. "I was thinking about you." I said and walked over to where he w
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Chapter Ten (10)
Korede's POV"Emma!" I yelled but she didn't turn round to look at me. I knew she heard because some people signaled her that I was calling her. She'd been ignoring for over two days. The last time I'd spoken to her was the day when we spoke at the window. I stopped calling her. Because at this point, I knew she wasn't going to talk to me. I just wonder what I did wrong. When I finally got inside the school building, I spotted her by her locker and walked to where she was standing."Can I have a valid explanation as to why you have been ignoring me?" I said when I got to where she was standing.She turned around with a cross look on her face, she looked pure pissed. "Leave me alone, KB." She said softly but with a lot of anger. "Not until you tell me what's going on?"  I replied calmly. She sighed and groaned. "Fine. But we can't talk here." I nodded
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