The Omega

The Omega

By:  Writingronaldo  Ongoing
Language: English
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Matt and Angela, the descendants of two Alphas that were sworn enemy fell in love. They were forced by Dylan brutality to leave the werewolf community and lived within human. They encountered a wizard who would stop at nothing to kill Angela as she was an Omega. They fought everyday to evade the wizard. But when Dylan and the wizard joined forces. Angela must find her powers to fight them.

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32 Chapters
Chapter 1
Matt walked back home filled with joy in his mind. He threw his head backward to stretch his neck. That was how he always felt everytime he completed his morning roadwork. His strength was always on the rise as each day passed. He howled happily before gradually turning back into human.Matt was a werewolf. His wolf looked more fierce and sturdier than it was expected for his age. He loved this about himself and wouldn’t crave anything more. He used to hear about some werewolves who used to change their whole body when shapeshifting. That would be intriguing but he wasn’t sure if that was a myth or real. He had never seen it.Another thing struck his mind. His mate. This was what he came short of. He couldn’t get a mate. It was like he didn’t have. His father used to console him with stories of some werewolves who had to travel far and wide before they could find their mate. He felt bad whenever he thought of how strong he should have been if he had
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Chapter 2
Earlier that morning, Matt’s father, Steve and some other members were attracted to the scene by painful cries coming from there. There were bodies and blood scattered all over the places. The culprit was in shifted body. A wolf from his head right to the shoulder and the rest of his body was that of a man. He had just finished with his last victim when they arrived.“Get him!!” Matt's father screamed as the unknown culprit ran away. Dylan, who was already turned by extreme anger, half wolf, half man body and two others went after him.“What kind of savagery is this” Matt's father could not believe his eyes. He couldn’t understand why someone could have done that.“He looked familiar” one of the members said. Matt's father was also thinking the same thing but he was not sure. Right now that someone uttered that,everyone knew that the wolf they saw looked like no one else but Matt. “I thought so, he was o
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Chapter 3
“What has gotten over you, Matt?” Eric, the oldest of the pack voiced out. Everyone including Matt's father believed Eric was very wise but Matt did not think like them. To him, Eric was like everybody, just older. He was just an expert in twisting words. “First, the Lopez pack, then your father. Are you insane?” Eric continued. They were the insane ones but if his ears were right it was like he mentioned his father. There must be something wrong with his father. His father had suffered the same fate as the butchered Lopez pack. That was what he meant. Or was he saying he killed his father the same way he killed the members of the Lopez pack.“My father,what’s wrong with my father” Matt asked trying to be on his feet but he couldn’t. Something bad must not happen to his father. It must not be what he thought.“What's wrong with your father is what you did to your father, bastard” Eric was embittered and furious. H
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Chapter 4
Alpha? Matt had never thought of becoming one. Everyone knew alpha was always a choice made by the majority of the pack. There was no crowned successor. Only a fool would think himself the next alpha. He became more angry. That was why his father was murdered and a whole lot of helpless others were brutally killed. All for an assumption of an idiot like Dylan.“Have you ever heard about C&B?” Dylan asked calmly. He lowered his voice to sound friendlier than before. Matt did not care about what that might mean. He never heard that before and he didn’t want to know whatever it meant. It wouldn’t do him any favor anyway.“It was something that called Checks and Balances. It is an effort to keep any powerful individual or organization from being power drunk. Am I wrong, Matt?” Dylan continued his story which had now become bitter songs to Matt's ears. “Of course, you won’t know if I am. You are just as dumb as your father&rdq
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Chapter 5
Just then, the two at the gates rushed to a direction. Matt couldn’t see what was happening but the sounds and noises he was hearing was clear enough to know what was going on. They were fighting someone in their wolf's body. Matt clutched the gate with his hands and was trying to peep through the gate.The cause of the fight was another mystery. It could be Dylan, maybe he had come up with another plan not welcomed by Eric. One of them was thrown to the front of the gate right in front of Matt. He turned back into a human being. He was dying and crying painfully. A wolf in its whole form walking on its four limbs walked over him and pulled off his shirt and pants. Matt was initially doubting if the wolf was a werewolf or a real wolf. But the way it was pulling off his clothes, it was definitely a werewolf. It would wear the clothes when it changed back because it would be naked, without clothes.He had about werewolves who changed their whole body when they turn but
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Chapter 6
  “What do you think?” Matt asked still looking away. He was expecting her to giggle. There was no response from her. Matt thought she was angry. He wouldn’t want to annoy his helper, he quickly looked at her to tender apology but he was met with a smiling face. She was a teaser.“When have you been living out here?” Matt felt the place was like her home. She had freshen up when he was asleep. She smelled nice and was dressed up. She couldn’t be so comfortable if she hadn’t made it a home.“Few weeks ago. Alone” she looked downward. She was shy. It was like she was in control few minutes ago. Now, she had come back to shyness. He ignored that.“Why are you helping me?” Matt asked her carelessly. She frowned and stood up, went into the tent. What the hell is this. He had not say anything bad. She was just getting angry over a harmless question, Matt was surprised by this. He fol
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Chapter 7
Three months later. Matt dressed up in some security outfits. He came out into the living room where Angela was standing, probably waiting for him."I'm off" he smiled and kissed her. He headed outwards."You forgot it again. It has been over two months and you still don't get used to it" Angela yelled and shook her head pitifully."Oh, I will never get used to it. I guessed I am not a violent person" he groaned and rushed back to fetch his baton. He hanged it at a side of his pants."Fully dressed" he stood straight in front of her and sighed. Angela lifted her cheeks slightly waiting for another kiss."Again?" he asked indefinitely."You went back inside her" she got a kiss again.Matt stumbled outside into the street of Greenford. They came here like three months ago and he had been working as a security at Jane's Mall downtown.This is a country side filled with normal human. They had to hide and manage what the
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Chapter 8
   Sergetti put his hand on the table. He closed his eyes and muttered some words. He lifted up his hand from the table and flames continued to rise under his hand. He continued mumbling and the flames became wilder.Just then, the flame was out. He opened his eyes instantly and looked around. He felt someone was in there with him.He grabbed his wand and pointed it into a direction. A man floated in the direction and walked on air towards him."Haynes!" he exclaimed surprisingly."Sergetti. I see you are creating your own world" he spoke stylishly with a smiling face. "Of flames" he quickly added."What do you want?" Sergetti asked angrily. Haynes was not a good person that should be paying someone visit. His name spelled trouble."What do you mean? I can't pay my friends a visit?" he went behind Sergetti. He bent to say something into his ear."Get off my back" Sergetti brushed him off hi
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9Matt rushed home. Though, he didn't have any idea of what he was going to do. He was just following his instincts."Matt! Matt!!" someone called out from behind him when he was about opening the door. It was Prince. He was very sure of that.This was not the time to joke if he had come for the picnic he used to whine about. The problem at hand was of high magnitude."Matt!!" he screamed again before Mayt could conclude whether to answer him or not."Please, can you just come back. I'm in the middle of the most important thing inmy life" Matt shouted angrily with his hand on the doorknob. He had become infuriated. Angela was the most important thing in her life."Wait a minute. It is something very important and I guessed it is one of the most important things in your life" Prince gasped breathlessly. He had been running.Matt looked at him. He just couldn't take him serious. Prince had never stricken him as someo
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Chapter 10
"I see you have changed from the last minute comer to the early comer, my little Prince" Sergetti said as he came out to join Matt and Prince in his living room.Matt was afraid just setting eyes on him. He felt he would easily discover who he was and there would be nothing to repel whatever he threw at him.Prince had already told him there was no transforming into a werewolf in his house. It wouldn't work."I bow before the great wizard" Prince greeted his brother with a bow. Sergetti waved to him to stand straight."Why don't you sit your ass down on one of these comfy sofa?" Sergetti laughed as he showed them their seats. Someone would know how heartless of a person he was by his laughter. It was tasteless and not contagious."And who is the rookie with you?" he directed his gaze at Matt. Matt breathed heavily."I brought you a student. He had been on my neck for some time. As you now expect the Lost Wand to be in your possession in few
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