The Orphan's Goddess

The Orphan's Goddess

By:  fallengrace  Ongoing
Language: English
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“You are going to be my wife because of the agreement that your parents and my uncle Jack arranged. You can keep running your café business and I can make my uncle happy. It is a win-win situation for the both of us. Nothing's going to change really, you can do whatever you want and of course same goes with me. However, you are going to carry my surname. I won’t do anything to embarrass you and I expect that you will do the same.” I felt a knife stab my heart after saying those words, but it stung more when Lucy said “Of course, I completely understand. I know my role and I know my place. I may not be as rich as you are nor have the stage that you are on, but I am absolutely capable. Do not underestimate me Mr. Lowell or shall I say my future husband.”

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Lee Asibal
huh ilAn taon to bagu matpus
2023-10-10 07:33:56
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Win Family
interesting..wonder what would happen next
2021-12-01 16:47:02
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Liezl Alfajardo
Awesome. Looking forward for the next chapter ...
2021-08-24 17:22:20
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Niño Monares
Very nice and waiting for the next chapter
2021-07-11 15:37:48
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Mam May Bacalso
Super nice, well created mam Felyn. I'm one of your fans. -DrocZen
2021-06-26 22:36:50
72 Kabanata
1. There She Is
-Conner's POV- "RUN! CONNER RUN!" the voice in my head made me shut my eyes tight. "MOTHER! NO! I CAN'T!" the once ten-year-old Conner was torn between stepping towards the door to obey his mother's command or towards his mother lying on the floor crying, nose bleeding, body bruised from head to toe from the beatings of his father, Raul Lowell. He wanted to cover his tiny body over his mothers to protect her from getting another BIG BLOW his father might give her. However, what could he possibly do? His strength is no match from that of his father’s. Think Conner! Think! He was trying to figure out a way to grab his mother and escape from this misery. He was so confused that he ended up standing there helpless and unable to move. His tears were f
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2. Mr. Wise Man
-Conner's POV- "Miss! Don't do this!" I was shouting hysterically to make her stop, but she couldn't seem to hear me. I was running as fast as I could trying to catch up with her pace. "Miss, whatever your problem is this is not the solution! Miss! please stop!" Finally, I caught her wrist and with that first touch an electric bolt ran through my veins. Oh Dear God. She faced me the moment she realized that I was holding her. Tears were madly falling on her soft creamy cheeks. "What do you want from me?!" she asked calmly, but with intense fire right through her dark brown eyes. Although taken aback, I replied as calmly as I can, " What the hell are you doing?! You need to go back to the shore, now!" "Who are you to care? You don't even know me." She bowed her head down trying to hide the pain in her eyes, but even though I wanted to caress her cheeks and wipe away her tears I responded with a smirk and emphasized sarcasm in my voice, “Oh I know you, alrig
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3. I Hope So
-Lucy's POV- I caught the air of my lungs. Are my eyes deceiving me?  I covered my mouth in disbelief. Oh my God! Scars. Too many of them. Who the hell are you? I could feel my whole body trembling. I couldn't control it. I have never felt so weak my entire life. He shouted at me "Common Miss! Come and join me! Don't miss the fun! It's almost dark!" With all the scars on his back, how could this man still put on a smile? I felt numb all over. If the situation my family broke my heart, this man made me feel more than that. Tears were filling up the sides of my eyes once again and without knowing it I was already crying. I'm such a cry baby! Then, I felt a brush on my cheeks and when I looked up, it was Mr. Wise Man. "Don't feel sorry." he whispered. "I don't want to see any lady crying. It reminds me of my mother. It reminds me of how she cried when I was younger. I don't want to cause you any pain. I just want&nbs
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4. The Nightmare
-Conner's POV- I haven't felt anything like this before. It's as if my heart is going to blow any second. I was walking back home when I heard her calling me. I was hesitant. Is she really calling me? I turned to see my lovely maiden run towards me. What is she doing this time? Is she really out of her mind? It's raining really hard now and she might get sick. I was too worried I had to run to her. "What the hell are you doing?! Go back to your house you might catch colds." It melted my heart when she said "Help me, please." and when she embraced me I couldn't do anything else but embrace her back. I had to break free from the hug because if we stayed longer in the rain she might get sick. I held her arms and looked at her in the eyes. "Now, how will I be able to help you if you will get sick? I need you in good health and most especially I need you to be safe. You have been wet for a long time now. You need to go home, freshen up and get some rest. You are one
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5. Not in Sight
-Conner’s POV- “Say what?” I was in shock. I have an uncle? “You heard me right young man. I am your uncle. Do you mind if we come in? It’s drizzling.” I blinked my eyes a couple of times trying to figure out what’s going on just then I realized that the man was right it was drizzling outside. “I-I’m sorry for my manners. Please do come in. I am sorry about my place I didn’t expect any visitors especially not at this kind of hour.” I quickly picked the trash on the table and some clothes on the floor. “My place is not big at all, but it’s my home. Please, take a seat. I only have one couch though.” I scratched the back of my head feeling awkward. Mr. Jack gave a soft laugh “Don’t you worry too much, son. I am just so happy that I finally found you.” I stiffened. I really didn’t know how to react. This man came out of the blue and is now claiming that he is my uncle. I mean, not just some uncle, he is a brother to my father. “I am sorry. I truly am in a shock right now. I mea
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6. He Led Me to You
-Lucy’s POV- I woke up staring at the ceiling not wanting to get up. What have I done? What should I do? And what will I do? My mind was looping around those questions when my mother knocked on the door. “Honey aren’t you going for walk today?” I sat up on my bed and sighed. “In a while, mom.” It has been my routine to go out and have a walk. Honestly, it wasn’t just an ordinary walk. I walk to get a chance to see Mr. Wise Man again. Everyday I look around and sometimes knock on doors to ask if they knew who Mr. Wise Man was and where he could possibly live. However, all were in vain. I stood up and went to the kitchen where my mother was. There was toasted bread and strawberry jam on the table. I grabbed a bite sluggishly that my mother noticed it. “Anything wrong, hon?” I gave out a fake smile to her and said, “No mom, just feeling a little lazy today. Thanks for the bread, I’ll go take my walk now.” I hurriedly went outside to avoid my mother’s eyes. I can’t affo
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7. A Protector
Nick’s POV- A month ago.. I was about to do some stretching when I noticed this young lady walk past my house. A new lady in town? She was walking and looking around like she was trying to find something until she started approaching people like she was asking something from them. I stopped what I was doing and ended up observing her. She got me curious of what she was trying to do. She was walking with no direction and stretching her neck while her eyes were searching. That confirmed my initial reaction that she was truly looking for something or maybe it could be someone until she stopped her tracks and began to slowly sit on the white sand. I guess she got tired from all the walking she did since early morning. I saw her pulling her hair up into a bun and wiped the sweat that was dropping from her forehead down to her neck. I swallowed concurrently as her hands went down her neck to wipe her sweat from there. What was that for, Nick? You are acting li
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8. Let Her Go
-Conner’s POV- A month has passed, and a lot of things has happened. When I agreed to go with my uncle Jack. It was a difficult decision to make, however there are so many unanswered questions about who I truly am, my blood line, my family and relatives. There has always been this empty space inside me, and I wish to fill it to make me whole. When we arrived at the Lowell mansion, he immediately introduced me to the rest of the Lowell family and to my surprise I was treated rather nicely than I was by my own father. Everyone was so warm to me that I questioned what was behind my father’s attitude. My uncle said that my grandfather and father had some misunderstanding in the past, it must be something really serious to make my father act like a monster I knew he was. There should be something behind these walls and I am going to find out what it is. I am going to find out the truth. While looking around the mansion I was truly amazed by how luxurious it was and what t
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9. What Should I Do?
-Lucy’s POV- When mom and dad divorced, my mom got really depressed and lost her interest in managing our family business ‘The Delight Café’ and so I decided to take over especially that we don’t have any other source of income. I hate to say that my mom became engrossed with my dad’s decision to leave and so she started to drink alcohol, date different men, she literally became irresponsible and forgot how to become a mother. I had to work my ass off because I still have two siblings to take care of. A miracle happened the night I met Mr. Wise Man and finally, my mom is back on her track. Now, we have 7 cafes around Brisbane. We do catering services, hold events, and pastries as well. It has been a year now and I have been on my toes, making myself in a busy frenzy just to forget the person whom I have been longing for, Mr. Wise Man. Even if I got hurt because of what he did to me, I still wish to say thank you to him for if it wasn't for him, for the realization that he ga
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10. I Met Him
-Lucy’s POV- It has been a week now since my mother told me that I am to marry a stranger. I haven’t had enough sleep for 3 days thinking about what’s going to happen next. Today is Saturday and I just want to shake off everything from my shoulders and enjoy the rising sun. I am sitting at the balcony, sipping a cup of coffee and taking pleasure of the view in front of me. I breathed in deeply and rested my head on the back rest of my couch when I was startled by the knock on my door that I almost spilled my coffee on my chest. Who could it be? I am a little pissed, but I was determined enough not to ruin my day. I opened the door and saw the smiling face of my mother, but there’s a slight touch of worry in that smile. “Hi mom, good morning” I kissed her on the cheek before letting her in my condo. “What brings you here so early in the morning?” I asked as we both sat on the couch in the living room. “I came here early so that you can prepare yourself.” She said in
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