The Psycho Mafia

The Psycho Mafia

By:  Juddie Kay  Completed
Language: English
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A psychotic mafia leader with a crush. A girl with abandonment issues and a mild addiction to her mysterious stalker. Caroline doesn’t know it, but her life is forever changed after meeting Marshall Brown. She has never known love like this . . . or danger like this. Is love really forever? Even if the person you love isn’t who you believed them to be? He may not be a saint, but she’s not cut out for heaven either.

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Gina Neisius
will there be a continuation of this book? it can't just end at church 53
2023-11-23 08:24:28
user avatar
Sakshi Chaudhary
update more
2023-09-13 22:27:07
user avatar
Sakshi Chaudhary
this book is damm good
2023-09-13 22:26:23
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
47 chapters 9-13-23
2023-09-13 19:19:18
default avatar
Mariah DeRosa
I bc loved the book but really hated the ending there needs to be a second book
2023-11-27 00:15:33
53 Chapters
Chapter 1
Caroline*****Tiny red lights glowed under the burning pile of logs. They kinda looked like small stars exploding in slow motion. Or maybe that was the bud talking.I blinked as someone jostled me in the shoulder."Here."Sighing, I turned my head to Freya holding out a brown glass bottle towards me. I grabbed it and flashed her a small smile."Hanging in there, kiddo?" she asked."Mhmm." I nodded and brought the bottle to my lips, dipping my head back.The cold, wheaty liquid slid over my tongue and down my throat. It burned in the pit of my empty stomach and I imagined the tiny red stars exploding inside my organs."Yeah." She dropped onto the Adirondack chair beside me and kicked her bare feet up onto the stone pit.I leaned back and moved to drop my own feet up but suddenly spotted the gleam from my glossy black heels. My throat tightened. When I tried to swallow, it felt like a rock was lodged in my esophagus. I didn't realize I was crying until I felt something drip onto my han
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Chapter 2
Caroline ***** I stayed in bed until eight. The house kept me company for hours, soothing my insomnia with its settling creaks. At the sound of beeping in the kitchen, I roused myself from beneath the warm sheets. Once I'd moved the chair back to its place, I padded out to the kitchen. The delightful smell of hot coffee tickled at my nose. I relaxed a bit when I realized it was only Freya in the kitchen. She smiled at me and set her phone down. "Coffee, kiddo?" I nodded with a small smile. While she poured the black liquid into a mug and fetched milk from the fridge, I debated whether to tell her about Valentina. I didn't want to offend her but I decided she should at least be aware. "Thanks," I said as she handed me the mug. "I, um, think I have something to tell you." Freya raised her brows and blew on her steaming mug. "What's up?" "Well . . . I . . . Valentina . . ." I swallowed. This was harder than I thought. Why couldn't I just tell her? Now my cousin was frowning. "He
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Chapter 3
Marshall Brown ***** Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Numbers! They were all just a bunch of nonsensical, disorganized digits. I breathed out again, this time making a loud rasp. "Fucking damn it," I snarled, jumping out of my chair. My hands dragged through my hair, which was already very tousled. It seemed all I could do today was curse at my desktop and imagine her angelic face and all the expressions I wanted to paint on it. Her lips were so delicate and the cutest shade of pink. I wondered if she normally wore that chapstick. I wondered what it tasted like. I audibly groaned at how uncomfortably my pants strained around my hardened dick. Clenching my jaw, I strolled over to the window and placed an open palm along its cool surface. I was never this frustrated. I didn't let things bother me. Because why should they? I couldn't give a flying fuck about what people thought or did. If someone else's actions impacted me, I dealt with them and moved on. I didn't get frustrated. M
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Chapter 4
Caroline*****I stood at the full-length mirror behind the door and glanced over my outfit. Skinny cut jeans and a black turtleneck sweater and tall leather boots. My hair was tied into a ponytail at the crown of my head and the long blonde strands fell over my shoulder. Sighing, I adjusted my glasses and turned away from the mirror. As I walked down the hall towards the living room, I could almost hear Uncle James talking to me. He'd be sitting in a robe in his recliner with the newspaper on his lap and a mug of black coffee in hand.Peering over a pair of bifocals, he was saying, "Those jeans are awfully tight. Are you trying to get boys to look at your ass? And what is that under your shirt? A push-up? Go change."The memory hit me so strongly that I was startled at the sight of Freya leaning against the kitchen island. She was tapping away on her phone and shot me a quick smile."Coffee's in the pot and there's milk in the fridge," she said.I walked past the brewing machine and
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Chapter 5
Marshall*****My muscles cramped with exhaustion as I sat outside in my car, struggling to keep my eyes open. It had been a long week. A pain in my ass kind of week, too.We had recovered the damaged goods from the attack and I'd managed to get the local police off my back. Barely. They were persistent fuckers. The driver was still in my basement, though hardly alive at this point.Today, I couldn't give less of a fuck. Not about that guy or anybody else. I sat in my car and occasionally lifted my head to look through the heavily tinted windows. I could tell when classes were changing or lunch was out, since kids would flow out of the red brick monolith. Otherwise, the school was dead from the outside.This wasn't my first day. I knew when to expect my angel. She walked to and from this building every weekday at the same time. Ear buds in, feet at the ground. She never noticed me and I doubted she ever would.This morning, she walked out of the decrepit little house in skinny jeans a
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Chapter 6
Caroline*****I kept my head down as I hurried home. If he was following me, I didn't want to know. Or did I? He did proclaim himself as my stalker. I mean, I should have been scared, right? There was no soul behind those eyes. They were hollow, dark, abysmal.And yet, looking into them, I didn't feel afraid. The darkness in them couldn't scare me. I had no idea what my stalker's intentions towards me were and even I had to admit that they probably weren't good. He was older than me. Old enough to have a trace of dark stubble along his chiseled cheeks. Old enough to have multiple very nice vehicles.So why? What business did he have stalking me, some nobody high school girl? He had to be a pedophile. Granted, I was technically legal but what else could a guy like him want from me? It's not like I had anything to steal but my virginity.That should scare the shit out of me. I've never been intimate with anyone, much less an older guy. If he wants to hurt me, I should be running for th
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Chapter 7
Caroline*****And then the door flew open and a pack of wolves emerged. By wolves, I meant half of the cheerleaders and their friends. The tall, leggy redhead, Ally, who'd been Greg's date for every dance and formal for as long as I could remember, threw us a saccharine grin."There you are, Greg!" she cooed. "We've been looking everywhere for you."I glanced at him and was stunned by his discreet eye roll. Taking a deep breath, he turned to face the pack."Hi, Ally." He smiled but it was so clearly forced that I almost laughed. "What's up?""Oh, we were just planning the after party at my house and I wanted your input on some things," she said, her friends bobbing their heads.I didn't miss the suspicious or even downright hostile look some of them sent me. As if I asked for Greg to suddenly befriend me."Okay. What things?" he asked."Well . . ." She looked warily at me.I was already rising to my feet, grabbing my backpack. "I was leaving anyway," I muttered."Caroline—" he starte
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Chapter 8
Caroline*****Mr. Mysterious didn't make an appearance even once the entire weekend. I constantly was checking the windows or taking walks, watering the bushes or washing Freya's car. I knew she thought I'd lost my mind. Maybe I had. What was I even doing? Waiting for him to come around? Fuck that. I wasn't going to wait for anyone. Not after what I'd been through. By Sunday evening, I was hating myself for wasting the weekend thinking about some creepy stalker. I tramped out to the living room and sunk into the recliner. Valentina and Freya were curled up, surrounded in a cloud of smoke. They'd been like this all weekend, not that I could judge."Wanna order a pizza delivery for dinner?" asked Freya. She was turning down the volume of the Seinfeld episode they'd been absorbed in. Valentina whined and tried to grab the remote, to which my cousin just ignored her."Sure." I sat up. "What do you guys want?""Pepperoni," Valentina moaned."Just get the meat trio or whatever," Freya sai
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Chapter 9
Marshall*****She almost had me. I felt her, really felt her, for the first time. My angel was the perfect combination of soft and warm. I almost lost my nerve holding her so closely. There was little stopping me from taking her, from sucking on her sweet lips and squeezing her until she moaned for me. She wouldn’t stop me. I knew that much already.I sat rigid straight behind the wheel. Her small figure shuffled up through the dimly lit street, a bit faster than before. She glanced around the street and hurried up towards her house.Good! She should be scared. This was not a safe neighborhood for a girl like her. She was too naive, too attractive, too small. I knew I wasn't the one man who would look at her with intent. Her openness with me was also concerning. Of course, I wanted to believe she was only that way with me, but I wasn't a fool. She was innocent and soft. My breath caught just thinking about her silky golden hair and round cheeks, the fullness of her curves under anyt
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Chapter 10
Caroline*****Monday was pretty dull, as to be expected. Greg stopped by during lunch to get his sweatshirt but he didn't linger for conversation. I had to study for an exam so I didn't take offense. The only things keeping me going were the thought of my stalker making an appearance and starting my shift at the gas station. That was only exciting because I was ready to make money for myself.I would have gotten a job sooner but I didn't have a car and Uncle James forbade me from working. He said my focus should be on my studies and that he paid for everything, so why should I work?Freya was indifferent about my decision but I could tell she was proud, in some way. I was happy to get out of the house, just in case Valentina popped up, and start saving. Maybe if it was enough someday, I could go to school. I wasn't going to set my hopes too high, though.Once last period was out, I went to my locker to grab the gym bag with my uniform in it. It was actually just a collared shirt in t
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