Chapter 15

Chapter 15

She turned to walk out of the foyer but I had questions. “How long have you been a Vampire for?” I asked her. My question caught her off guard. “I... Uh... No one is supposed to know. How did you?...” She stammered.

“Listen, little Vamp... There is a lot you don’t know about Reavers, and even more you don’t know about me. But if you have time later, I could show you.” I purred with a wink. I could see the desire flash through her eyes, but she stayed strong.

“I think your brother is waiting upstairs.” She said playfully, and turned to walk away. “Hm, it’s a start. I’ll get her eventually.” I said to Titan. “Fuck yes you will, and Vampires huh? Mmmmm.” Titan howled.

I watched her wander back into the kitchen which connected to Rowens garage and then I started heading up the stairs to his room. Once I got about halfway to his room I noticed the walls had blood smeared all over them on both sides. It was across the doors, and on the floor throughout the hallway.

“Ok…” I sai
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