Chapter 14

Chapter 14

I held my arm out for Kember and she walked into my embrace. Now I was holding them both. I mean, I knew I had an effect on Katrina’s sisters, but I was not aware of the extent of it.

Neither of them could bear to see me basically sacrifice myself. I had to make it work though, there was no other way. I had to try. Even if it meant I never came back… I couldn’t let Katrina continue to suffer. Not like this.

I released the girls and stepped back a few steps, I had made up my mind. “Ladies, listen. I need you to do this ritual for me. I promise you both I will return. Katrina needs my help. She gave up everything to save me, and I will be returning the favor. Please… Help me to help her.” I begged.

Kiera shook her head no. “I refuse to help you die.” She cried, and then she turned and stomped off towards the back of the club, wiping angry tears as she went. “Well, that went well.” I said to Titan. “Fucking women.” He retorted.

I had to think fast, I needed this to work.

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