Chapter 51

Chapter 51

The elevator door opened on floor 3 to reveal men and women dressed in peacock feathers, and that was about it. They were wandering the spaces between the other areas and it looked like each area was a different theme.

I saw girls dancing choreography. I saw acting and plays, role playing, improvisation. It seemed like every section was something different.

Multiple times on this floor I had women run up to me and try to pull me into their areas to help with whatever it was they were doing at the time. I had to politely decline and keep on track.

It could be so distracting in here, I didn’t see how Ramses got anything accomplished with all these women trying to stop him all the time. I just ignored everyone and found the elevator but it was already going up, it was on floor 11 when it stopped.

“Strange… I thought I was the only one using the elevator. It seemed that each of the men and women stayed on their respective floors. I could be wrong, but I just hadn’t seen anyo
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