The Remaining

The Remaining

By:  Saizen  Ongoing
Language: English
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This story revolves around the lovestory of a couple who had an unfortunate fate, where the man dies, and the girl lost all their memories; with the man's unyielding passion his soul travels through time and space, reincarnated in the near future, but everything has been changed. The world turns into a nightmare, and chaos spread all over. Come and let's unravel the mysteries of the unknown world. Engage yourself with THE REMAINING.

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Valerie Sax
I love the plot... keep up the good wirk
2020-09-28 03:56:21
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Unique plot and excellent narrative style good work.
2020-09-18 21:18:21
user avatar
Please enjoy my novel :)
2020-09-04 23:50:23
67 Chapters
0. 1- Origin
Though everything was changei dunno whybut in this new worldill try to find you andbe with you all over again-----------------------------*TRICYCLE (PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION* it all starts from a single of message of MJ“Who the hec* is that MJ?!”“it nothing okay”“Mary Ann for real! who is that MJ!?”“Nothing, John Carl! just don’t mind him! please!”“No, I saw your conversations with him on messenger.”“I said its nothing! Carl.”“How come noth-?!”my vision spins like a tornado and the tricycle slams to something!*IIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!*“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!”“SSSSSIIIIIIRRRRRRR!!!!!!”*BOOOOOGGGG!!*--------------------*WWWWIIIIWWOOOOONGGGG!!!* WWWWIIIIWWWOOOOOOOOOOONNNGG!!!*“EMERGENCY!!!”“MOVE, MOVE!!!”“THE GIRL IS STILL BREATHING!!”“THE PULSE OF THE BOY IS WEAK!!”MAKE IT FAST! PUT THEM IN THE AMBULANCE!!-------------*TING.....*“What is the name of this boy?”“Doc according to the details, his name is John Carl”“Estimated time of death 02:58 p
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0.2- Origin
-Dec 17-I am currently outside of Mary Ann's house, 30 meters away so I do not materialize suddenlyI am panicking what should I do?!"How can I talk to her if she doesn't know me?!"It's 9 am, but I'm still outside. How can I do this!will this day be wasted ...They also have a Christmas break, right? Will she come out?hayy... will she ever comeout...and miraculously their door openedandMary Ann's came out!"Mom, I'm leaving. I just have something to buy at the SM "- Mary Ann"Is it okay for you to go alone? without Janella?" - Mary Ann's mother"I'm fine, mom. I just have something to buy and maybe some of my memories will come back if I do things all by myself."- Mary Ann"As long as you don't stay up late okay" - Mary Ann's mother, with total care in her tone"Yes, mom. Bye, love you." - Mary Annokay it's my chance, I will join herand when I was about to accompany her, my body slowly materialized."RUDE!!!!"- Random Woman"eeeww!!! GROSS!!! a man is walking in the street wi
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0.3- Origin
Mary Ann POVthese past few days I slowly gather some memories of my pastI feel like I’m always with him, but I can’t remember him...Who are you...-----------Dec 193rd day but until now I have no planshow can I get her out of the house !!!3:00 amI’m here now in Mary Ann’s room. While watching her face I was thinking of an idea.She’s cute ... when I disappear forever, can I still see your smiles? ... can I still hear your voices? ... I don’t want to disappear ... I don’t want to leave you ...And suddenly tears dripped down to my cheeks. Now that my days are near, it sinks even deeper into me; I am dead.I love you...8:20 amFrom a distance of more than 20meters, I sat at the bench near the door of Mary Ann’s house in case a miracle happens and she came outand it was as if the heavens had opened, and the Lord had heard my requestMary Ann left the house !!!wait wait ... maybe she’ll mistake me for being a stalker if I suddenly show up to her right now!and I came up with a g
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0.4- Origin
--------Dec 23Me Ann and I have a date !!because yesterday I saw her, she invited me to accompany her to buy a gift for her BFF.and of course, I will not miss this opportunity to be with her !!We went to SM Val we looked for something she could give as a giftwe went around and it seems like I was the only one who got tired, on the contrary, she should get tired more easily!!“ummmm...Carl do you have any suggestions on what Janella will like?”- Mary Ann“Just buy a matchy shirt.”“Good idea! Let’s find a shirt that we can wear together!” - Mary Ann, it enlightens her face and runs towards the shirt storelike a child, she ran in the Hyper Market, and like a rat, she went to every corner to find clothes that suit themand I’m like a dog that every time she turns, I follow, but it’s okay she’s holding my hand, there’s still a romantic excitement even though I’m tired: DI’m just a little nervous because we’re here in the undergarments section right now and she is buying a pair of u
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1- Who Is That?
ARC 1- THE BEGINNING**************************************************************************************************I cried, I cried too hardthis is not trueeverything was a lieJohn Carl was alive i knew tears fell down to my face every memory sink in within me, I cried again, repeatedlytime passed by and I hear some noise in our living room through our house is not that Big I can hear clearly the noise where is it coming from“What is that!?”- Dad“I don't know hon, let's go get Mary Ann!”- Mom######exactly 12 MNthere was a strange phenomenon happening all over the world. There was this PURPLE FOG covering the entire earth and everyone is falling unconscious one by one #####“Mary Ann my daughter!”- Mom my mom rushes to me, and she is so worried that makes me confused“Mom, what happen!?”- Mary Ann. I ask her with worry and confusion in my face“We don’t know, but we should stick together!”. Mom tone was a little weird as if something scary was happeni
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2- Reincarnation
my body slowly disintegrates...what will happen to me from now on...will I go to heaven? maybe hell perhaps...all I can see is darkness...where am i...I try to move my hands*tug*there was something blocking my hands from moving forwardI check my foot and try to kick but there was this wood that is blocking me*tug* tug*I try to exert more energy in my arms trying to break this wood in front of me*tuuggg* tuggg* ttuugg**krikkk**I successfully put a hole on this wood but when I try to push it away it is blocked again by something that is harderbut now I have a better vision, there was a small ray of light near the top of my headI tried to block those small dots of light coming from, but after touching where the lights came from, it was hard, like a rock but I feel that I can move itwhere am I...I tried to destroy the rock by pushing it many timesit takes hours but the rock is slowly pushing awayand in a final push*crack*"HHUUPPP!!!"*BAG*I slowly crawl out and witnes
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3- System
I observe the movement of the zombie at the back and wait for the moment where it looks at the backnot even a wink can stop my focus, seconds by seconds and the zombie is slowly movingand it turns back!without wasting a moment I suddenly move forward to the hordebut*rrrooaarr!!!*there is a zombie in front of me!!!I didn't notice it due to I was too focused on the back zombie"I can't stop my momentum now!!!"- John Carlthe zombie is attacking now!using a grabbing motion it is planning to take me down"no!"- John Carlusing my reflexes I smash sideways the zombie*rrroooaarrr!!!*the zombie smash sideways but the hoard hears the commotion and now their moving closer to me in fast motiongripping to my accumulated courage, I shout!"batman I trust you!!!!!"- John CarlI run towards the zombies, in the moment of collisionI block the zombie's neck using my long stick, I manage to block the 4 zombies that are approaching mebut there is one missing!!this zombie is smaller than the
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4- Special Zombie
David's face looks like questioning due to my answer to them"system status the one that you get after killing a zombie"- David while me I'm in deep confusion to what they are telling me"I don't know that"- John Carl. I was shocked and sweating badly to their questions to me Dessa too looks at me like I'm an alien here!"ha? you don't kill any zombies along the way?"- Dessa. as she openly staring at me"it's already 5days since the apocalypse, how come you still don't know that?"- Kaye"yes after killing a zombie, you can gain access to this system, you don't have any companion? especially that system is can be seen only by you except, if you share it with other"- Christian. he proudly explains it to me while planting his feet in wide stance"yes unless you let someone view it with your permission"- David they talking about this system but I don't have any clue about this!"I can't get what you are saying!"- John Carl. I shake head my vigorouslythey raise their eyebrows like they
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5- 1st Day
 "it all starts when the PURPLE FOG came from out of nowhere"- Dessa   Dessa POV11:58 PM Dec 24 we are very merry waiting for the Christmas eve along with my father and little brother "Papa its 2mins before Christmas!"- Dessa "yes, Sister woooohhh!! I cant wait to eat!"- John Marwell (aka JM) "just a minute wait until then ahaha"- Bobby due to our friend's yearly group tradition, I am preparing the foods that I am bringing outside "were going to have an exchange food outside after celebrating Christmas here with you Papa, I can't wait to brag my special carbonara!"- Dessa "I'll bring some coffee jelly and tell them that I'm the one who makes it hahahah" -JM with his loving tone, my father is reminding us
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6- Dark Crystal
Our house now is full of people we already have Ms. Silva the sole survivor of the 1st floor but I remember again the scene before we go back all the zombies chase him and turn left at the court and after a second the zombies scatter even though i don't saw what happen it was very clear that Phil is already been eaten and already one of them my tears fall, it is so hard that every minute by now one of my friends are one by one becoming a zombie my brother saw me crying so it went beside me "Sister, what you saw outside?"- JM "It was like a hell there are too many zombies at the roads and..."- Dessa "and?"- JM I cant say it so that I covered my eyes and cry again "Phil is gone, we saw him outside, he was chased by the zombie"- Bobby
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