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The Royal Series PRINCEZONE Logan Nielsen Logan Christopher Nielsen is the future king of Denmark. He will take over his father's throne when he turns 25 and before that he has to find his bride. When he turned 18, he had to move to London to go undercover. Amanda Estelle Just a basic poor girl living in London with her father. Her grandfather disowned her dad for not wanting to take over the family business, just because he wanted to be an artist. Trouble Isaac Calland One of the most powerful man in Norway. He's known as the key to Norway's trading industry and he's a part of royalty. He loves his job that sometimes he forgot how to rest and have fun until the Princess come into the picture. He knew right away that she's trouble but he welcomes her knowing that it will be one hell of a ride. Linnea Lindberg She's the Princess of Sweden who used to be daddy's girl. After her first love broke her heart, she changed. She ran to America to avoid her first love and then she has to go back to Sweden to get married to the Prince of Denmark. Instead of settling down and prepare to rule Sweden, she ran away to Norway and there she met again her childhood crush. Leonardo&Juliet Leonardo Nielsen The future King of Denmark and he's so eager to take over the throne quickly. His hobby is reading about politics, economy and social related books. He's the definition of boring which is a completely opposite of Carter. Juliet Calland Princess of Sweden and she's currently living in Paris to live up her dreams becoming a famous designer. She's bubbly, fun and so attractive. Everyone loves her except for one man who will become her future husband.

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Bullet Blink
after 1 year its still ongoing? i will check this after 3 years im sure its already finish or maybe not?
2023-02-08 02:15:49
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ma lisa
It is really good. I have only read a few chapters, I am so hooked by this book. ......
2022-09-05 17:50:14
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J F.
amazing story. Hope you can check out my book 'Baby, You Are Mine.' too.. Thank you.
2021-08-22 08:07:03
125 Chapters
PRINCEZONE - Chapter 1
Amanda Estelle I looked out the window to see the gloomy sky knowing that a heavy rain will come sooner or later. My father called me and I quickly walked into the living room to see what he's up to. "Mandy, do you need to buy school supplies?" My dad asked as he put his brush down to the ground. "No, I don't need anything." I smiled at him as I took a chair and sat beside him looking at his beautiful painting. "So.. what's the meaning of this?" I asked. He painted a little girl holding a sunflower on her hands and she was looking at the sky full of stars. "It's you.." He turned to me smiling widely as he touched my nose. "Me?" I pointed at myself and he nodded.
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Chapter 2
Victor EstelleI put my brush down and walked towards the door. I opened the door hoping that it will be one of the neighbours but it turned out to be my father, Elliot Estelle who disowned me 24 years ago."What are you doing here?" I was completely not welcome with his sudden visit."We should talk inside, I don't want us to make a scene in this poor neighbourhood." I let him with his two bodyguards in and prepared tea for them. I brought the teacups into the living room and put it on the table. My father looked at my paintings and then he proceeded to sit down."Do you know that your daughter was trying to apply for a scholarship in CASS and London Business School?" My father asked and that surprised me. Amanda wanted to go to a business school? I looked at my f
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Chapter 3
Amanda EstelleI took a bus to go to school and I kept thinking about my grandfather's words. I can't believe my father is agreeing to this, this is ridiculous. The great Elliot Estelle told me to pick what college or university and he will give me all his inheritance when I turn 25.I can't believe this.I walked to school and went straight to my Biology class. I sat down at the front since the back of the class belongs to the cool kids. At school, I'm just a lonely girl. I don't have any friends and they don't even want to be my friend. Everyone in this entire school knew that I'm the granddaughter of Elliot Estelle but he disowned my father for not wanting to take over the business.They bullied me sometimes for it and not to mention that I'm the smartest kid in
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Chapter 4
Logan Nielsen"Did someone recognize you?" My father asked."No, I will be fine here." I said as I sat down on the sofa."Very well, I'll contact you again later. Take care of yourself, son." My father ended the call.My father is the King of Denmark, Valentino Nielsen. I'm Logan Christopher Nielsen, the Prince of Denmark. As much as I love being in the palace, I have to get out of it. Why? There's been a lot of scandal surrounding me lately but all of them are not true so to slowly die them down, I have to go to London to continue my school here.In London, I'll be Logan Christian. I don't want to stand out in the crowd so I decided to just befriend a nerdy, lonely and weird girl named Amanda Estelle. I heard that she's ac
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Chapter 5
Amanda EstelleI arrived at my grandfather's mansion with my father. He invited us to have dinner together. I looked at the mansion and couldn't stop admiring it secretly. It was beautiful and I can predict that there's more than 10 bedrooms inside this mansion."Let's go inside." My father said and I followed him into the mansion. One of the maid led us to the dining room and my eyes widened to see lots of variety of foods. There's only 3 of us but they prepared food like there's 20 more people coming."Welcome.. please sit down." My grandfather said with a big smile plastered on his face. I walked towards my seat but my father's eyes stuck to the paintings on the walls. He turned to my grandfather."Why do you have all of this?" He asked and I looked at the paint
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Chapter 6
Logan Nielsen"Tell me why are you studying when we just start school?" I looked at Mandy completely annoyed."I like to take notes and rewrite it. I'm a perfectionist." She said as she took a quick glance at me."You're boring.""That's for picking me as your friend, it's not too late for you to go away." She hissed coldly."You slept yesterday as we're watching Grown Ups, are you freaking kidding me?" I bursted and she suddenly shoved my mouth with a piece of carrot."I'm not a bunny!" I said as I threw the carrot back to her."You are! You talk too much.." She glared at me as she ripped her notes again.
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Chapter 7
Amanda EstelleI was walking into the school building with a really good mood. My dad gave me money to buy a new book after school. I can't wait to go to a bookstore to buy it later."Where do you think you're going?" Suddenly someone pulled my bag from the back making my body fall backwards."Tell me.. what kind of magic did you use on Logan so he can stick with you like a glue?" Patricia asked me as she sat down on my body."Get off me!" I said but her friends helped her to keep me on the ground."What did he even see in you? You're so.. plain and ugly." She said as she pushed my chin up with her sharp nail."Patricia! Get off me!" I tried to wiggle my body but she didn't even mov
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Chapter 8
Amanda Estelle"What are you thinking?" I asked Logan because he kept looking at the sky blankly. He sat up straight and he turned to me shaking his head.We're currently sitting on a bench at Hyde Park with our rented bikes. Logan was wearing a black mask to cover his mouth because he said he has a pollen allergy. We were a little tired after strolling around Hyde Park."I love this place.." Logan said as he looked at the trees and then he turned his attention back to me."Do you have something in mind? You can tell me.." I said because it's been a week since we've become friends and I can say that I'm so comfortable being with him. It was like we've been friends for years when the truth is that we just met last week."My father as
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Chapter 9
Amanda Estelle"Don't talk to me.. Don't ever talk to me.." I pushed Logan away and he laughed his ass off. He just pulled a prank on me. I heard him screaming from the kitchen and I ran towards him to see his finger bleeding but it turns out it's a carrot with hot sauce."Oh come on.. it was fun." He laughed as he tried to grab my hand."It's not funny, Logan." I hissed as I pushed his hand away. I tried to go to my room but he caught my arm."It's a joke.""No! You're annoying.. go home! I don't want to talk to you.." I bursted angrily and he laughed again."It's a prank, I just want to see your reaction." He said and I covered my face with my hands. I was so scared earlier that m
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Chapter 10
Logan NielsenMandy was busy counting the stars and I couldn't help but smile widely. I never thought coming to London would be this fun and I'm so glad that I picked the right friend. Mandy is a really fun, unique and loud girl to be with."Let's wish for something and we tell each other about it." She suggested."It won't come true, Mandy.""I wish I can become a successful businesswoman and make my family proud." She said her wish out loud."It won't come true." I repeated."I don't believe things like that." She said simply."Fine.. I wish I can be a great leader and be the best version of me." I said as I looked at the stars.
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