The Savage Alpha's Rebel

The Savage Alpha's Rebel

By:  Chantinglove138  Completed
Language: English
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(Unholy Allies Series#1) Jade Thornton woke up in a room full of abused girls with shackles around her ankles and wrists. But the last thing she recalled was going to a party with her father. What she didn't realize was that he was taking her to complete his part of the bargain... Because she was sold. Although her fate was decided and a new master was ready to take her as his slave, she refused to yeild and escaped— only to fall in a bigger trouble— in the arms of a ruthless alpha who hates humans. Will Jade give up first and run away from him and his mysterious kind? Or face him with confidence and tackle his different ways to punish her for disobeying him from time and time again? *** "You don't scare me, Alpha Zach." "I don't?" "No, you don't." Pulling her aggressively to his chest, he breathed in her face, making her heart plummet in her stomach. "One day you will be scared of me, Jade." (Trigger warning-This book contains references to alcohol consumption, violence using fantasy magic, panic attacks, blood and gruesome injuries, slavery and human trafficking, mature scene. read at your risk.)

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Surprisingly Good! can’t wait to read Rogue’s story
2023-10-31 14:43:34
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Delinda Schumacher
110 chapters 10-1-23
2023-10-01 23:51:29
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G. Hunter
Everyone like Jade needs someone like Alpha Zach. An underrated book that needs to be read by many. Looking forward to reading it when it's completed.
2023-09-14 14:36:54
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Danielle Tyrrell
A great read so far, looking forward to more chapters. Just hit a huge cliff hanger. Great writing.
2023-07-10 12:45:03
135 Chapters
1. In a factory 
*Trigger warning. Chapter recommended for 18 years old and above.* Chapter 1. A Factory Jade's POV I woke up to the noise of something falling with a thud next to me. My eyes jolted open and I looked around myself. My mouth dropped in shock as I took in the surroundings. It was a girl who collapsed on her head beside me. "H-help me... P-please help me." She wept and got up, then ran in another direction. "Huh," I held my head as it was throbbing as I tried to brush away every fragment of pain that soared in my ankles when I attempted to get up. I collapsed, my hands going to rub my sore ankles. They were tied with rusted chains. What the? My hands were cuffed too. It's just that I was way too surprised and thrilled with my surrounding that I didn't notice it earlier. "Where am I?" That was the question that erupted in my head, the very first question. It was because my surroundings were heinously dark. There were red dim bulbs glowing overhead. They were arranged with at least
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2. Factory that sells girls 
*Trigger warning. Chapter recommended for 18 years old and above.* Chapter 2. Factory That Sells Girls Jade's POV "A factory?" I hushed as I watched her hand go behind her waist and grab a bunch of keys. She undid my cuffs and rubbed my wrists to soothe my pain. A red band had developed on my poor white skin on both wrists. It looked odd on my flesh. The way the woman gawked at my hands, it felt as if a great piece of art had been damaged during transportation. She stroked it nicely then went for my ankles. I was confused whether to be grateful to her or cry. I was confused whether to rely on her for my life or take her as a major threat. These women were not safe for me, nor this place. Still I can't help my desperation and ask more and more questions. "What kind of factory is this? Are you going to botch us and sell our organs?" I wasn't aware of that question myself when I asked. It just popped out of nowhere. I looked ahead again. The pain and agony of injured girls fi
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3. Her father sold her
Chapter 3. Her father sold her Jade's POV Throughout the bath and drying I had been occupied in my thoughts. Thoughts that denied to leave my mind. Thoughts that brought more tears in my eyes. Thoughts that made me think of ways I would avenge them who sent me here. My father... That filthy disgusting man I called father for twenty four years of my life sold me away. My heart bleeds and every fucking hair on my body burns like a honeybee's bite whenever I think about him. His face transforms into stygian dark, eyes red and teeth grow out like a monster's as I imagine his face in the back of my head. I feel ashamed of myself– for being born in his house. He was filthier than wild boars. With all the water on earth combined, it can still not make up to the amount of hatred I have in my heart for him. Such a stale piece of sick bastard he is. "Get ready, Jade. I am taking you out to a party." He had said while handling me a parcel. I had brightened, my cheeks burning with blush.
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4. A Surprising Request 
Chapter 4. A Surprising Request Jade's POV She smiled down at me and showed me a tiny dress. "This will suit your figure." I looked at it and made a yuck face. It was made of black net and extremely flimsy like a dress of cheap mosquitoe net. The neckline and the bottom was beaded with white pearls. Once again, I was reminded the p*rn actresses from adult movies. I have seen many wear those in the start of the episode. Though I had been cooperative with them and helping them groom me for the buyers out there, I will not wear it. It will hardly cover my full breasts. My panties would be at a view. Considering their curious gaze and touches that send me to a southward going ride to discomfiture, I should not worry much about undergarments for they don't seem to be giving me any. Oh, I forgot, they said I won't get any under garments. They want to put my skin for as much view as possible. It will excite the buyers. The need to fondle my titties and p*ssy will compel them and qout
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5. Escape 
Chapter 5. Escape Jade's POV "Nine hundred million one... Nine hundred million two... Nine hundred million three..." The man on the podium counted. With a bang of hammer, "Sold for Nine Hundred Million." He completed the auction. "Today's auction is completed. Please collect your orders from the back of the stage after making your respective payments. See you guys next week at the same time. Thank you so much." I was dragged by a bald man. He was way too built for his height. He ended under my ear but his grip was tight. He made me hiss at his touch as he winked. "You are hot!" He ran a hand through my back. My eyes widened in shock. That was disgusting. I had never had a man touch me so nastily. "It's bad to see you going so soon." He stuck his tongue out. I wish I could pull his tongue and roll it around his neck. I was helpless though. I had to endure his filthy touch all the way to the back of the stage. The two women who escorted me till here flashed a happy grin as tho
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6. He's your master, go with him.
Chapter 6. He's your master, go with him. Jade's POV "Who wants to hurt you?" I heard the man say. But my insecurities were so intense that I tightened my grip around him and sniffed. I didn't care if he was a good person or not, I just clutched onto him as if I was a baby and he my mother. "Hey," His hand came on top of my head and trailed a soft caress. That gesture welled up my eyes. It broke the barricades of my persistence I had been holding onto stiff and strongly, letting my tears loose. I was pretending to be tough but now I was weeping with sobs and loud cries in his arms. He shushed me. His hands held me in his arms as he stroked my head. I had wanted this coming from my father. The person who made me and raised me to a woman I was today. Call it my bad luck or simply his greed for money but he sold me out- and now I am standing in the arms of a man whose face I didn't even get to see. "Matteo," My fingers balled around his blazer as I heard him call out Matteo's
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7. Off To Full Moon Pack
Chapter 7. Off To Full Moon Pack Jade's POV "Ma'am," My reverie was broken by a soft voice of a woman. I looked up to find the sweet air hostess who helped me make myself comfortable in the private airplane of Mr. Zavier Salvay. She's bought me a brewing black coffee. Its smoke watered my mouth. I smiled at her and accepted the cup. "Thank you." "Hope you are comfortable, ma'am. Enjoy your coffee, meanwhile I will get you a bag of warm water and some pain killers." She politely bowed after pouting at my bruised wrists. "Thank you so much again." She left me alone with a sense of protection as I grazed her retreating figure. This all would not have been possible if it wasn't for Mr. Zavier Salvay. The old man I bumped with. He is a billionaire. I have not noticed him before as I was too shocked to think of anything else other than my life and dignity. But the man is one of the top most billionaires. I have seen his pictures in magazines and newspapers. "Thank god," I closed my
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8. The Strict Luna 
Chapter 8. The Strict Luna Jade 's POV I was nervously standing outside a lavish room with double royal doors having silver handles. Mr. Zavier Salvay, or as I should be calling him after his revelation— Alpha Zavier, brought me to his packhouse in New York. The flight had been silent once he shared about his pack and how they lived a normal life between humans. Otherwise I thought there would be boundaries marking packs, wolves roaming around freely in the open as it was their little territory. I met no such thing when we landed at the New York airport. For starters, the alpha had me change into an air hostess's decent clothes, a pair of trousers and I white shirt. He said that his Luna was strict and if I was to stay in his house then I needed to impress his wife. That made me think of the claims powerful men made about their wives being the queen of the family, and controlling everything within the house. I had observed Alpha Zavier. He was undoubtedly handsome and his cute sm
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9. An insight into his life 
Chapter 9. An insight into his life Zach's POV After two heavy rounds of s*x I laid next to Harriet on my back. I looked up at the ceiling covered with shimmering stars and moon stickers as I tried to stabilize my breaths. "It was amazing." Harriet crawled closer and put her hand on my abs. I didn't react and preferred to stare at the ceiling. To be honest, I had no desire to sleep with her. It was Gayle who forced me to do this. He raised a doubt on my masculinity, making fun of my manliness. The world I live in is strange. It's important to indulge in s*xual activities even if you are not willing to do it. Because we are wolves and we need to be strong and powerful. S*x is one of the ways we stay stress-free. And three days back Gayle commented on my s*xual drive because I have not gotten laid for a while now. It's not that I don't get women. The truth is they throw themselves on me. They gladly remove their clothes for me. But I am waiting for my mate. That someone special
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10. Welcomed into the Pack
10. Welcomed into the Pack Jade's POV Soft rays of the sun, after a new dawn, bathed my face with warmth, causing me to jerk my eyes open. "Good morning," I got up to the view of Luna Natalie flashing a vibrant grin at me. Still in daze from the realization of having her in my room, I nervously tucked my hair behind my ears. I was conscious of my appearance for I had been crying the other night. I didn't want her to look at my scarlet face with traces of dry tears. But wait! Just then I looked up only to meet her gentle eyes. She passed a serene blink of assurance and placed a hand on my shoulder. "You look beautiful— just as I've seen you for the first time." Her words made me uncomfortable. She could read my mind. It didn't distress me much for she was a wolf and mind reading is one of their best skills. But the compliment made my body still. Why was she suddenly so nice to me? Moreover, what was she doing in my room? "I-is there a-anything you n-need, Luna?" Since I co
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