The Secret of the Billionaire's Bride

The Secret of the Billionaire's Bride

By:  Not_Camille  Ongoing
Language: English
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Chase Fuentes, the young heir of FuenTECH, is a business genius and billionaire who has a soft spot for fairy tales and romance, has been waiting for love at first sight. He creates a list of women willing to marry him for love rather than money, hoping to find "the one." When he meets Bianca Ada, he falls in love instantly and they get married. But little does he know, Bianca is not who she seems. Bianca is actually Alicia Ada, Bianca's half-sister and an illegitimate child of Mr. Ada. Alicia was hired by her father to pose as Bianca and marry Chase to secure a strategic business alliance. Despite the deception, Chase and Alicia's relationship deepens, and their love story begins. Can true love be built upon a foundation of lies and deceit? Will Chase ever discover the truth about his beloved wife's identity? And what will happen to their relationship if he does? Discover the answers to these questions in the captivating tale of love, deception, and redemption.

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7 Chapters
Chapter 1: Finding the one
"It has been announced by the FuenTECH C.E.O., Gabriel Fuentes, that his son, Chase Fuentes, is in search of a bride. Apparently, the heir of the biggest well-known company wishes to get married before the year ends. Thousands of-"Chase turns off the television. With hazel brown eyes, he gave his father an annoyed glare as he walks back in forth thinking what he will do about the mess that his father created."Dad, was it really necessary to contact a news station to help me find a bride? Don't you remember who we are? You're the owner of the biggest and richest company in the country and I'm your heir." He questioned his old man as he massages his forehead."You didn't let the news finish their report. I made sure for them to tell that you want to fall in love so I'm confident that the girls who will line up should be in love with you already. This will help you find the one faster." the father stated proudly. "And give me a grandchild sooner." he cheerfully added."Oh my gosh, I ca
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Chapter 2: Good Luck
"Is it really true?" an old business man asked Chase just after a business meeting was adjourned. Chase only gave him a smile in confusion of the sudden question."About what, Mr. Ada?" Chased inquired."About you taking a vacation to date and find a bride.""Yes, it is true. Though it wasn't announced yet in the company but a memo should be released tomorrow informing about my absence for an unspecified duration. Well, it is such an unprofessional reason that's why we didn't released an official announcement in advance. Someone capable should take over my work for me starting tomorrow too." Chase answered."It is an unusual and unprofessional reason but you're a Fuentes of the FuenTECH. You could literally do whatever you want." the two exchanged a laugh. "Anyway, not to act like a greedy businessman but could I also offer to you my daughter? It's not because I want something in return but it's because my daughter had always had a crush on you ever since she met you at the year end p
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Chapter 3: The 47th Date
Today, Chase is now preparing himself for his date number forty seven. It has almost been six months of him just dating. He did not expected it to take this long, he thought he would find the one much earlier, probably in the 10s or 20s in the list but here he is, on his way to attend on his 47th date. His most awaited love at first still hasn't happened and he was willing to throw that dream mid way on the list and just focus on choosing a girl suited for him and yet, he is nearly at the end but he has not settled on anyone. Although he had already declared that he is willing to start this ridiculous and tedious plan again if the first list fails but he is giving it some second thoughts. Even if his leave from work went well and there were no bad news for the past few months he is away, it is making him anxious, he is still worried about his work. He trust that his father would immediately call him if his presence as the heir is urgently needed but he is still worried. He is worried
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Chapter 4: A Sudden Question
"I feel like Snow White in this." Bianca stated as she was sitting in a big log prop as she's being surrounded by deers and rabbits. She's already in a casual attire that they bought right after they finish eating at the restaurant. Chase is standing behind a professional photographer he called after their lunch."Sorry for requesting such a ridiculous request but also thank you so much for complying to it. Because you do remind me of Snow White." Chase apologize but he did not feel any form of regret for asking such request. He really thought that Bianca would turn it down but he is having so much fun right now that he get to make his imagination earlier into a reality. He even get to capture the sight, immortalizing it through photos."What nonsense are you talking about? I'm not even that white." Bianca pointed out, she checked herself out if she really does resemble the popular fictional princess but no matter how much she thinks about it, she just cannot see it."You may not be a
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Chapter 5: My Name is Alicia
2 year ago… A girl wore her apron that was a part of her uniform as a cashier at a convenience store. A waitress in the morning, a cashier at night and a cleaner on the weekends. She’s juggling three minimum waged jobs for her mother’s hospital bill. She often thinks of how her life would have been right now if she continued college. If her mother’s health had not decline eight years ago, she would have been busy studying for the bar exam or perhaps she already passed the exam, but all that thought probably will only ever be a reality in an alternative universe. Even though she often daydreams about that thought, she never blame her mother. She was raised by a single mother and loved her very much because she witnessed the sacrifices and love her mother gave for raising her. She’s willing to sacrifice herself as much as her mother would do for her. “Alicia, are you done?” A co-worker asked. The girl then, went to the counter to take over. Her co-worker thanked her and wished her well
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Chapter 6: A Favor
“Are you eating well? I think you’re skinnier than the last time you visited.” A frail woman asked as she is brushing her daughter’s long raven hair. She is apologetic how her daughter is overworking for her sake. She had done everything she could to help and every form of help she offers to her daughter was turned down. She is used to the stubbornness of her daughter and she never won against her, not even once.“I’m not starving myself, there’s that.” Alicia replied to her mother. Elise, the mother, is not the nagging type because she knows that Alicia is capable of knowing what is right from wrong thus the silence that follows is actually her waiting for her daughter to tell her reasons or excuses which she predicts that it will end with a sincere apology. “I will try to watch for my diet, I promise you that.” Elise just nodded at her daughter with a hum. Alicia was fidgeting her fingers since she arrived. She brought an enveloped with her, she placed it on the table when she came
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Chapter 7: Gossip Party
Adorned in high class luxury branded accessories worth the amount of money that Alicia could only see in hospital bills. She gentle touches the diamond earrings then the pendant on her, slightly afraid of breaking it, although she is getting paid by Bianca to dress like a rich man’s daughter, actually wearing the expensive items to look the part makes Alicia to be sensitively conscious about the price tag. However, Bianca already told her to not to be afraid to destroy some especially when necessary after all, the most important thing right now is to successfully fool everyone in the party that she is Bianca Ada. This evening is Alicia’s test after weeks of learning who and how to be Bianca. Tonight’s rich people party is the kind of party that the real Bianca rarely attends thus, not everyone can act friendly towards her thus, this party was deemed as a perfect test. The party was arranged with gossip as its main objective. Bianca, as an individual, has never been tangled up in any
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