Chapter 66: Newly Hired Personal Assistant

“Wha-what?” She stuttered.

Of course who wouldn’t be surprise by my sudden offer. I wonder if what’s running inside her head but I just hope that I can convinced her to give me a big yes.

“Before you answer that, how much is your monthly salary?” I titled my head at her nonchalantly staring at her.

“4,000 Dirham.” She timidly mumbled, still looking down on her fidgeting fingers.

“4,000?” I could feel the surprise in my own voice. I couldn’t believe that she only receives such a small salary like that knowing that she works almost 24/7. 4,000 Dirham is only equivalent to a thousand and a hundred dollar.

She didn’t make even a single move. I paused for a second giving her a moment in case she wanted to say something, but she didn’t.

“What about a total of 8,000 Dirham amount of salary for a month?” Like a Dog who smelled his favorite she immediately lift her head and stare at my eyes. “Free lunch,” I continue that widen her eyes even more. “And...head to toe t
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