Chapter 65: An Offer for Her

Like crazy I dolt my head in the air trying to get this thing out of my head. I feel like I just take a marijuana. I feel so high but can’t understand why I’m hallucinating.

“Ugh!” I groaned cupping my face with my hands. I closed the laptop and lie on my bed staring straight to the ceiling. Why do I’m thinking about her? I just met her and saw her but here I am acting like a child who just met his crush. I can’t understand why with all the sudden she came into the page of my life to make things complicated.

My eyes flip to the door as I hear someone knocking over. I didn’t bother to leave my bed since the door isn’t lock.

“The dinner’s ready.” I heard Ingrid stated over the door without even opening it then heard her footsteps goes away.


The next morning I woke up early. Mom still couldn’t understand why in all of the sudden I changed my mind. For me, maybe because of that guy named Zeno. I just found a reason to stay here until I found his real identity.
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