Chapter 67: Seeking for Truth

Did I heard it right? Adopted? What a word. Unconsciously I broke into the biggest smile that I never had after realizing what Audrey had just said.

“Ahh, Ma’am why did we stopped?” She inquired that burst my little bubbles thinking about Hadyy. But it doesn’t matter at least she had something pleasant with her today, and that’s her words.

“Nothing.” Is all I said then restart the engine again and parked at Zeno’s restaurant.

“Ma’am? What are we doing here?” She inquired moving her torso on my direction. I can see how nervous she is the way her hand clutched to her bag like she is freezing. I know that she really need to be afraid after what she did to Zeno’s sister, but she shouldn’t be cause I’m here for her.

“Of course to eat something delicious food by Mr. Malik.” I grabbed my wallet and phone and headed out but kept my right heels on the car as I titled my head at
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