Chapter 8: Our Angelic Cousin

I've been walking back and fourth inside our living room with mom fanning over dad along with our 3 other maid.

Dad has high blood pressure and been suffering from it more than 3 years that's why we barely tells him some serious matter that could possibly elevate his blood pressure. But things are really unexpected and uncontrollable that can happen anytime and anywhere but thanks god that dad's okay now. 

"This is all my fault" I mumbled bitting my nails off. 

Mom walked towards me and have me sit beside her. "Now you see how much your dad loves you, he can even turn off someone he knows way too longer than having you in his life. Make sure that Hadrian won't drop you like a rubbish. It's your turn to prove to your dad how much you can do to have him get back." I don't know whether mom's comforting or reproving me. The way she talks it is like she's blaming me for that, yes I do agree that I am the reason behind dad's hardest decision but losing their company and gradually falling down isn't no longer my business.

"Don't worry too much mom, cause my fianceé had one word, and he's never good at breaking that, our long distance relationship proved it." I retorted holding her hands and proving to her that Hadrian isn't like any other guy which is factual.

She smiled back at me. Mom's always been like this, she had a very strange face reaction that she can able to change into different faces in just a single snap. 

I still can't forget the way Luca acted inside the kitchen. He had that outrageous character to hold me easily like that. I just wonder how far he can go just to get what he want, it is not how I saw him since our childhood days but I guess having Hadrian as my future husband I think is way more safer than him. I know that he can get any further than that anytime so I'm seeing my future ruin with him. 


Luca's pov

"Damn it, they think they can get away from me that easily? After what I did to saved their company and helping it to grow? I accept trading but I never give something without any returns, they should expect that." Dad keep mumbling all the way in the car until we got home. He still can't believe that uncle Brixton and aunt Elara can do that to us, especially to dad. 

After everything our family had gone through with the past decades, it should be harder for them to break the tie that's connecting us for too long. So as with Khloe, all I thought was that they're already over with Hadrian since she's been almost 8 years in America but it's a dumb of me for not doing further research. 

"Don't worry dad, we shall get everything that we had given to their family, if we can't get it, then we shall destroy everything to make them suffer. It it's not going to be ours, then it's definitely not going to be theirs." I saw dad's face lighten and draw a devilish smile on his way lips. We're not evil, they just made us one. 


"Good morning sweetie" I read Hadrian's first message for today. He's always been this early, he never forgot to greet me almost every single day of my life. 

I jumped out of my bed and sit straight to my round mirror and remove my head band and apron that I forgot to remove yesterday. I am still feeling a lot exhausted after helping our maids yesterday for cleaning the house, cause today's gonna be big! Exciting! Cause it's our wedding day and I'm freaking excited. 

"Tok tok!" I look at my door as I hear a knock on it. 

"Come in" I invited, and I saw Waen step in with a bunch of paper bags on her both arms. 

"Oh, what are those? Did you just gone shopping earlier this morning?" I curiously ask. 

She wagged her head and put down all those bags and talk. "This are the wedding heels given to you by the investors and business partners of your fianceé. 

My eyes widen and travelled down to look at those paper bags. Just by looking at the bags I can sense that it's all expensive and I'm not new to it cause I had been able to wore myriads of expensive heels, boots, sneakers and even sandals throughout my modelling career. But this one is just a bit different, cause they're all mine and was given to me for free, I feel like I had been rained down by blessings that overwhelmed me a lot. 

"Oh really? This is too much" I replied opening those bags one by one. 

I pulled it all out and put those 16 pair of white wedding heels on my mirror table. I'm getting dizzy looking at those shinning shimmering stones, colours, diamonds and any other sparkling things that these shoes had. 

"I can't pick the right one, can you help me?" I asked Waen for help who's busy scrolling her ipad. "Why are you so busy? I'm asking for your help" I grab the iPad from her and saw what she's browsing.

I looked at her wide my eyes wide open. She just plainly smile back. 

"Seriously? You mean there's more to come?" I was shocked seeing that there's 14 more heels coming home sent by some of the people that I had worked with in the US, France, Egypt, and so much more. 

Waen slightly nodded as her reply. "And you'll be more surprise that there's also hundreds of make up artist, hair dressers, stylist who keeps asking to do the honor and be one of your stylist on your wedding. I'm freaking envious, I wonder what it feels having to live life like you cousin." She mumbled. 

"Don't be like that, you can have everything I had, we're not just cousin right? We're sister" I crawl over her and give her a warm hug. She's really sweet and caring. "You can also wear these expensive things anytime you want, you can wear this diamond heels to the bathroom, and this emerald one to the garden and this 1.2 million bag to the rooftop." We both burst into laughter with our silly attitude.

"I'm really going to miss you a lot. Just don't have a baby too early so we can still roam around the world without worrying too much Okay?" I nodded at her and hug her again. 

"Yes madam captain"

2 hours later I had finally able to pick the heels that I'm going to wear this evening. Yes, Hadrian wants our wedding to start at dawn until midnight cause he said that he had lots of surprises to blow and so I didn't bother to oppose.

Waen and I headed down and another surprise blow me again. 

"Aunt Zara!" Waen and I both scream and quickly headed down to hug our aunt. 

Aunt Zara is Mom's eldest sister. She's married to a Korean millionaire, uncle Park Joon-Bum and they had a huge entertainment building in South Korea and had an only child, the K-pop superstar, also a model, an ambassador, an vocalist and also a CEO of his own cosmetic brand. He's widely famous all over South Korea, Japan and in some other south east Asian countries.

"How's my two cutie girl." Aunt inquired running a palm on our heads. 

"We're good" Waen replied. 

"Annyeong hasaeyu Uncle Joon" I greeted him. His eyes is so little and I wonder if he can still clearly see us. He's a little older than dad but his face look too young, he didn't even had enough wrinkles compare to dad. And his skin is so bright and flawless. Korean beauty is freaking lit. 

"Oh, hello our princess, or maybe the future queen" Uncle's sense of humour is what I like the most, he is been always ecstatic that's why he never got old. 

"Where's Jeon-jae?" I ask. 

Jeon-jae is their only child, and the last time I saw him was I think more than 9 years where we visited Korea for the first time to attend Uncle Joon's brother's wedding. He's too little back then and was too petite but way taller than me cause he's 3 years older than me. 

"He's at the pool talking with some designers and make up artist." Uncle replied. 

"Ahh" Is all I said and so I grabbed Waen out to go to the pool to see our cousin. And let our parents talk again with each other. 

"Dang it!" I mumbled. 

"Why is it too noisy?" Waen mumbled looking at me with a her creepy eyes. We sneak out and saw our maids, my make up artist, stylist, photographers and designers going crazy surrounding Jeon-jae who's sitting at the centre with his back on us. Just looking at his back we could really tell how handsome he is, no no! I already had my handsome fianceé, my gorgeous Hadrian. 

"Ehem," I clears my throat and they all look at me with full of surprises on their faces. "How is it going everyone?" They are all speechless and staring me like they saw an angel. I actually don't have any make up nor wearing any expensive clothes right now but why do they're starstruck?

Jeon-jae moved his body slowly and turned around to see us and Waen and I was completely struck by our cousin's handsome angelic face. Damn! Now I finally understand why these people are surrounding him like crazy. 

His blond hair, brown eyes, thin pointed nose, glossy full lips, perfect jawline, and off course perfect well masculine body shape. I feel like seeing an angel smiling at me. Waen squeeze my hands too hard and I'm starting to sweat a lot. Damn! Calida wake up! He is just your cousin and beside you'll be married in less than a day. 

"My pretty cousins" He stand up and hugged us both without hesitation. His deep yet sweet voice feels like a melody. "I miss you both" He mumbled and grab both our hands inside the house and hide at the kitchen. Waen and I are still shocked and doesn't know what to say. We are just speechless.

"Why aren't you speaking?" He inquired. He's also fluent in English maybe he took an English class for his business and also to communicate with other nationality easily since he is working globally.

"We are good oppa" Waen and I both replied and he just laughed back at us. 

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