Chapter 7: Breaking the Promises

After our unexpected and a surprise engagement proposal, I’d received tones of letters, emails, calls, text and even personal greetings from people all around the world. We were also featured in some newspaper’s headlines, magazines, and even news and social media. I felt flooded with all of it, it was insanely crazy, I haven’t even imagine that my career can soar way too higher than the level which I’m believing to be my peak.

Same goes with Hadrian’s company, it was able to moved higher than their competitors. They reached higher than before and was even able to break their highest record of 40 million dollar income within 24 hours since I became their brand ambassador and the new face of their company. I think being together we can make an impact and we can be huge more than we’re imagining. I do really believe that working with my fiancée is a help for my parent’s company and same goes to his.

“Hey there pretty girl” I heard Hadrian greeted from the door of his office. I’m not gonna lie that his company and the place where his huge office is situated is such a perfect angle where you can able to enjoy the view of Dubai. I can clearly see the tallest building of Burj Khalifa from here which makes it way more beautiful and a place to visit during night if they want to see the Burj Khalifa.

“What’s that?” I inquired and moved up from his brown couch.

“Oh, just some invitations from some sponsors and partners” He narrated and put the envelops on the table. I just stare at it and didn’t bother to read it as he already explained it.

“Wanna go somewhere?” A wide smile draw on my lips as I heard his invitation. It’s been almost 2 hours just standing, sitting and roaming in his office waiting for their meeting to end so there’s no deny that I need to at least draw my attention to something else.


“By the way, how about the wedding venue and my my bridal gown and my make up artist and oh gosh I just remember that we hadn’t even talked about it and our wedding is just 5 days ahead” I hold on to my cheeks and slightly pinched it. Hadrian just laugh and making fun of me seeing my reaction to the problems. “Do you find it funny, isn’t it?” I sarcastically cuts that makes him stopped from laughing. Actually he needs to be a little serious especially that he is driving.

“Come on, no need to act like that. Everything are all prepared and well-settled so no need to act silly and funny my sweetie” He stated and flip a stare at me.

“Oh, I was just being serious about our wedding. I mean we can’t just have a simple garden or beach wedding, remember that we’re both widely known and admired by tones of individuals around the world, so I am just assuring that everything is perfect.” I can’t stop talking ‘till he held my hand and kiss the top of it.

“Relax sweetie. I assure you that everything is perfectly perfect just like you” He sincerely stated. “And you know how I loved surprising you, so just be a bit patient and you’ll see everything soon.” His words comforts my racing heart and emotion. His voice is so calming.

As we’d reached the beach, it is just a perfect timing as the sun started to set. We moved out from the car and grab some foods and drinks and sat in a small beach just near the seashore. What I liked about Hadrian is that despite being the riches guy, he never gets uncomfortable doing what most normal people do and that’s I think what makes him more attractive.

“Do not stare at me, I’m not the sun” His words breaks my silly imagination. I rolled my eyes and grab a soft drink then look at the beautiful sunset. “Someone seems to be upset” Now he’s starting to irritate me. 

“Not now Hadrian”

“Oh, Hadrian?” He repeated. It’s one of my attitude to call someone by their first name whenever I’m upset. And I guess he already knew it. “Holy girl, what did I do?” He moved from the bench and kneed his right leg to the sand and look at me in the eyes. I act normal as If I’m not seeing him doing it.

“Hello? Am I a ghost to you?” I feel like bursting into laughter in any second. I don’t know why I got angry at him just because he said that I shouldn’t look at him like that, but I guess it is because my period is waiving that’s why I easily get angry at simple matters.

“Ms. Aurellian?” I can’t no longer resist it and I’d burst into laughter and I can see a disappointment on his handsome face. “Not it’s funny?”

“Sorry” I apologized and hugged him tightly. “It was just that why I can’t stare at my fiancée like that?”

“Because I’m not the sun”

“I know, ‘cause you’re my world, my universe and my life” I actually regret saying those creepy cheesy lines as I saw him this time burst into laughter.

“Oh, that’s too cheesy and awkward for a pretty girl to say something like that” I raised my left brow and crossed my arms.

“I don’t care, cause I believed that if you really loved the person, you’re willing to go cheesy, corny, silly or whatever” He ran a palm on my head and kissed my forehead.

“Oh, my sweetie pretty girl. I do really appreciate those actually it’s just that it sounds cheesy” I was touched by his first words but hates what he added. I slightly hit him on his chest and stood up.

“I hate you Hadrian!” I screamed loudly then ran away.

“Hey! Stop calling me by my first name!” I can sense some irritation in his tone. He ran swiftly to my direction but failed to catch me. I’d removed my heels and run bare feet on the white sand of the beach. 

Like a scene in the television, I also find it romantic the way he run after me. Hadrian never failed to makes me happy even in a moment of my downfall.


“And so this is how you want everything to end Mr. Aurellian?” I heard said by Mr. Turner, dad’s childhood best friend. I stopped for a while and didn’t bother to enter our mansion. I actually wanted to hear more of their exchanging of words. Hadrian needs to go back to his company to meet one investor from Egypt, so he just drove me home and goes back swiftly.

“Mr. Turner, please understand that we didn’t mean to ruin our promises and especially the friendship and strong relationship between our family.” I heard mom begged. The words are elevating higher and higher. It that really how badly they wanted us to marry that’s why they even got to makes promises.

“Didn’t mean? But accepts Mr. Forbes proposal without even informing us. So what do you ant us to react?” I can’t no longer resist to hear them exchange words so I bravely open the door loudly to break their attention, and I freaking didn’t fail as they’re looking at me with their fiery eyes.

“Hey mom, dad and uncle Thaddeus” I acted innocently as if I didn’t hear anything. They didn’t even bother to reply. Dad just gives a gesture to have me sit beside him. Luca, uncle Thaddeus’ only son is also here. 

The intense in the scene continues to rise higher and higher and I can’t even utter a single words since this is a family matter that only needs a parents to tackle and solve for this. I want to pull out my phone and instead play any games just so I can entertain my self, it’s really getting boring here. 

I was about to pull out my phone when my sight catches Luca staring at me so deeply that I feel like there’s beyond meaning with that. I flip a sight and look at him, he’s looking at me with his frown poker face like he’s irritated or otherwise hates how do I act according to the scenario that happening around.

I raised my left brow at him and I saw a smirk draw on his face then he look to his left side to hide the smirk that’s freaking obvious. Dang it! He’s giving me chills. 

What’s with that smirk by the way? He really never changed, he’s been like this since our elementary days, he’s so undefinable and mysterious.

Luca has been my childhood friend who seems to be my enemy since the day we migrated from UK to Dubai. Their house is just 6-feet away from our house, so we usually sees each other almost everyday, especially the day I goes to school and unfortunately we belong to the same room from grade 4 up to grade 6. But I never really knew that behind his cold looking eyes, his cheesy silly jokes and emotionless actions has a meaning behind. And that is that he actually had a feeling for me since then and that’s why since our parents are closed to one another that’s when the arranged marriages happens which goes out to be just a plan and the rest is history.

I’d excused myself to go get some drink for us since it takes too long for our maid to brought those. 

“Finally” I mumbled then deeply sighed leaning my back against the fridge.

“You look exhausted” I almost jumped up as I hear that familiar tone then finally saw Luca coming to the kitchen. There’s no single maid here so it’s only the two of us here right now. I actually knows him a lot and I know that I doesn’t need to feel discomfort being near to him as I’m used to having him by my side since our childhood days. But time changes everything, after almost 7 years not seeing each other, I actually felt a bit awkward and uncomfortable with him now. And besides we’re already old enough so I can’t no longer see my next to him, especially now that he finally confessed his love attraction towards mine.

No way! No one’s gonna take Hadrian’s place in my heart.

I moved my eyes away from him to avoid having a direct contact with his eyes. I grab some glasses and put it inside the round glass tray and marched to the fridge to get the fruit juice but he’s standing near the fridge so I don’t know what to do.

And also I can’t just go back and only bring glasses to the table, I will look stupid by then. I swallowed twice then hold my self in and bravely step forward to open the fridge.

And that’s when he finally started his move. He grab my hands as I’d touched the fridge handle. I don’t what to do, I’m freaking out, he actually changed a lot, the Luca I know before wasn’t like this.

I smiled at him then removed his hand on mine and open the fridge. “You don’t need to do that, I know exactly how to open the fridge” I stated trying to act calm but deep inside my heart is pounding against my chest. I felt like having to raced about a thousand miles.

“Why him?” His serious deep tone stops me from pouring the juice to the glass. I mused for a second trying to find reasons and to change the topic.

“Pardon?” I acted innocent.

He moved closer to me and look at me with his fiery sad eyes. I don’t know if I should get scared or what. I feel like the reason of his sadness which the fact is really me. And I know that he’s talking about Hadrian. Like come on Luca, he already knew about me and Hadrian the day he saw us dating at the park.

“Don’t try to act innocent Cali” His tone is really getting on my spine. It’s a bit scary.

“And who says I’m acting?” I sarcastically retorted. 

I grabbed the tray and about to head outside when he started to speak again.

“What makes him special?” His words almost destroyed my heart. I’m feeling the same pain as he had right now. Like I know how it feels to be unchosen. “You know how badly I loved you back then until now, and you know that my parents came first to ask for your hands but why did you say yes to someone who never asked for it?” I remain standing in that position not facing him. I hear his voice cracks due to so much pain, but how can I taught myself to love someone that I can’t.

“I’m sorry Luca.” I tried to remain calm and to shows no affection to his words. “I loved you, as a friend, as a family and as a neighbor and I can’t offer more than that, please understand.” I added.

He gets even wilder and hugged me tightly from the back. I can’t freely move since I’m holding a tray of juice and some snacks. It’s getting awkward and uncomfortable, but I don’t wanna screamed or do something bad, I’m still holding on myself but with this, I don’t think I can do it any longer.

“I bet you hate to end things between us in a bad way” I sarcastically stated yet in calm tone. I can feel his hug getting slightly wide, cause I know that he knows what kind of woman I am. “I’m a woman and you’re a man, respect my dignity and image if you wanted to have my respect” I murmured, and my voice started to get shaky and a bit husky. This is the worst part of being me, I’m easy to get mad even at a simple things that I hate.

He quickly released me and I’d turned towards the table and put back the tray and stare at him ferociously. And he is just standing and looking at me like a child who regrets doing something to his parents.

“Is that the way you wanted to take? Is that how my almost-future husband act? If yes, then mark my words Luca, I will never trade Hadrian to you even if you’re the last man living in the universe, cause not a typical guy like you deserves a woman like me, never!” I ended up my words in a high pitchy tone to make in even bolder to him. 

I was about to walk out when he uttered a word again. “Then I want you to remember that I will never stop ‘till you became mine.” His words sounds a bit dangerous and seems to be like he’s warning me. “You can be with Hadrian for now, but you’ll still gonna end up with me, If faith won’t make it happen, then I shall change what’s written already and make a new destiny that would let you end up on me woman.” His last words dive deeper into my spine and I feel like freezing inside me that I’m getting cold all over my body and at the same time I don’t know what to do, I feel like a statue, I can’t move from the point where I’m standing.

After his terrific and ferocious words, he moved out first leaving me speechless inside the kitchen alone. Then all of the sudden I hear a loud screamed and mom shouting too loud that our maids are all running heading to the living room, that’s when I just get back myself and feel consciously alarmed again.

I swiftly ran into the living room and saw dad and uncle Thaddeus holding onto  each other’s collar of their polo.

“Dad” mom and I grabbed dad away from uncle Thaddeus while some of our guards and Luca tried to also stop his dad from coming to avoid further fighting and discussion. 

“It’s been nice to be here Brixton, but I’d guess as we break the promises we had made for our child is also the end of alliance and friendship that your family and I had long ago.” I don’t freaking know what happened and what are the things they had talked about but uncle Thaddeus’ decision and words are very surprising. I didn’t actually imagine that this wedding problem could go any further and to actually end dad and uncle Thaddeus’ friendship that they had since their childhood. I feel guilty for everything that’s happening right now, but I loved Hadrian and so do my parents.

“Then be it!” Dad stated in his high pitched tone.

Uncle Thaddeus and Luca left the mansion without uttering any single words. I wish to stop them from leaving but I guess it’s too late already.

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