By:  Livi Ruiz  Ongoing
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In each kingdom there is one rule and that is unbreakable. Which is prohibited the mixing of races, breaking this rule is unforgivable, But what will happen when they have the audacity to involve and thereby lead to war? What if that couple was born that the king of vampires had been waiting for centuries ago? I will tell you the story of Sebastian and Luna, a forbidden but blessed love, a love that will go through a lot to achieve success

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Lost in Your Gaze is a fantasy novel written by Livi Ruiz and is loved by readers who claim it is a captivating plot. It stars Luna Valeriam and Sebastian Drogus, both from different species but their hearts are bound together by fate. Each vampire kingdom had only one rule and it is unbreakable, relationships between different species are forbidden, however, Luna and Sebastian decide to have a forbidden and dangerous love that could unleash the greatest war of all. If you want to know more about their love story, you must read Lost in Your Gaze.

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During the splendor of the red moon, a woman struggled to try not to push so that her little child would not be born at that moment, she was desperate, she was so scared, she was so afraid, because that could not be true. Her little one was supposed to be born in two more weeks, but her child had anticipated his birth in that chaotic moment.The kingdom of Murtis has been attacked by the king Sebastián, who had been in charge of declaring war on that place when he found out that the members of that majestic kingdom had done something illegitimate, something that was not granted to vampires and that was to marry humans. Vampires were the nobility, the privileged, only vampires married vampires and humans were nothing more than food, but it does not end there, King Sebastian had found out that the prince had got a human pregnant, that fact made him so angry, how were they so daring to do that? It was a sacrilege, an abomination, and he would kill them immediately."My
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Valeriam Moon
"I must be a lady... I must not hit my teacher... I must be a lady and not run around the castle... I must be a lady and not act so reckless... I must... I'm bored, please... Lady Margaret I promise not to escape from the academy anymore and to be a good girl in the classes. Even I promise that no other complaint will come from me ..." the woman with brown hair and refined clothes looked at the weird but beautiful girl, so she took a look at the fine pocket watch that she had in her hands, and then again observed that lilac eyed girl so clear that they seemed to be completely a lantern that led you to an unreal but magnificent fantasy, which was wearing a pretty simple but beautiful and stunning pink dress in her, there was no doubt about that little redhead overflows beauty, such beauty did not needed the help of accessories to be demonstrated, it was the opposite, she made those little pieces in her as she did with a dress without greater aesthetics managed to look beautiful and w
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The demon king
A man with lilac eyes so clear that they seemed to be unreal, which projected an almost violet color, watches from the window of his office while he was so absorbed in his thoughts, not caring about anything else, he just wonderedWhat would he do in those moments? the council requested his wedding immediately, in which they had presented an endless number of candidates, all of pure blood and wealthy families, some princesses, other countesses, but none was what he was looking for, none was her. Where is her? That was the question that the jet used to ask himself constantly, but of one thing he was more than sure, and that was that as soon as he perceived her, he would catch her and never let her escape."My king... may your days and nights be blessed, thus giving an honorable life... the council has sent me to find out who is the chosen candidate, to be your future wife...?" Derek arrived at the office with his imposing armor and scared to death, since he knew that he wou
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Ice, blood and pain
The streets were covered with a fine snow, which only showed that winter had advanced and that it would be a difficult one, not only for the humans who were sheltered under a roof, it would also be for all those children who lived on the street, specially for Luna who was among them, who had a light wool jacket, which they had stolen from those clotheslines that used to be neglected by the housewives, but then the redhead noticed how one of those little ones had nothing that could cover him from that horrible blizzard winter, she could not help noticing that this was the smallest and thinnest of the group, so without further ado she removed that little coat and offered it to the little boy, who accepted it immediately, showing a bright look of gratitude, under those nostalgic dark eyesThe orphans of the place were all sheltered in the same place, they had all decided to stay in an alley on the outskirts of the city, where they had lit a fire and covered themselves from winter,
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Who are you?
Sebastián observed the girl in her bed completely unconscious, he was just waiting impatiently for her to wake up, because it had already been five days and she did not open her beautiful eyes, he was so desperate, he did not understand why she did not wake up, why she did not reacted, that vampire doctor, who had checked her had indicated that she was only exhausted and needed rest and good food, but she did not wake up, something that worried him because if she did not wake upHow was she supposed to eat? the king was about to panic, if those disgusting nomads had done something to her, he would feel really bad for not having made them pay in a more painful way to those disgusting vampires who dared to lay a finger on his partner."Your Majesty... the council asks you to return to the castle and arrange your marriage..." Derek entered that room noticing that he was there as if it were a statue, one that was tremendously terrifying, because in the dark his eyes loo
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Let Me go
"No... no... it can't be true, no..." Luna denied over and over everything she just heard and when she noticed who that man was, he had left her room, she had been filled with even more fear, it was surely a strategy to torture her, it was possibly a way of making fun of her.Luna had to escape, she had to get away from that vampire as soon as possible, whether or not she was his partner, she had to flee, she had to escape from him, because the only option she had was to ensure that he did not find her so he did not managed to hurt her, besides that if it was true, what if he came to abuse her with the excuse that she had to gave him an heir? What if he only sought her out for it and if upon accomplishing his mission, he would murder her in a vicious way? there were so many things in her head that made her so afraid of what might happen, that she could only cry at that moment, she was so afraid, so much pain from knowing that nothing good would happen in her life.Luna had
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That beautiful garden was full of beautiful ornaments between white and blue, it was completely beautiful, the king had made an effort so that all the nobility of that kingdom as well as some others will know that he would marry that day, not only to terminate with the pressure of the council to look for a queen but because he already had one and at last it would start that new stage of his life, in addition to that it was also a way of sending a message to everyone, the message in which he only indicated that he would take care that no one tried to harm him, because he would suffer his anger without hesitation, at least it was what he wanted and thought, but with every minute that passed he felt anxious and full of fear, what if the girl did not care about anything and left? He just wanted an opportunity, and although it was cruel for him to manipulate her into accepting the engagement, the king saw no other option.The truth was that he had not detected the heartbeat of the g
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Just a lovely little girl
The road had become long and tedious, saying that her wedding was memorable or that the party was unique, was as false as her indicating that she loved her husband, because the truth was that she was only there to protect her friend, the redhead was so saddened, that she only expected to see Alice as soon as the wedding was over, she wanted to know if she was alright, if she was alive, but the king had indicated that the ceremony was well done that it was time to leave according to him, the trip to the castle would take place in one day, since there would be no rest or anything like that, because he would have to travel to war as soon as he was there, so he did not know for how long he would leave traveling, something the girl appreciated, because apparently she would not see much with this one"Your majesties, everything is arranged in the castle" they had stopped a few minutes ago and it was honestly something that the girl appreciated inside, because the truth is that the fa
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One Year
A year, a year had passed since that handsome and tenebrous king had left in the dark for the war, where a beautiful redhead was planting the most beautiful chrysanthemums in the garden that she had arranged to have as a sanctuary and free herself from the obligations, because there was nothing better than being in a place that little by little she had created, giving life to that gloomy place that she knew the day she had walked in that part of the castle, now it was her favorite place, it was the most beautiful that she had never seen, in which she had planted all kinds of flowers which decorated with their beautiful colors and welcomed anyone who stepped on that piece of landThere was no doubt that she had fun there, winter was present in all its splendor and although the servants had instructed the queen not to plant those flowers, she had refused, since they had indicated that those flowers even bloom In the winter and seeing its beautiful flowers bathed in a tender and c
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Blood tie
Sebastián gave a big sigh as he got off his horse, finally at home, he had never been so happy to be in Luztian castle, he had never managed to feel so excited to hear a welcome from the place, he was so happy and although his cold face did not show his joy, he was happy to finally be home, he was happy to see her and know how she was, the letters that Mr. Joshua had sent him, he spoke of the great advances of the girl, the king was completely excited with the advances according to the writings and wanted to see for himself the changes in his wife.But then when he entered the castle everything was in complete silence, Sebastián had not announced his return only with the desire to arrive as a surprise, in addition to that he wanted to see for himself those changes that the servants spoke of, but there was nothing of it Furthermore, there seemed to be no one in the place, although he did not deny that the decoration certainly looked different, now it was so remarka
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