The Sons of Hades

The Sons of Hades

By:  Kessington Agwam  Completed
Language: English
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A retired detective finds himself in mix after he discovers the truth about the government. Now he has to fight between saving his family or saving his career.

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23 Chapters
Lexington sat Bob down at a table outside his beach house and gave him a glass of wine.Bob Andrews looked at the pleasant wooden house. A product of mordern achitechture. "I tried calling your house in Benin," he said. "Nobody answered. It seem to be avoiding my calls.""I don't want your calls, Bob. To be frank with you I never wanted this visit. But you're here, so let's get this over with. Just don't show pictures. If you brought any pictures, leave them in the briefcase - Funke and Ayo will be back soon.""Is that right? How much do you know about it?" "About what?""The Ayodeles."I knew it. Lex thought, always so straightfoward. Lex hated Bob for this. Relentless Bob."What was in The Punch and Vanguard." Lex said. "Two noble families killed in their homes, weeks apart. Ikeja and Ikoyi respectively. Thier killings were in a similar style. Probably the s
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The Search
LAGOS, IKEJA.Lex drove his car slowly past the house where the Ayodeles family had once lived, and died.The small gate was left ajar, and the LSPD seal blocked the path.He parked his car three blocks away and started back through the dark, quiet night, carrying the LSPD (The Lagos State Police Department) Detectives' Evidence Report in his hand.Lex wanted to come alone. Being with someone else in the crime scene would distract him - that was the reason he gave Bob. But he had other personal reason: Lex was not sure how he would behave, he didn't want someone watching over him, watching his every move.Lex had been to the morgue. At LSUTH. He had been alright seeing the bodies. And the markings on them.The Ayodeles' mansion was situated directly in front of the main road for Abiodun Shobanjo cresent, opposite Fela Shrine.Lex stood in front of the house. The small gate ajar, he stood
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1988.Little Lex was just a boy of 13. But he didn't look it. He was way too big for his age, and acted accordingly.His mother was a busy woman. She was always travelling. Leaving Lex alone in the house with enough money to take care of his little needs. Lex was never bothered but he was a social outcast. An introvert.It was during that moment he discovered his father's journals.He was on the verge of commiting suicide, as he was about to kick the chair that held his weight, something called him. It whispered to his little ears. Soft and comforting, it called Lex.Lex followed this voice, it seem to come from his late's dad's room. The room his mother warned that he should never enter. As he turned the handle, nothing happened. It was locked.Lex took a deep breathe, and shouldered the weak door off its hinges. The soothing voice can be heard louder now.It's coming from the bed-drawe
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Lagos State Police Department Building, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos.Lex walked into the LSPD building tired, exhausted. He needed a bath. His body oozed of sweat."Welcome. I've gotten all the information I could get on the Late Ayodele," Bob was already talking before he got to where Lex stood. He too smelt like he hasn't taken a bath.God. Lex held his breath, and I thought I reeked."Turns out," Bob continued. "Ayodele's got a criminal record, says our secret archives. He was arrested for robbery at age 19, caught with cocaine by 25, but he later gave his life to Christ and went back to school and completed his higher education. Bagging a degree and masters with honours from the University of Ibadan and University of Lagos respectively."That's not the information I need."You said he turned a new leaf, right? - The church. Tell me about his connection with the church."Lex didn't seem t
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Clover Milverton, Ikoyi.Driving through the streets of Ikoyi, the interlocked roads and the beautiful trees by the sidewalks screaming with colourful produce. Kyosks were everywhere, making Lex wonder if the Lagos government never pass these places. This was the rich man's town, he thought, they ought to see these ugly contraptions and they out to be destroyed.A sudden breeze of self-disgust hit him. What am I thinking? How can I be this heartless? People live from the services of these little establishments! When did I become to ruthless?Shaking his head, Lex drove on. When he got to the house, he looked through his passenger window.The house cound not be seen from the outside. Beautiful trees and flowers blocked the main house, like other personal houses in Ikoyi.This time, Lex parked directly opposite the house. Surveying the building, his jaw dropped by what he saw.The hou
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Faculty Of Criminology, University Of Benin, Ugbowo, Benin City.Sitting on a pavement, legs improvised as a table for his laptop, Byron typed away. On his laptop's screen showed the gory pictures of the Ayodele's bodies after autopsy. What Byron had discovered was breathtaking. Literally. It had taken his breath away.Byron was sending an e-mail to someone who he thinks he can help. The one who's in-charge of the investigation, being a master of psychology himself, Byron loved a good mystery. And from the expression on his face, this appeared to give him mysterigasm. A term he made up.Clad in a white long sleeve that was damp with sweat, fitted jean trousers and an Adidas palm to match his Student look, Byron was a first-class undergraduate who was sadly a social outcast. The funny thing was that he didn't care. Friends were distracting, they'd make you lose sight of your goals, he always said."Done." Byron said
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The air around Lex seem suffocating. Even with the cool, evening breeze, he grasped for air.Funke. Is being abducted as we speak!His mind reeled to when Bob told him about Funke's flight to Lagos. Never in his wildest imaginations, would he ever think this would happen.The pendulum that swayed in the vast darkness that was his thoughts, translated faster. Lex's panicked.  He had to get to the airport, and he had to get there fast!* * *The phone on Bob's desk rang. He had sent an officer to pick Funke from the airport. It has been over an hour since the plane touched down, he had sent the intern immediately. He had been feeling a little uneasy. Like something bad was about to happen.O! How right he was! As he held the receiver to his ear, he spoke in a gruff tone."Speak." he said."Sir?" the young officer sounded breathless. L
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"Here, put this on." Across the passenger's  seat, Gbenga's left hand outstretched while the other guided the steering, on the palm of the outstretched hand sat a black cloth. He could see the quizzical look on Lex's face. "We're approaching the headquarters, you can't know where it's situated." He explained.Lex stared at him for a moment, and took the blindfold from him, he raised the cloth to his face, expertly tying it to a clumsy knot at the back of his head.For a moment, Gbenga thought Lex might oppose to the rule and he glad Lex didn't. Protocol is protocol. As odd as it may seem, Gbenga doesn't trust this man totally. He might be a harmless bunny, but even harmless bunnies turn into wolves when pushed to the wall.  I hope the Sons know exactly what they're doing.Deep in thought, Lex was perplexed when Gbenga told him to put on the blindfold. Normally, he would questio
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Miles away, inside UNIBEN's St. Albert's cathedral, Byron dropped his extremely large headset. Attached to it was a microphone. He heaved a sigh as he clicked his Big Brother Counter engine's shutdown button.CLICK.He smiled at his genius. Tomorrow he will be on his way to Lagos.Time is running out.•••When Barrister Kunle left his office at Kunle & Sons' at noon on Tuesday he was tired and high. He had put together his file on Godwin Ayodele's wealth. Surprisingly, the late democrat had prepared for the worst of the worst, he had laid a backup will if in fact anything should happen to him and his whole family. Kunle was a little bit puzzled at first when Godwin approached him years ago, seeking his help and from the events that followed, Kunle had a feeling the man knew his time, and that of his family was getting near. Kunle shook his head in pity..The things politicians put their hands
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Inside the cold cemented room, Lex sat on a wooden chair and sitting across him was the masked man. The smell of incense hung strongly on the air making Lex a little bit dizzy. But he managed."So..." the masked man began."From the beginning, shall we?"Lex nodded..* *Y unlocked the back door of the Venza and made a routine search of his surroundings. He wore a black mask and drew Kunle out of the car. Though he was only semiconscous, he did not slump into the cold cemented floor. He sat upright with his back to the tire of the Venza, his head bent forward. Y lifted this burly man to his broad shoulders and started for the door. Beyond it was an empty room with one chair and a shaky bulb overhead in the middle of the room..The smell of incense made Kunle's nose to twitch, bringing him back to consciousness. He opened his eyes and the first thing that ca
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