The Story of Us

The Story of Us

By:  Princess Ida  Ongoing
Language: English
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Des thought she has found the man to spend her forever with, only to find out that her boyfriend was two timing her. After taking a break for her heart, she was ready to move on. A common friend introduces her to another lonely heart. However, there was a 20 year gap in their age. Would love see them through till the end when that new guy is her ex 's rich uncle?

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13 Chapters
Her POV**Adult content ***> He pointed on his chest. "What?" I asked,"You want me to kiss you there?" I laughed. He looked at me with his brows meeting. "No." He pointed again."Look." I smiled stupidly still not getting what he meant. Then he points to my chest. "You have it too!" "Ohhh." Only then did I notice the mole in his chest. We had moles in our chests! His was a little lighter and smaller. Mine was a bit more darker and bigger. But they were positioned right in the middle of our chests. "This must be our destiny." I said looking..searching actually.. his chinky eyes. "This is providence. " He whispered as he made his body fall next to mine. We were face to face sideways on the bed, both completely naked. He pulled his face closer and my legs went over to hug his torso. I closed my eyes and relish on the deep thorough kiss he landed on my mouth, his tongue trying to explore the inside of it. He took hold of my hand and led it
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Chapter 1- Destiny and Providence
Her POV March 2010 "Des, this is not for you! You have to get out of here." "Dad, I chose this. Please let go of my hand and just leave." We were in the middle of the courtyard of the Apostolic Work Convent. I had been here for five days already and suddenly my father shows up to bring me home. "Please... Don't do this... You are my only daughter." "Precisely Dad. I am your only daughter I am afraid karma would strike me for all the mess you've made. " "Not all guys are like me Des. I really love your Mom.. It's just that I get tempted at times." "No Dad. You are wired that way. Men are wired that they use some other head other than that placed on top of your neck!" I can't control my temper anymore. I was screaming at the top of my voice and the Mother Superior came out to speak to us. "Sir ... Please allow your daughter some time to think things over. Maybe you should do too. Anyway, after a month or two, she may leave at her own will. This is just a search-in for the actu
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Chapter 2- The Bridge
HER POV Fastforward to Year 2020 Teett.. My message alert sounded. Woow, so sexy. Sir Dan, a friend of mine commented. He sent me a photo I just uploaded in my Instapix. I was lying on my stomach on the sand with one foot up and wearing my two piece bikini. Haha... Just a day out with my cousins at the beach. And here's another one! Sir Dan sent another message right after I uploaded a photo of me standing in the two piece bikini turning my back to the camera and raising my arms to the sky. Haha. I'm single, ready to mingle that's why. I responded to his message while laughing aloud at his fast reaction to my photos. Hmmm... I might have someone to recommend. Another message from him. Hahaha. Sure. I'm ready to accept recommendations. I'm starting to feel giddy. I'm not kidding. - Dan Neither am I. Bring it on! I typed and sent. Maybe he thought I was kidding because of my "ha-ha" but I could try this style of accepting recommendation if I could indeed find true love.
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Chapter 3 - The First Meeting
The big clock ticked five times. It was the signal that work was over for the day. I've been feeling excited since the time I woke up knowing and hoping that something was about to happen to my forlorn lovelife. I can't count anymore how many time I have glanced at my wrist watch hoping that second hand would go a little faster. After the day's hustle and bustle, here I am at the ladies' room touching up my makeup a bit. Not that I needed much. Just refreshing my lipstick and powder and there I was ready to go and meet my ...destiny? Teeet..Teeet.. A message, came in into my phone. I'd be a little late than our agreed time, ok? - It was my friend Sir Dan who was texting. . No problem. So long as you are sure he will bring me home later. Haha - I texted back. Yes, he will. Sure enough, I arrived at the agreed restaurant before Sir Dan and I guess, also the guy that I was suppose to meet. Uhh no! What should I do? It was a small cozy steak house which was quite famous in
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Chapter 4 - Bringing Me Home
Her POV After two hours of eating, joking, story-telling, and paing the bill, Sir Dan stood up and bid us goodbye. "Elderly people needs to sleep early because we wake up early," he said and winked at us. "Provi you would know your way through the rural area at South Bay, right? "He asked his friend. "It's, ok.. If I get lost, there's Waze!" Mr. Dalton stood up as well but he waited for me to follow after Sir Dan. "You see Des, my friend had been in England the past 8 years. There had been a lot of changes in the city already So I hope he doesn't get lost." "I guess I can help with the directions on the way home but coming back, he can just give us a call if he gets lost. "I said giving a sheepish grin. The three of us walked to the parking area together. Suddenly, Sir Dan let out a low whistle. "Wooow! Is that the latest model from BMW? " Sir Dan was really amused by the mettalic gray car before him. "Yes, it just came out a week ago," Mr. Dalton gave a smirk looking
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Chapter 5 - Seeing Again
His POV That girl! She just stole a kiss from me and suddenly walked off. Not that I was looking forward to more action. I tried to be a gentleman and kissed only her forhead and she kissed me on the lips! I don't kiss girls on the lips on the first date. And that wasn't even a date. It was just a dinner with my friend, Dan. I sounded my horn to signal her I was on my way back. She turned her head, smiled, and waved. As she entered the gates of the village, I also turned the car around to go back home. Home. The place where I live to eat, sleep, work, and study. It was big but actually empty. Yeah, my mother and my son lives there with me and I have a few maids to do the chores. However, I haven't slept with anyone in my soft king-size bed since we came back ten years ago. I haven't had anyone to scrub my back in that marble tub that I had installed. To my friends, I may be a playboy so they refer girls to me left and right, one after another. But they were only for dating. So
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Chapter 6 - Encountering my Ex
Her POV He brought me to a restaurant he said he and his friends frequently go to. There were'nt much people there now as it was still early. So we got our order fast. It was a pretty quick breakfast as I had to go to my office. After eating, he drove me to my office. "Okay, thank you. " I said shyly. I closed the door and turned around, breathed in heavily and pounded my fist in the air, exclaiming a semi audible YES! The door opened again and almost hit me. "Your phone!" He handed it to me. " Ohhh, thank you." "Are you free tonight?" He asked before I got to close the door again. "Yes, I can be out by 5 p.m." "Wait for me, Let's have dinner together tonight without Dan." "Okay." I nodded in agreement."See you tonight then." The goood start of the day brought along with it positive vibes throught out. Time passed fast. I wouldn't have noticed it was time to leave the office if not for a message coming in. "Dear, I'll be waiting for you at the parking area. I brought
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Chapter 7 - My Close Relatives
His POVOf all people to meet tonight, it had to be my spoiled nephew and his girlfriend."Uncle Provi, we didn't know you were in town already! Mom, will be happy to see you!""No need to inform her. If she needs anything she can call me as she always does." I gave a cold stare at him and his girl while guiding Des gently with my other arm to enter the door. Gen held unto my other hand and stopping me."Uncle, " He wanted to protest of some sort but I stopped him from talking further."I have a date tonight. I don't want to make her wait for long. Please, let's talk another time. I took his hand off my arm and went after Des into the private dining room. While taking my seat, I noticed Des to be uncomfortable and looking pitiful. "Are you alright?" I asked her."Yeah, just I feel like puking earlier.""We haven't done anything intimate, are you already pregnant?" I tried to look serious but my smirk that turned into a chuckle gave me away. "Stop kidding me Provi. Just I don't like
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Chapter 8 - My Ex
Her POV After dinner, Provi got his driver to bring us home. He kissed my forhead again before letting me out of the car. Provi opened the window on his side and I waved at him and sent a flying kiss before walking towards my front door. I threw myself into the couch and massaged my temples. All the riedness of the day weighed heavily on my shouldes. I had tried my best to calm down after the encounter with my ex, his girlfriend, and his mother. How unfortunate that the man I was seeing now is actually a close relative of theirs. OR.... It may be a blessing ni disguise that I can actually make a revenge on those very mean people. Just as I was thinking of those people, my phone suddenly rang. I got the phone out of my bag thinking it must be Provi. However, I noticed it was an unregistered number. I don;t usually like talking to strangers and I don't like this kind of prank from my friends. I pressed the END CALL button. After placing the phone on the table top, it rang again.
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Chapter 9 - The Real Owner
"Are you awake, dear?" "Do you have work today?""Let's go to the beach!" One message after another came in as I turned on my phone. Before I replied Provi, I remembered to block the number that Gen used last night to contact me."I just woke up :) " I sent Provi a response."Good morning dear :-* " He was quick to respond and added a kiss smiley at the end of his message."Where does that kiss land?" I teased him."Anywhere you want!" "Ok, anywhere then except my lips! Haha.. I haven't gotten up yet to even brush my teeth!" "Well that would be interesting to kiss you anywhere other than your lips!" He responded. Wwwait whattt? I was suppose to tease him but it seems it's the way around now.If I could blush I would have. I drastically changed the topic."Today is a holiday so there's no work although I'd be doing remote online presence in case of emergency,"I informed him."So you can be anywhere as long as there is internet, right?""Yes! And... the beach sounds perfect!" "Ok
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