The Swedish Agreement

The Swedish Agreement

By:  Nikki Larousse  Completed
Language: English
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Fed up with her father asking for a marriage before ascending the throne, Kellisa Nilsson ran away from her home and embarked on a journey as a Ladies' maid for one Finnish Princess. Hence, the new persona 'Kelly' was born. Kellisa just wanted to have fun until her father can find her but she managed to capture someone's eyes instead while she was in disguise. Tyler Virtanen, the youngest grandson of House of Virtanen, a powerful family in Finland, has go defend his inheritance and go compete in a Husband Hunt competition since his ruthless grandfather asked him to. Tyler wanted to deny him but when he got there, he found someone that has captured his attention with her allure. Both of them have a secret that they cannot tell but when the truth finally revealed, will Kellisa and Tyler make to the end and have their happy ending? Find out about their story in this heartwarming novel!

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33 Chapters
Prologue: The Recap
Tyler Virtanen’s POVAfter I met the stranger that was trying to ask me about what was going on with the restaurant that was out of control, I know exactly what was going on. It was one of the stupid contests that royalty was NEVER done before. Keyword: NEVER.I mean, what was Princess Katherine was thinking? Probably none. I was supposed to be one of the people that we're pushing to get inside the restaurant. I get it, living luxuriously with my future bride who happened to be a Finnish princess.Well, not my style.
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Chapter 1: The Runaway
Kellisa Nilsson’s POVI was sitting in the library at my favorite spot of all time, the couch by the window that was good for the sunlight to come through. I was happily reading my favorite book from the American Historical Fiction author, Lorraine Heath. I was giggling when someone was coming into the library.And it was none other than the King Ludvig of Sweden after all.I was looking at my father before I was closing the book right now. I know when he came to look after me, it was something important. Why do you ask? Well, it was because I was the only heir of my father’s throne.
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Chapter 2: The Encounter
Tyler Virtanen’s POVI was standing at the mansion before I was getting into the car as I saw my grandpa was looking at me by the window of his throne room. I was smiling at him before I waved goodbye.He did not wave back.What can I say? That man was a cold-hearted man. He just thinks about profit and nothing else. Sometimes I think he was a robot that was built by my real Grandpa that wanted to get out of taking care of us.3 of us, Kai, my brother, Chris, my cousin, and me.I sighed before
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Chapter 3: The Choosing
Kellisa Nilsson’s POVI was looking at the application that wanted to play as the Finnish Princess for this Husband Hunt that I was helping out as well. Princess Katherine Abigail Remes, the other princess that was not married yet when her sister, Princess Kathleen Aurora Remes, was married to one of the Virtanen’s grandsons.How come I know all this? Well, I was following up on all the gossips that were circulating my new employer like a moth to a flame. I cannot help but feel sorry for her. And that night when she was coming home soaking wet from the rain, my heart was broken to see her like that.And so, I made it my mission to ease her burde
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Chapter 4: The Suitor
Tyler Virtanen’s POVBut that, of course, was hard on its own. I don’t know why I even bother to go with this idiotic plan of mine to find this Kelly and get to know her. This Husband Hunt was exhausting, let me tell you. It tested on your physique, intelligence, and all the other things that needed to be tested to make sure that the husband of the Finnish princess was a worthy one.Not that I care but whatever.“How come I ever thought that I would see her again? She might not be working here after all,” I mumbled before I was looking at the room that I will be staying for the competition. There were two double-decker beds.
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Chapter 5: The Maid
Tyler Virtanen’s POVI was the first one to get up as I was taking a shower before Eddy was getting up as well. But Leo, he was still asleep in his bed. I was sipping on the tea that we can make inside the room before Leo was groaning in his bed. Then, he was waking up from the bed.“Well, someone did sleep well last night,” I said as he was taking his towel before he went to the shower. Leo disappeared into the bathroom before someone was knocking on the door. I went to open the door as Eddy was listening to the music on his headphone. I hardly think that he would hear anything.“Hello, may I help you?” I asked as the pretty w
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Chapter 6: The Ball
Tyler Virtanen’s POVBefore the ball tonight, we have to sit for a test. I don’t fucking know why they wanted to test us on the history of Finland but I guess I did fine. I mean, it would be a shame if I was not getting all my history facts right in the exam.I am a Finnish man after all. My grandpa would flip me if I failed.I sighed before I was looking at Eddy and Leo right after the test. I smiled before I was asking them.“So, how do you do?” I said before Eddy shrugged. I don’t think that Eddy would be telling me anything but at least when he
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Chapter 7: The Misfortune
Kellisa Nilsson’s POVI was looking at Kate as she was putting on her seductive dress as well as her mask before she was smiling at herself in the vanity.“So, what do you think?” She asked me as I was smiling at her.“It suits perfectly, my lady,” I said before Kate was smirking at her reflection. Then, she turned to look at me.“You’re right. I think this is perfect for the idea that I have in mind,” she said before she was dismissing me for the night. I was nodding and bowing at her before she went to pursue the person that has
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Chapter 8: The Call
Kellisa Nilsson’s POVI was running away from the garden as I was huffing and puffing. I was breathing hard. That Tyler Virtanen was making my heart jumped in my chest right now. I was looking around before I was swallowing the lump inside my throat.I went to my room before I was closing the door and locked it. I was looking around the room that was for the lady’s maid. I did not know why but as I was sliding down to the floor, the phone that I hid was ringing. I turned to look at the locker that I was putting all my past inside that thing, for now, I am not Kellisa Nilsson, the Swedish Princess, but rather just Kelly, a nobody that just
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Chapter 9: The Decision
Chapter 9: The DecisionKellisa Nilsson’s POVI was looking at myself in the vanity mirror before I sighed for the nth time. After that call, my mind has been slipping in and out of the fact that I will need to go home to Sweden again. I have to since my Papa was lonely.I am a terrible daughter.I was putting on my usual lady’s maid outfit before I was heading out to my mistress’ room. I opened the door of her room before Kate was looking at me.“Kel
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