Slave To The Demon King

Slave To The Demon King

By:  Iris XX  Completed
Language: English
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CONTENT WARNING - This book contains minor depictions of violence, abuse and other dark themes that might not be suitable to viewers less than 18. Viewers discretion is advised. Rated 18+ Proceed with caution. *** When Demon King Klaus Lavon discovers a fleeing young lady in his castle, she awakens a feeling of lust and emotion in his dead soul and he is reluctant to let her go. Striking a deal with her, he keeps her under his wings, but can Klaus control the raging hormones in him whenever he’s near his beloved human mate? Be killed, or be a slave? These are the options given to 19 year old Arabella Tudor, fleeing orphan and shameless thief. She has no one to go to, safe for an uncle who maltreats and despises her, and she would rather die, than be sold of to cruel men in exchange for her freedom. Meeting Klaus Lavon, is not something she would have imagined, and vowing to work her way out of his hornet nest, Arabella is stuck when fate has other options for her. Soon she finds herself entangled in a world filled with Demons, supernatural creatures and other dangers from the past lurking behind, with no way out!

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Author Harry
this is awesome
2023-04-14 04:28:47
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Aminah Ndaliman
the blurb is very captivating, not to even talk about the first chapter that got me hooked. Kudos to the author.
2022-11-11 05:28:00
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Night Walker
Loving this!!!!
2022-10-12 14:01:07
user avatar
Is this story being updated?
2022-10-12 06:42:01
138 Chapters
Poor Arabella
The sound of the front door slamming shut half startled Arabella out of her short-lived sleep. She could feel the eyebags weighing underneath her eyes from not getting more than four hours of sleep, for three days in a row now.A mild yawn escaped her lips as she shuffled to sit up in bed, running slender fingers through her messy brown hair in an attempt to get rid of some remnants of food particles from last night clung to it.That man had tossed his plate at her during his latest drunken episode. At this point - it was getting tiring… and this was the story of Arabella Tudor every day. She was just a nineteen-year-old brunette who had lost her parents at the tender age of seven in a fatal car accident, and since then her life had begun to go off track.With nowhere else to go, she was pushed onto their closest relative - her uncle Grayson. At first, the poor little girl was overjoyed that someone had opened their door for her, but she was met with disappointment all to early. If
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Finally Free!
Arabella felt her body freeze up as though she’d not heard the words escape his lips properly. “Huh? What... what did you say?" Her voice was almost cracked into a whisper because depending on his answer, she was ready to throw a major tantrum. If truly she had an idea of what he was about to say, then there was going to be trouble she could already sense it.His face twisted into a grimace. "Are you suddenly deaf or something?" His unfocused eyes seemed to scan her down to her feet, “Someone is interested in taking you off my shoulders. I showed him a picture of you and he couldn't take his eyes off your perfect figure and pretty little face. Dare I say you caught a shine.” He laughed lewdly with a slight shrug, “Although he doesn't know how much of a pain you truly are. I didn’t tell him though, that’s up to him to find out.” He trailed off at the sight of the stern expression on her face - there was an intent to kill."If you wanna say something, go ahead and say it. I’m listening
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The Stranger
Klaus’s fingers combed through his dark hair in a bid of frustration, while he tilted his head up to the night sky. There were barely any stars in the sky which felt nostalgic, compared to how it was back home.He’d been stuck at the port for over three hours already, supervising his goods in order to make sure none of them were stolen by the workers who’d been moving cargos all day. Although he could send someone else - he’d preferred to do it himself to ensure humans didn’t intrude, this rowdy business at all.His kind was too untrustworthy to put complete faith in, especially whilst moving the cathodes which contained special contents and loads of cash too.Their greed could cause them to loot a handful of goods in his absence, but his hearing was good enough to tell when any worker started moving off track.And he couldn’t send humans, to supervise demons as they could get aggressive towards the human ordering them around, and if the latter got a bit too curious and decide to tak
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The Money Crates
After running through the partial darkness for a while, Arabella stopped to catch her breath. She crouched over with both hands on her knees as she panted for air.That man… Although she couldn’t make out his face, his voice came off as though he’d been trying to seduce her, and that alone sent chills through her body. Anyways she vowed she wouldn’t see him again.He gave the vibe of a very dangerous and mysterious being, and that was all she needed to steer clear of the stranger she didn’t even see clearly. After being known as the ‘rag girl’ in high school, she’d grown accustomed to males speaking harshly to her.Her uncle Grayson was no exception to this too.Not just males to but the female students also made fun of her because she always looked like a mess, and if they ever caught her speaking with a boy… no matter the reason, they’d tease the guy till he began to hate her.Over time, she’d become quiet and withdrawn with the mindset that people were so trashy. When others atte
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“Yes, close the gates.” The voice of a man called out close to the back of the van where Arabella was before opening it up and leaving.The screeching noise woke the young woman from her short-lived sleep. “Ugh…” She groaned lowly slightly opening her eyes to find light pouring in through the gaps in the wooden crate. The fact that she could fall asleep in such an uncomfortable position, just went to show how tired she’d been after days of barely any sleep and yawning, she lowered her face to think for a moment. She recalled being carried towards the ship, but then the vehicle moving sounded like they were on the road for a while, and then she had no idea when she had fallen asleep, but now she was wide awake and so she was curious to find out just exactly where she was.The noise from earlier seemed to have calmed down so it was probably okay to take a peek outside, but then she was was still in the crate, and worst-case scenario would be if they nailed the lid of the wooden box s
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A Shameless Thief
“A pleasant surprise, is it not?” Klaus arched a mused brow, watching as the girl struggled against the strong grip of the men holding her. He had to admit it.He wasn't used to surprises, hell! Nothing could ever take that element. But this one? The puny young female in front of him was different.Her audacity was enthralling, intriguing. She glared at him, hunger, anger, pain and fear, all ladened in two brown orbs.His dark eyes scanned her small lanky frame, her thin bones that he could snap in the blink of an eye and at the thought he growled ferociously. His men had brought her to her knees, yet there was a strong and stubborn resolve in her, a fire that would not be easily quenched."So, I was right after all, when I saw you earlier. You were lying." He allowed his voice to remain calm, even though he was currently raging inside. His demon was reacting to her in ways he did not expect, in ways he did not like or did he? Seeing her on her knees... it did something to him."I wa
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The Contract
The voices in Arabella’s head continued to scream at her. She was stuck at a crossroad, and she did not know what path she was going to take. What the hell had she just said? Agreeing to his words almost immediately. Damn but she was a fool!Rubbing her palms against her ragged clothes, her heart thumping in her chest, she looked down to the floor. Beads of sweat trickled down her forehead, but she made no effort to wipe them off. She allowed them run down her face until she tasted the drops at the top of her lower lip; salty and sour, just how she was feeling at that moment.Her heart squeezed in her chest until she could barely breathe. Scorching and burning drops of tears threatened to rush down her eyes, and even though she fought it with everything she had, she eventually gave up.There was one truth that she could not deny though; if he killed her, it will all be over. All of it. She and her memories - that is if there was anyone to remember her - would be gone with the wind.
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A Slave Or A Mistress?
Klaus strangely saw it all. He saw all the emotions he had intended to evoke in her. He saw her fear when she felt the cold metal barrel of the gun kiss the back of her skull.He saw her raw and unfiltered anger when he had pronounced her a slave. He saw her helplessness, her confusion, and by the devils he was loving every moment of it.Seeing her brown eyes sparkle with all those deep emotions, smelling the sorrow that emanated from her soul, the pain that showed in her eyes, the anger that burnt within her like a fiery flame, all of this fed his soul, and he knew it wasn’t supposed to be a think of joy, but he was a demon after all and only pain and dark things brightened his spirit.Every single thing she was going through now, brought joy to his heart.He had never felt such a manner of raw excitement from a girl as young as she was. She was stubborn, her spirit would be hard to tame, but he would love every moment of it.Just as he would love to peel the layer of innocence off h
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His Personal Slave
Klaus raised his eyes and watched his slave stand still, her feet glued to the ground. She appeared to be in a state of discomfort, and taking note of the beads of sweat gathered on her forehead, he already knew she had something to say.He could see the words dance at the tip of her tongue, even though her lips were firmly shut, and heaving a sigh, he shook his head and arched a brow at her."Come here. Take a sit." He ordered, his voice echoing in the room, arresting the attention of all and sundry, including the woman in front of him and this time with his face dropped down, he made the statement without glancing up at her.Why the fuck had she even stood like a statue or something? He was becoming a big irritated. He had only invited her over for breakfast after all. He had seen her shiver when his gaze had borne into her back when his face had been lifted, and even then he could sense her fear.He heard the sound of her heart beating fast, while he caught sight of her weak and
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Stark Reminders
Klaus eyes were focused intently on his laptop screen, as he worked in his home office.He was barely aware of the time, as the room was always dark with its dark gray polished walls, matching window blinds and furniture. The only light in the room was the one which emanated from the screen of his laptop, and after some time, a yawn escaping his lips, his gaze shifted to the digital clock beside his laptop, and that was when he found out that it was already six in the evening.He hissed and looked away from the clock, realizing that he had spent all day working his head and eyes off that he had forgotten all about lunch, and he was also on the verge of escaping dinner too.His stomach growled, hurting him painfully and another wave of anger coursed through him when suddenly he remembered how he had left his half eaten breakfast in anger too. The thought of Arabella suddenly came rushing over him like violent waves from the ocean, and remembering that she was the cause of this turbul
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