The Twilight and The Dawn

The Twilight and The Dawn

By:  Vhirgoe  Completed
Language: English
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There are two girl named, Dawn and Xiomerrah, they are best friends. They live in Canagan the rural area, beside of their area are the prohibited forest that believed to have a monstrous creatures. Xiomerrah is just a typical girl enjoying the life what she have, but Dawn is mysterious girl who has a secret, that she herself only knows about it. No one knows about her secret. But soon the, Dustine Kirby, -he lives in the prohibited forest and the one who happened to discovered about the real identity of Dawn, -her secret, and Dawn knows who he really is, -why he lives in the prohibited forest. They knew that they are different creatures. Finding out their secrets is nothing but finding out feelings for each other is a challenge that they need to fight in their different world. There are too many wars to survive, many hidden identities to know, discover the sacrifices that beyond life. The overflowing secrets to unveil and accept for them to be able to move forward in the world they are living. Find out the challenges they face, only for their love.

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Virginia Bryant
Love it. Okay
2022-05-26 10:24:31
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Indeed! A very nice novel. Keep slaying, Author.
2022-01-30 16:05:32
57 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Market Encounter
Chapter 1: The Market Encounter  Peaceful, calm and silent. There's a tranquility. That's how rural populace describe the forest people, some of them called it forest creature for a hundred of decades past. They never seen any of the forest people or even a glimpse of them. They believe that they are some sort of monstrous creature, so that they hid themselves in a forest. Despise of that, there were two woman who doesn't believe in them. They want to know and see with their bare-naked eyes those creatures that live in the forest even people in Canagan warned them. "Hey! Dawn! I have good news for you!" The girl with long jet-black hair excitedly run towards Dawn.  Dawn have short brown haired with a pretty face. Both of them were pretty, actually. The woman hugged her tight as soon as she reached Dawn, doing a house chore. Dawn can't help but grimace, she's dirty and yet this girl hugged her."What
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Chapter 2: Taken by Force
 Chapter 2: Taken by Force Xio together with the people around her are watching the scene between her best friend, Dawn and the man that was currently talked of the town. They were wondering what was happening to those two, even the apple seller was confused. The two of them were staring at each other like the people around them vanished into thin air and only the two of them were left alone.Xio dramatically sighed but she's giggling out of the scene. She found it so surreal and intimate. She looks at the man and she notice something in his eyes, as well as in Dawn's eyes. So, she immediately run towards them and placed herself between the two, making them separated from each other. She cleared her throat and forced a smile. The two looked at her with questioning eyes. "What?" Dawn asked her calmly. Xio brows rise up and her lips formed a smirk which made Dawn questioned her more."I don't know w
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Chapter 3: Taken by Mistake
Chapter 3: Taken by Mistake  Removing the hood of their clothes, the two men bows down as a sign of respect to their master whos now standing in front of them.Someone knew about our territory, he started. Good thing we already caught that rogue, one of the two men that caught Dawn added. Is the same with the one you said few hours ago? the master asked. "The one you said few hours ago?" the master asked. The man nodded that made the master scoffs. I can't believe that rouge have the guts to return here. "Master, maybe she has plans for us," the man said again. His partner nudges him. She knows us?The other man shrugged. Maybe. Because if not, she wouldnt dare to go back here unless she has plans. "She? That means, the rogue is a girl?" the master asked them and they both nodded as an answer. His brows furrowed.And one thing more, Master. She doesnt smell like a human. 
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Chapter 4: Facing the White
 Chapter 4: Facing the White After the fights between the rogue and the forest people, the master named Dustine settle a conference to all of his people about what happened. They were discussing about the rogues that entred in their territory and what they are up to. "Can anyone tell me how can these d*mn rogues enter in our territory?!" Dustine asked angrily.All of his men lower their heads. They don't want to answer their masters question. They all know how Dustine gets mad. He was eyeing all of them murderously. They never dare to make an eye contact with him nor move an inch All of his men just lower their heads not willing to answer, because their Master Dustine glaring each of them murderously. They never dare to have an eye contact with him nor to move even an inch. Who would dare to answer him in his murderous state? He is fuming mad. No one speaks so he points his finger to one of his men and a
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Chapter 5: Collapsed
Chapter 5: Collapsed   “Can you tell me your name?”  Dustine ask her while staring at her face. Her innocent and fragile face. “It’s you...” Dawn whisper instead, her voice full of fear because of him. She knows that the two of them are not human creature, but she’s not sure if he is like her or the other way around. “Wow…. I can’t believe that I’m facing a monstrous creature,” she murmured with a smirk now. She just realized that a him, maybe can be named a monstrous but he seems so vulnerable at the moment and she assume that he can’t hurt her. Dustine was taken a back for what she said. In his mind; “I thought this girl is nothing but a weak creature but I was wrong. She knew that we have a kept secret and it’s dangerous if that will go to my grandfather. It will cause a
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Chapter 6: Same
Chapter 6: SAME   Unconsciously, Dustine find himself smiling because of what Dawn said. His smile full of sincerity.    When Dawn vanished his sight, and he assume that she is already safe ahead, he turns and went back to the territory as fast as he can so that no one can see him. He went straight to his place, drinking his favorite.   Dawn keep herself running on the forest because even though she is outside of the territory, she’s still in the forest and no one knows what awaits you there, especially that she still feels sick.    Her breathing became uneven when she heard a rustles nearing in her side, then an audible footstep. She forced herself to come down so that she can focus and make up a plan for her escape. Since, she can’t run fast because her head is throbbing and her body feels so heavy.    “E-Excuse me,” she gasped when she heard a husky voice. It’s
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Chapter 7: She's Back
7: She’s Back      Slowly, everything happened fully sinks in.    “Is there any reason why you are here in our place?” Dawn asked the woman who asked for her help.  The woman named Rebecca Monest and Rocco Monest, his child, from the city of Wholmstoker. This is the city after the rural province of Canagan. Rebecca seems surprise by Dawn question. She suddenly lost of words of to answer her question, but looking at her son, she manages to answer; “I don’t know exactly why are we here. My husband just drags us here together with some of our neighbors, the one you saw in the riot.” “Don’t you have any idea why he did that?” this time it’s James who asked Rebecca a question.  Yes. James is in Dawn’s house, he never left as he enter her house because he found out that Dawn can help him, for his real reason why is he in Canagan.  Rebecca nodded. “I h
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Chapter 8:Blood
8: Blood    When Dawn finally opens the window and she face the door, she flashes a smile and walk through Xio. Although she never expects that Xio would be home at this time of the day.  She usually goes home at afternoon or late in the afternoon.    “It seems like, you finished your work this early ha.” Dawn jokingly uttered.  Xio think for a moment, she didn’t get what Dawn said and when she looked at her clothes, flashbacks of what happened earlier clouded her mind. She thinks that Dawn assume that she is out for the work, which is not true but she can’t really tell Dawn what happened to her.    So, she smiles and says; “Of course, you’re back. You ditched this house without me knowing. Where did you go?” She asked and chuckled after.  “I... ah, went to work. They happened to have an emergency and I’ll help them. Sorry for not allowing you to know it because you’r
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Chapter 9: The Book
9: The BookDawn’s face in horror and looked up to Xio, who’s now turned her back to face Dawn leaving the plates unclean. “W-What happened Xio?” she asked, a bit scared and confused.  Xio, as well is confused, didn’t know what happened. She takes her blazer off and saw a blood on it, on the right shoulder of the blazer. It looks like the blood stained in her clothes a long time because some of it already dried on the clothes, and some aren’t dry enough.  She’s sure that the blood is wasn’t from her. She recalled what happened in the forest together with the guards and their so called ‘master’, -which is Dustine that she doesn’t know-, she is about got of that place when dozens of people locked her way out, with a strange blood on the side of their mouth and one of them tried to seduce her, she even touched by that one man and maybe he i
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Chapter 10 : Blue-Eyed Bat
10: Blue-eyed Bat“Where can I have it?” Dawn asked Seta, and she pointed out one corner of the room, that have a zip code design five tier tall corner shelf There are pile of antique books, neatly place in there but the book covers are almost rotten.“You can see the book you are looking in that shelf. Just look for it.” Seta once again point the shelf and Dawn nodded as a response. Dawn felt James presence in behind and then she realized what was her reason why she is in the book shop in the first place. She looked around the library and found out that there isn’t a guy, just like what James told her earlier. The library isn’t that big, it’s like five-hundred-meter square, without second floor, but there are a lot of books place in an eight vertically arranged bookshelves, minus the book tier in the corner.‘Is James just fooling me?’ she thought
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