The Werewolf's Pet

The Werewolf's Pet

By:  Author~mimi~  Ongoing
Language: English
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Monsters? Are they real?. Well, Eva Watson had to find this out herself. Eva Watson, a girl in her early twenties whose family just moved to a new city then got bankrupt all of a sudden. Eva was then bound to a monster. Bound for life. Klye Chen a young man rumored to be a monster, well...he might actually be. "Only struck by what you see?"....smirk.."What then happens when we start"... Kyle Chen told Eva the first time they met. Eva was smitten by the ridiculously dangerous and sexy look of the man before her. Eva's father had only days left to live...her family's condition, pushed Eva to the Lion's Den.

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it is a really nice and interesting book to read. love it ...️
2022-08-31 20:24:36
43 Chapters
In a room dimly lit, a man in his late twenties, crossed his long legs and his head resting on the knuckles of his right hand, had a black shirt on and had a towel around his waist, looking like a Greek god waiting for its prey.A young man in all black walked into the room, " Sir, she's here!" He man utteredThe man in his late twenties smiled as soon as he knew that what he was waiting for all night had finally come."Bring her in" he said with his voice sounding hoarse.The young man in black quickly walked out of the room and returned with a young girl her early twenties.The man his late twenties smirked devilishly and soon, the smirk vanished like it was never there."You can go" The man said to the young man in black.The man in his late twenties stared at the little creature right before him. She had the most beautiful, long blue wavy hair,pitch black eyes and inviting pink lips. Her frame was so lean. Like she hadn't eaten for days. She had on a red off shoulder gown with a b
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I'll pay you any amount
It was getting dark and the stars were already showing themselves like little glitters in the sky. But Eva was still wandering, thinking of her and her family's predicament.Soon, Eva found her self in a abandoned street, before she could move any further, she was caught into a pair of strong arms. She didn't even realize that she hit someone. She raised her head to see to man in a black cloak and black trouser and black inner shirt.Eva whined inwardlyHow will someone dress in an all black and not expect to get hit in the middle of the night. And the add to it, his hair was black too. Eva really didn't want any problem with anyone now... Her goal was to go home and sleep in an empty stomach and hope for a better tomorrow.But before she could move, the guy in all back said to her"Watch your step miss!""Sorry" Eva said as she was about to continue walking not even realizing that she was going the wrong way, the guy stopped her and said"You don't just hit me and get away!" He real
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You won't even last a round
Entering the house, it was even more exquisite on the inside than the outside. Zaheer led her to a soft chair right in front of the television."I'll be right back" he said as he walked into a room.Though it was a bungalow, it was pretty big. Eva had the strong urge to switch on the television and she did exactly that. She was so lost in the reality TV show she was watching that she didn't notice Zaheer staring at her from behind. This girl really had guts, she was so comfortable in someone else's house that she even crossed her legs while watching the reality show."Eva" Zaheer said in a menacing tone and Eva jolted and turned around"Yes" She said "What were you watching?" He asked"Ohhh, its a reality show I used to love. "Would she say yes?". I didn't even know they still showed it" "Would she say yes? A name of a reality show?" Zaheer said in a monotonous tone" see, its about a couple of adults living in a...""I don't care" Zaheer cut her out"Come with me before he
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Who asked you to stay on the bed
Eva still didn't listen to the clear warning of the young man that was standing right before her. Instead she glared at him for a moment.She knew she couldn't go home by this time, it was already late and besides, her family won't be too worried about her since she had stayed out a few times in the past."Ohhk. You can stay for the night. Zaheer will show you to your room" the young man said as he patted Eva's head and turned his back at her before walking towards his bed."Eva's eyes beamed with joy as she said"Thank you stranger"He shook his head at her words as he waited for her to wear her clothes and get out of the room.But Eva's face now was in great contrast to the way it was before."Uhmm.. Sir?" She said in a low tone"What?" The guy asked as he looked at her suspiciously."I'm quite afraid of staying in a new place alone" she said in her cute baby tone she used on her parents anytime she wanted something.(when they were rich tho)."Elaborate more" he said"Well...I can't
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Have sex with her and marry her
Eva forced herself to sleep. Few hours later into the night, Eva woke up and needed to pee real bad. She got up from the couch just to see Kyle with the towel around his waist. This guy really slept with the towel still around his waist... What if it fal..? Ahhh...its not Eva's business anyways but if it does fall, it will be an eyesore. But this creature is very very pleasing to the eyes making him an eye candy."Why are you staring?" Klye's voice sounded in Eva's ears.Eva was shocked as her face turned completely red."Uhhmm..I wasn't staring at anything. Was about to go to the bathroom!" She said in a shaky tone before dashing into the bathroom.This guy is just ridiculous, utterly ridiculous!! How could he be awake by this time. Eva sensed that the time would be around 3:00am and she shook her head thinking about what that guy would be doing awake by this time.~Earlier on, in Kyle's study~"Dad, I can't just sleep with a girl who happened to bump into Zaheer!" Kyle said"But isn
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Is she following me?
Eva ate the food before her,"Its so delicious " she said finishing the chicken noodle soup in minutes."Thank you Zaheer" she said as she stood up and placed the plate in the sink."Are you ready?" Zaheer asked her from a corner in the kitchen."I haven't taken a shower though but I don't want to waste your time being that you are a very busy person" She said to Zaheer."Don't worry about that, you can do that when you get home. Just go change into one of the clothes I got you last night" Zaheer said and Eva sighed before obeying him..On the road....."Please do remember to give me Kyle's number when I have a phone!" Eva said with pleading eyes and Zaheer noddedReaching her house, Eva walked in and her family members all had their eyes on her. Eva's parents peaked through the curtain to have a second look on the type of car that dropped their daughter off."Eva, you know we just moved into this foreign country only two years ago. You really don't know or trust anyone apart from you
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Don't move ...
After dinner, Eva went back to her room but she couldn't stop thinking about the guy she saw earlier...could it be Kyle?... besides it was really strange that this place was called "Chen's residence"... Maybe it's all just a coincidence.Eva slept with Kyle in her mind.~~~~~~That same nightKyle was in his study when he made a call."Luca, why is the little woman here?""Sir, from what Zaheer told me, she is here because a friend of her mother offered her a job here in city F and now she's staying here for a while I guess" the voice on the other end said.Kyle sighed as he heard what the person said before ending the call. Maybe it is a good thing the little woman is here, they might actually get to know each other this time. Kyle thought.He walked straight to his room and slept.~~~~~The next morning, Eva woke up to see Mrs Trent's maid opening the curtains of the room."Good morning ma'am" Eva greeted since the woman looked pretty stricken in age.The woman turned around and smil
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Move in with me
Eva spent four more days in the hospital with Kyle by her side. On her second day in the hospital:Kyle walked into her room and saw Eva trying to get a glass of water from the table beside her bed. "I'll help you" he said as he strode to the table and got the water for her. Eva was surprised because she didn't even notice when he came into the room. "Thank you". she said smiling to him."How did you end up in City F if I may ask?" Eva said "Zaheer told you I was away right?. I'm here for business purposes Eva" Kyle said.Ohh my what's so special about the way this guy calls her name!. Anytime Eva heard her name being uttered from this guys mouth, she felt her cheeks burn. Sure Kyle had a sexy accent, but it wasn't really just the accent now, she didn't really know why his voice sounded even more enticing especially when he called her name.Kyle saw her ears go red after his statement and he smirked. This little woman is really something else. Then she nodded, answering his questi
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He caused a ruckus
Eva looked stunned by Kyle's words."What do you mean?" She asked gripping tight the gown to her chest till her knuckles went pink."What's there that you can't understand?.I said you should move in with me!" Kyle said staring at her from head to toe. He was holding his urge to drag the gown from her hand and stare at her perfect body.Eva stiffened at his intense gaze on her exposed shoulders."I can't" she finally replied"And why not? You owe me anyway" Kyle said as he touched her chin to make her look at him in the eye."And why do I owe you?" She asked"Why?" Kyle chuckled in a dangerous tone and Eva felt shivers down her spine."Who do you think brought you to this hospital?" He saidEva looked away from his sharp gaze at her and said"But Mrs Trent might not be pleased!"Between the few days Eva spent in the hospital, Mrs Trent came visiting everyday and Kyle already knew who she was and how important she was to Eva."You don't have to worry about her Eva. I'll take care of ev
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Meet his parents
When Eva was about to enter the car, Kyle came down from the car and gave a look to the driver and the driver came down too. The man walked to Eva and said"I'm sorry for hitting you Miss Watson" the driver said.So it was Kyle's driver who hit and her landed her in the hospital. Well, that explains a lot.Eva told the driver it was fine and also apologized saying she didn't look at the road well before crossing.After this, the four people entered the car and drove off. Eva and Kyle sat at the back of the car while Luca and the driver were sitted at the front.Eva didn't help but asked "How about Mrs Trent?"Kyle was doing his best not to look at her too much, if not, he will pry her legs open and wouldn't waste time in making her his. She was his sweet temptation. Kyle didn't even remember the last time he wanted a woman this much. He remembered when she came to him for the first time. This girl literally walked into a Lion's Den absent minded."I have explained to her" Kyle said"W
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