Broken scared love

Broken scared love

By:  Babyofsun  Completed
Language: English
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It's a journey of loveA journey of how two people break each other. A journey of how someone can be scared of love but get healed by that same love. Its a journey of how love can become the reason of destruction as well

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2022-04-02 17:22:33
66 Chapters
Broken chap 1
Back story Tanya is friends with Sanvi Akansha and Shreya. In college she loved Rithvik who loved Sanvi. Ritvik used Tanya to get Sanvi but to save Sanvi her twin sister Janvi reached Ritvik and when he got to know this he killed both of them and their unborn child. Tanya is living in gulit of it only Broken Chapter 1Tanya's pov I am really ashamed of myself. How could I love him? And why do I still love him? I hate him but still I love him. And this guilt, it is killing me. Janvi lost her and her child's life because of him and I still love him. What type of friend am I? Today, Sanvi asked me if she can share our past with Akshit. Of course, I agreed. I didn't want to share it with anyone. But I lost my right to decline the moment I told Ritvik that his wife is Janvi and not Sanvi. Because of me,
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Broken chap 2
Chapter 2Tanya's povToday, Sanvi is marrying Akshit vai. First, my love loved her and then she married the man she loves. Every time she smiles, a part of my heart breaks. I want to be in her place. I want to marry Ritvik. Am I asking for so much? I just wanted to marry my love and live with him happily ever after. Can't I experience the happiness Sanvi is experiencing? Can't someone come, steal my heart like Ritvik did and then marry me?But I am also happy for her. She experienced so much pain in her life. She lost her sister because of my stupidity. No, I have to be emotionally strong. I shouldn't let her know that her happiness is bothering me. And I am her friend, aren't I? Her happiness is my happiness, isn't it? I love her, don't I? Okay, I seriously don't know about the last question. I have mixed feelings about her. Because of her, my Ritvik
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Broken chap 3
Chapter 3Tanya's pov After seven months, Sanvi announced her pregnancy. I also want to be pregnant with Rithvik's baby. I go to my room and start crying."Hey Princess, why are you crying? Don't cry," Akshit vai cooed next to my ears and I smiled."Why are all of you so good to me. I am still sad that I can't get pregnant with the baby of the man I love and she could. Why are all of you so good to me? Why?""Shh don't worry. I know that you love her very much. You can do anything for her.""No I can't. I tried many times to love her but I couldn't. How could I love her when I know that my love committed suicide because of her?""Tanya, your love was at fault here. You can't blame her.""I know. I am sorry.""It's okay. Come, we are giving an ice-cream party to all for our baby. You like ice-cream right," Akshit vai asked and
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Broken chap 4
Chapter 4Tanya's pov We all are in Sanvi's maternal house. She has been here since her pregnancy was announced and we all are expecting her to go to labour at any moment now, since this is the expected week when she will give birth to her child.I was once again feeling jealous of her. It's wonderful how Akshit Vai let her stay with her mom and he himself settled here for seven freaking months. Well, we are also here for seven months. We all came here when we got the news and by all, it meant Sreya, her son abhimanyu,me and of course Vijay Vai and Akansha with their son Rishav.I can see the accusing glint in Vijay Vai's eyes. He had been giving me those looks since that day in Rakshabandhan but Akshit Vai, he is so sweet. He even let me vent out my feelings, without judging me and moreover, his behaviour still is the same as it was before...We hear Sanvi scream and see Akshit vai 
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Broken chap 5
Chapter 5Aarush 's povShweta, that's what came to my mind when I saw Sanvi for the first time and moreover, even her character was like Shweta... Ritvik loved her so much and what did he get? A bullet? While looking at her unconscious figure, I couldn't control my anger. I so much want to destroy her completely, just like my little brother destroyed himself for this girl... I saw her eyes flutter open and when it set at me, I was once again mesmerized by her black eyes. Her eyelashes are so beautiful... I think this is what attracted my brother to her and soon, she became his greatest obsession... And now, she is mine. I smirked at my thoughts.She looks at me and blinks, feeling confused. Fuck! She looks so innocent, just like a child. I want to fuck her so hard that she can't walk for days. I grab her wrist and pull her to make her sit straight. She yelps at the sudden mo
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Broken chap 6
Chapter 6Tanya's pov I want to tell him that if he is doing all this while thinking of me as Sanvi, then I am not Sanvi but I stop myself from doing that. I already ruined her life enough. I am done with being selfish. If she could bear someone whom she doesn't love because he threatened her with my pictures, it is my duty to ensure her happiness...In a daze, I am married and soon, I am in his bedroom, waiting for my husband while I cry. I want this to be over with. Where is he? He is torturing me with his waiting game. Fear of what to come is always more tortuous than fear of the outcomes. He is torturing me with this fear...I hear a door click and I fist the bed sheets tightly. I don't know what he will do. Well, I don't know who he is. I don't even know his name and I am already his wife...I shake violently when he sits on the bed. He opens my ghunghat and looks a
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Broken chap 7
Chapter 7Aarush 's povI really want to sleep but I can't.Do you want to know the reason? If you are thinking that it's guilt, then no. If you are thinking it's because she is sleeping beside me and I can't control myself then no,I don't need to control because I can always have her."Yes you can get her anytime but you don't take her because she is not worth of it she is only your toy to play " said my inner voice I can't sleep because of her snores. Who snores so loudly? And that too after being a woman? Shouldn't women have soft snores? But she is snoring in a manner which says that she didn't sleep for a week."Maybe, after you finished with her, she couldn't control her tiredness. After all, you have a lot of stamina and you took her 5 times" my inner voice said I smirked at the idea. I could see some blo
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Broken chap 8
Chapter 8Tanya's povWhat do you think about me? That I am a whore? That I couldn't control myself in front of these brothers? No. I know that if my husband wants to avenge his brother, he will try breaking Sanvi and for that, he needs her weaknesses. Which means that he will dig out more information about her and there is a risk that she will suffer because of me.So, this was my way of distracting him. I don't want him to be free anytime. I will help Sanvi and no one can stop me from doing so, but even my dignity and self-respect...After four rounds of him making love with me, or I say raping I didn't know when I fell asleep. When I woke up, he was not with me. I panicked and started looking for him. I hear some sounds from the restroom. So, I close my eyes and pretend to sleep. I hear the door open and he comes closer to me and speaks while stroking my cheek, "Why are you not like her? Wh
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Broken chap 9
Chapter 9Aarush 's povI know that whatever I am doing is wrong. But you can't expect anything good from a Mafia king, can you? Yes, I am the Mafia king. But I have another identity as a successful businessman who is filthy rich.. But the mafia in me is something I can't avoid.. This was the reason because of which I didn't live with my family. My father made me alone in my childhood for my studies. Then he sent me abroad there to meet my destiny, the mafias. I used to live abroad to control the Mafia works. But when I came to India to settle and get control over India. Because she was from India but like me she was also alone. Maybe that's why I love her so much. No AAarush you hate her... I scold my heart So where was I? Ohyes! I was talking about my brother. I decided to meet my sweet little brother but got to know that killed hi
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Broken chap 10
Chapter 10Sanvi's pov (surprise)It's been 3 days since I delivered my daughter Akshita..I'm so happy but I'm not discharged from the hospital till now but today I will leave..All came to meet me and akshita except one the most important person Tanya.. She was so excited for the baby but she didn't come to meet me..I asked akshit and others about her but they said she is busy with house decorations... I believe it but my heart is saying something is wrong..So here I'm going back to my home, not my maternal home.. My real home where me, my husband and baby will live..I came and Akansha did our aarti and welcomed the new member in the home..I sit and about to ask for Tanya.. Akshita started crying for milk..So I went to our room and fed her...After she was asleep I was also feeling sleepy so I slept...
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