The colours of love

The colours of love

By:  Babyofsun  Completed
Language: English
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Love has many colours every colour has its own side. Join the journey of our characters to see every shade of loveIts a collection of short stories with many different shades of love

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Every love has its own story and i like the way author has expressed it
2022-04-02 17:23:18
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Ksema Laxmi
Every story is so beautiful, full of emotions. Every story of this book is unique❤
2021-01-03 03:37:57
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Interesting short stories! Not all stories have a happy ending or love could be transformed in something else.
2024-05-17 11:52:59
45 Chapters
The colours of love
The colours of love A girl in her early twenties is getting ready because she is excited to go shopping for Holi. She is wearing a pink coloured Bandhani print Kurti that has a middle slit with a white printed leggings Holi is a popular ancient Hindu festival, originating from the Indian subcontinent. It is celebrated predominantly in India but has also spread to other areas of Asia and parts of the Western world through the diaspora from the Indian subcontinent. Holi is popularly known as the Indian "festival of spring", the "festival of colours", or the "festival of love". The festival signifies the arrival of spring, the end of winter, the blossoming of love, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships. The festival also celebrates the beginning of a good spring harvest season. It lasts for a night and a day, star
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Love that kills chap 1
Chapter 1O kehne wale.. mujhko farebiKaun farebi hai yeh bata..Woh jisne gham liya.. pyaar ki khatirYa jisne pyaar ko bech diya..Hmm Nasha daulat ka ai_sa bhi kyaKe tujhe kuchh bhi yaad nahin..Mehra house is filled with happiness today as all kids are there.Manasvi, Avika, Aashi, Utkarsh and Adyansh all are back from their university. They have come back after completing their studies. Manasvi and Utkarsh both are siblings and Avika, Aashi and Adyansh are siblings by blood. "kids, calm down no one is going to take your food," a woman said "no bua (paternal aunt) we are eating ma's handmade food after a long time. Let us eat." Manasvi said while stuffing her face with food "ok eat, I have made a lot of it. I know my kids like to eat my handmade food," her mother said "you're best ma,
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Love that kills chap 2
Chapter 2Ye Dil bhi badi kambakht cheez hain Jise ye khona nahi chahti Woh uska hona nahi chahta Jise iski talash hain dilo jaan se pyar hai Ise uska hone se aitraz hain ~Ankita Ghosh (this heart is an idiot whom she wants to be her he doesn't want her and who love her with his everything she doesn't want to be his) Khwaish is waiting for her both best friends to come. She is standing alone in their usual place."uff this boys, can't come in time," 12 years old Khwaish whined"We are sorry for the lateness. Actually our sister shifted with our uncle and aunt here so we were busy with her. We have brought her as well," Sanket said holding his ears with a sheepish smile"yeah we are sorry but let's meet with our sis Mishika," Ekansh saidEkansh and Sanket are twin brothers but not id
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Love that kills chap 3
Chapter 3Shisha bhi tut ta hai tukdo Mein Dil bhi tut ta hai tukdo Mein Bas pharak itna hain Sishe ke tukre sabko dikhta hain par dil ke tukre kisiko nahi ~Ankita Ghosh (glass break in pieces so does heart but the difference is the pieces of glass can be seen but not the pieces of heart) Khwaish is trying to get the attention of the brothers. But they are avoiding her like a plaque. "I said na sorry why are you not talking to me?" Khwaish whined " Why are you saying sorry for your highness? Who I'm? No one will continue your work." Sanket mocked her.. "Fine don't talk to me. I won't eat anything till you both talk to me normally," Khwaish said "If you didn't eat I swear you won't like the consciousness," Sanket snapped at her "stop this c
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Love that kills chap 4
Chapter 4Tera ek assu Dil ke tukre kar deta hain Tera ek muskan tute dil ko Jor deta hain Teri khushi mein hi meri khushi Teri Gam mein mera Gam Tere liye chand tare na sahi par is bande ki jaan hazir hain ~Ankita Ghosh (your one year breaks my heart in pieces and your one smile fixes it. In your happiness I find mine. In your sadness I find mine. For you maybe not moon and stars but my life is available) Time flowed by but khwaish could not gather the courage to express her feelings towards Ekansh.On her 21st birthday Her parents decided to arrange a grand party to celebrate it and after it they decided to go on a trip to Maldives.Maldives is her favourite place to go.She decides to tell Ekansh about her feelings when she will come back from her trip.She thought that
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Love that kills chap 5
Chapter 5Is ishq ke kya kehne Isne kitno ko abad kiyaAur kitno ko barbad Par is kambakkht ishq Ne to Humara aisa haalKia ki Dil hi nahi zinda Raha kisi se Ishq Karne ke liye ~Ankita Ghosh (what should I say about love? It destroyed do many people and even made so many people but thus stupid love break me like that my heart isn't alive anymore to love someone) Everything is going perfect. It's the biggest day of Khwaish and Ekansh's marriage."Khwaish I'm sure Ekansh will be drooling over you. Poor boy it will be tough for him to control himself," one of her friends said"guys I'm his sister and I'm here please think before saying," Mishika said"you all shut up and get me ready," Khwaish said and wore her jewelleryShe has worn a golden
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Love that kills chap 6
Chapter 6Mere khwabon ki Aarthi par Apne khwabo ki doli sajana Tumhari chahat thi Par tum ye bhul gaye Ki kisiko khwabo ko torkar Tumhare apne khwab bhi Kabhi pura nahi honge. ~Ankita Ghosh (on my pyre of my dreams you wanted to decorate your dreams. But you forgot that If you break someone's dream then you won't be able to fulfill your dreams as well) " I want to marry khwaish," Sanket says and all looked at him in shock"what the hell are you saying?" Khwaish asked angrily"I'm not talking anything wrong. Ekansh is married now and you have only a few months left. I want to live my life with the girl I love. Yes I love you so much khwaish. And I'm no more ashamed to accept it in front of all," Sanket said"have you lost your fucking mind?" Ekansh asked h
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Love that kills chap 7
Chapter 7Hira samajh kar jise pyar kiya Vo to kaanch se vi battar nikliAur kanch samajh kar Jise thukra Diya Vo to hire se bhi kimti hai. ~Ankita Ghosh (whom I loved thinking diamond he was worse than glass and whom I rejected thinking glass he is more precious than diamond) In a dark room Ekansh is sitting alone. No one is here for him. Or it's like he has shut everyone down. Life is not a bed of roses that he understands very well. If you will hurt someone you won't be able to be happy as well. He thought that Khwaish is the one who doesn't deserve him but now he understands that he doesn't deserve her. She is too pure and good to be with him.Where he is a devil she's an angel. He can't help but feel jealous of his own twin. Who has khwaish? He knows how much his brother loves her and now she also loves him. He was an idiot who let her
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Will you love me again? Chap 1
Will you love me again? Chapter 1A girl is getting ready as a bride after all it's her wedding today. She is really happy that finally she will get a family in the form of her husband who is her love of life as well. Her lover who was her biggest supporter in the worst situations.She is an orphan when she took birth as her mother threw her in a dustbin to die.The newborn was crying her heart out but that didn't affect her stone hearted mother who was pregnant before marriage and to save her and her family's image she left the infant to die.But they say no matter how much anyone tries to kill someone, if he or she has a life line in his or her fate then he or she will survive.Her mother's friend was there seeing the cruelty done by her best friend. She tried to stop this but couldn't.That infant's cries ripped
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Will you love me again? Chap 2
Chapter 2Flashback / dream A girl is strolling through a library and after a lot of searching she got the book of her interest. She took a seat and started to read it. Suddenly a boy came and knocked her book "knock knock, may I talk with this busiest girl for a minute?" The girl removed her book from her face and asked "What do you want now?" The boy answered " I happened to know a girl named Mugdha and want her as my girlfriend. " Mugdha rolled her eyes and said "You know my reasons . Why are you..." But he interrupted " I know that's why I want you. '' he went down on his knees and took a book in his hand like it was a rose and proposed to her "Please say yes…I will fill your life with happiness and never let you cry. Please be my girlfriend . But still if you aren't convinced then listen like Shahjahan made Tajmahal for his Mumtaz ...I will mak
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