The flowing sadness

The flowing sadness

By:  NineStar 619  Ongoing
Language: English
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Loathefiya 's life turns miserably after viewing the death of her beloved mother and forever disappearing of her father. As her life turns darker, two couples rescues and adapte her in their own life. Getting along with different people how will the girl find the taste of happiness that was dragged away from her?. Will the flowing sadness take it's turn?

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60 Chapters
The Turn of smile.
"AAAAAAA!!!!" yelled a horrible scream of a lady around the whole rich house. The maids and gardeners, all grew petrified by hearing this. Not knowing from which corner if the house this echoed.  But, a little paces ran as fast her feet could carry her to the center room of the house. She arrived near the huge and called out in her soft voice, "Mama! Mama! Are you there? Please open!!" She begin to beat the door with her little hands, like the strength of every three and half years child has."Open mama!. It's Loathefiya!" but, her hands only happing the door.  Fear begin to first time get her. A child facing fear wa
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Evil whispering of maids.
A town name "Sophesis" where the economic was poor and people were preying for jobs. No way to travel out or bringing in some hope. There was only one family who were at a rank of noble richness. The beautiful, magnificent building stood at the corner of the dull town  not even the level of the Mayor of the town was nothing compared to them. Every person would give his/her life to get a job here but, it all depended on the civilian of the house.  In this house, a family of three members only, A father, A mother and a daughter were the living owners. Early in the morning, as a new day begins, the mother wakes up, get prepared for the day. As she's done, she walks to the lovely looking cradle and opens up the curtain of it, calling in a sweet voice,  "Wake up, my sweet princess Loathefiya. It's almost morning." 
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An out picnic
Loathefiya was now in her study room coloring pictures. Her Mother came inside and said "come on dear let's get ready". "Ready?" asked Loathefiya "ready for what?" Her Mother carried her and answered "for an out picnic" she left the room and went to her own room. Ringing a bell and a few seconds later a maid arrived,She said "yes Madam". "Ready my daughter and ready a large basket for our picnic"  The maid minded by hearing this then she sighed and said "come to me".Loathefiya looked at her Mother then she went to the maid and they left the room. She took her to the next room and began to dress her well. While doing that, she talked "I don't understand is it important to do this? Do we have to listen them? We are maids doesn't mea
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The Leave
Three days passed, at present the mother was terribly ill and an unconscious. Her little daughter Loathefiya sat all day beside her waiting for the looks of mother and at night the maids would return her to her bed.  While lying in worries, she said, "Naha where are you?. I am scared". A young girl name Naha was the best friend ever she knew for this child. She would play with her nonstop and always accompanied her when her mother was busy.  But, then one day, every thing changed without a single Warning.At night, the girl would always read a story for Loathefiya. She read "Once upon a time, there were two boys living happily together. They played together, study together and the most special thing was they played flute together".
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The beginning of tragic days for a kid.
A month was over since Loathefiya got separated from Naha. Forgetting her was getting impossible. She remembered all the stories and talks they use to do together. A friend as best form was gone from here life.  A morning shone and Loathefiya woke up early and readied herself by her own without Naha she didn't wish to let be cared by others.  She came downstairs with her favorite doll around her arms and saw her Father leaving. Happily running to him, she hugged him from back of his legs saying "Daddy I caught you". He looked down at her and laughed. Carrying her up on his arms and he asked "how is my fairy today?" She answered "I am fine and strong like a fider" her Father laughed. Then she asked "when are you coming back?"
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The call
The Mother : "Hello" Mayor : "You are the dead man's wife right? Your husband died isn't it?" The Mother : "Yes, Mr Mayor". Mayor : "I am really sorry about that but, that's not our topic. It's about Loans". The Mother : "What you mean?" Mayor : "The amount of money which your husband didn't return or pay any workers. You have to do that. It's a work on you". The Mother : "Why should I?" Mayor : "Because I need it. We all, the whole town needs it to run our living. Please do it". The Mother : "Before my husband's death
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Everything shatters...
At present, it was night time, The Mayor, doctor and some maids were in the bedroom where her Mother lying. The Doctor finished checking her and said "she has a fever. It will take three days to cure don't worry" all the maids got relax.  But, the Mayor got mad and went out to the messed room. There, the police was investigating. He asked "what has happened?" The police officer said "still nothing sir". A policeman came there running and said "Sir, we found some burnt coins in the chimney". This made the Mage burst in flames and he said shouting "Stop that at once! Out of this house as soon as possible!" he went out.  All the policemen glazed at each other perplexed. The officer sugg
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Thrown from home like ragged doll.
The Mother's body was buried in the same day. News of the dead parents was spread all over the town. They were surprised but, at the same time happy too. A Hope of change was creating in every civilian. The Mayor was in his house in full rage. He thought "Without even paying a fils they passed away. That idiot women burned away all the money they had. Now what is left for the town".He jolted his hands on the table and pressed his fist tightly that his hands began to bleed. He said clenched his teeth "if the parents haven't paid anything then the child will. She also is one of them and also is responsible of it" he quickly walked away from his office. "I was a fool who didn't say anything to them but, now I shall have no mercy on her". Meanwhile, at home Loathefiya's small hairs were cut into short hairs. She didn't know why it was needed but, continued weepin
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The days of agony.
The men begin hammering the walls of the house from below. They hit it from all corners with it the whole walls got cracked. A last hard blow and the men ran back. The whole beautiful glorious house collapsed down, breaking every rooms, windows doors, stairs,  creating a large thud with lots of dust flying in the air. The little girl hid herself to escape the rushing dust. With the dust and dirt disappearing away when the views were clearer, Loathefiya could see nothing except piles of bricks, fallen woods and smashed windows with door. She went to the destruction area where Sharon mirror and edge of doors were all ready to hurt, Loathefiya looked around the bricks and stones, throwing away mud with her bare soft hands. The stones and rocks were hurting her, with tears floating down she cheeks she kept scratching the hard hot piles and then stopped looking at the ground shocked in relief,"My.
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Loathefiya and her baby setter.
Loathefiya was taken secretly by Naha to her house. When she kept her down, Loathefiya caught her tightly and asked "Is anyone there?" in fear. "No, dear" she replied by stroking her head "I'm alone".She felt relaxed moving to her side.As a baby setter, Naha begin her setting without even a mean thought for this little girl. She took her along and gave her a wash, combed her hairs, wore her new dress, new shoes, tied her hairs and creamed her face with baby lotion.She stood back and watched her as the girl turned to the mirror behind her. Standing in front of her reflection,Loathefiya was surprised to see herself new and was staring at the other girl inside. The ugly dirty girl with rubbish hairs was all gone with a single dress.Naha, her friend also as a side to be a sister, sat down behind her and asked "do you like it? You look so beautiful than before".
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