Myan tried to gather what could be happening mentally but the scratches that bore her skin as the force pulled her feet down their mountain made her yelp in pain.

Ash was nowhere to be seen so she knew that this was something she would have to figure out by herself.

She tried to crane her head to look over her shoulder but there was nothing holding her. She couldn't see it but she could feel its touch.

She was lucky to find a twig buried a few inches into the ground. Grasping onto it, she held tight, grunting as she tried to set herself free from whatever that was.

It was only a matter of time before an even greater force was exerted and she was yanked forward, taking the twig with her, her scream fading with the wind...


Ash woke up the next morning feeling tired. It was as though he had not just woken from a long sleep, but had instead stayed awake the entire night.

"Myan?" He called with a lazy groan, stretching and getting out of

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