Ash did not stop to argue, instead, he swam right after a disappointed Tonsil. He ignored every look of disapproval she was showing.

When they had swum a good distance away, Tonsil stopped swimming in front of him, blocking his path, "what was any of that madness about? What was the point? What was it all for? Why did you even ask me to take you along if you didn't even have to hear what she wanted to say?" She snapped at him, ignoring the passer-by that were spiked with obvious curiosity as they stared at the two.

"You think I wanted in on any of this?" Ash clenched his fists by his side, "I'm stronger than any of you seem to think, that's the problem. You think I need your help. As soon as she is with me, nobody, not a soul, a tonner, a bingsol, whatever other foolish creature, not one will have it in their power to take her from me, I assure you."

"That's not the point! Yes, you might protect her from the evil holds of the Bingsols, but you cannot stop her power

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