“H..hold on then, I will grab my power stick.” Tonsil said, not believing what she was about to do. She had risked her life to save these people after giving up months of her existence to be connected to their reality and the only barrier that had been consent, she was finally getting it, yet, she was throwing it all away. 

The queen was involved in a  different mission by now and even if she was not, she wouldn’t keep track of Tonsil’s steps because of Ash’s earlier display and so would care less that the mission had suddenly been reactivated. 

She returned with what resembled an abandoned piece of an aged tree. It had drawings of Tonners that must have made significant impact to the lives in their time. 

Tonsil took his hand in her free one and swam at a fast speed. “Come on, we haven’t got much time on our hands.” She warned. He, on the other hand was not looking forward to getting there. His bloody tears were drained by now but the mark was

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Mad questions. Like was he talking to Sabina or Mylie. I think Mylie and will either of them know who he is or about their connection?
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OMG! The ending is so not what I expected 😥😥 Does this book not have a sequel or something? It's kinda unacceptable to have this kind of ending! they both deserved something better 😭😭
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Kenia ulloa
Omg what happen ??? Where Mayan and ash man no they deserve to be together with their child 😭😭😭

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