Tonsil gave a deep sigh of relief when she saw Ash walk out of that cave alive. He took his human form as soon as he met her gaze. His body was braced with bruises of all sorts all over and he shook his head at her, "come on."

"I thought you had died in there with all of the noises I heard coming from over there, oh my God." Tonsil said, hoping he would come get his wife that was lying by her feet helplessly.

"Is she conscious?" Ash asked, going on one knee and picking her up.

"I do not know. She has made a few mumbling sounds but that has honestly been all."

"Let's get out of here, who knows how many more of these dead creatures lurk around." He groaned, slinging Myan onto one shoulder.


"This is where I have to say goodbye." Tonsil announced as soon as they got to Vi stream.

Ash didn't think he would miss her but he was somewhat grateful for the information that she had been kind enough to give to him. It wasn't very l
Faith Odulesi

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