The Bingsols were equally thrown aback. 

Myan let out the loudest scream and let go of her control of the strange water-fire ball.

It erupted and sent parts of it in all directions. Ash was smart enough to dodge it by an inch but it drowned the Bingsols and instantly melted them.

The others that had been unaffected and had witnessed the instantaneous death knew there would be more where that came from and rather than try to attack, they chose to run for their lives instead. 

But that did not stop Myan. She created more of these balls and continued after the fleeing creatures. She was still high up and the wind that had been dramatically playing, was aiding the direction of her water-fire balls, speeding things up and crashing against their furry souls.

Ash wanted to take cover, yet he couldn't stop watching the display of things.

Even after the Bingsols had left, Myan kept it up with the melting phase, changing her target to the mountain

Faith Odulesi

Hi dear readers, we have one chapter left and I hope you are excited for it, see you soon.

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