Name Pronunciation & Guide

NOTE: The story takes place in a bit of an old setting and a new one. It may get somehow confusing along the way but I'll make sure to carry you along. 

Emelda - Eeeh-mel-da (cos an alternative spelling would be Imelda.) I know Rania calls her Emmy which would mean her name is pronounced Erh-mel-da but it's just Rania who calls her that, cos she's young and can't really pronounce words.

Ralyne - Ray-leen

Rania - Ray-nia (had a hard time (and I still do,) deciding if I wanted Rah-nia or Ray-nia.) I call her both though, so you choose.

Lyon - Lee-yon (usually it's pronounced like "Lion" but I wanted something like Léon that isn't Spanish.)

Aimee - Ay-mee

Tiberius -Tye-bay-rius (just the normal biblical way.) 

Zakerius Togar - Zah-kee-rius Toh-Gah

*This will be updated as more characters are introduced.

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