Too Fat for Love

Too Fat for Love

By:  N.K.Pockett  Ongoing
Language: English
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What happens when a wedding planner has to work alongside a temperamental and annoying bride's brother to plan the wedding of the year? Chaos, pure chaos. The last thing Violet needed was a man to touch her slightly not so flat stomach (or perhaps it was a little more than slightly not to flat) and press her against a wall. She wasn't a model, and she knew it. So naturally, she just sucks her stomach in. Violet prided herself on creating the best weddings society has ever seen, the last thing she needed was to go head to head with the bride's brother, when planning Melbourne's biggest wedding of the year. Alex was everything Violet could dream about, but not touch. Handsome, built straight out of a magazine with the six pack. Was his interest in Violet genuine, or just another charm for the bedrest?

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146 Chapters
Chapter 0001
Maybe tomorrow, I told myself as I grabbed the bread out of the toast maker and placed it on the plate. Yes, from tomorrow on, I will start a healthier breakfast. Oh god, at this rate it will forever be tomorrow, and tomorrow will never arrive. Ever felt like that? The night before you have it all
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Chapter 0002
Blue, blue, oh how blue they were. And, as if on cue, I sucked in my stomach as hard as I could, and looked away , but still watched him from the corner of my eye. Man, I just want a day where I could be happy with the way I looked. "Why'd you stop?" I looked back to see Jenny. Crap, I did rand
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Chapter 0003
"You couldn't honestly wait," I asked as I picked up another bucket and walked back. I looked over my shoulder for a response, and he smiled. "Well you can talk while you walk, right," he said and pushed his hands into his pockets. "Well why don't you make yourself useful then, and help me?" I sug
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Chapter 0004
Coffee meant calories. Calories meant fat. And fat, I had plenty of. Did he want a slice? Probably not. A coffee with this guy? I would probably get trolled and left halfway, so why was he asking me? "What," I asked, giving him a chance to take his offer back, and he did. "Nothing, nevermind,
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Chapter 0005
couldn't help but stare in every mirror as I walked the one kilometre to work, getting of the bus a few stops early was a smart idea, if it was't for the fact it was starting to rain.I hurried under the next few shops that were lined up, covering me from the rain a bit, I caught my reflection again
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Chapter 0006
"Are you okay?"That did it, I laughed so hard that I was sure my insides were going to explore, the joke was utterly wrong in every way and yet I liked it, hence laughing as I leaned over in my chair."Is she okay?""I-I think so?""I waved a hand telling them I was okay as I wiped my eyes, "Oh g
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Chapter 0007
Normal work? What do you do normally?I asked confused, I did know his pizza job was just part time but that made me slightly curious about what he normally did.I walked back towards the store when I got his message and nearly faltered in my footsteps.I'm a lawyerWell shit me sideways he was a wh
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Chapter 0008
There was nothing wrong with my pajamas, there was nothing wrong with leggings and a long top, it was totally in. Plus the top may have been a bright orange colour but that was only because it was from volutneering. Who the hell even more matching flannel pajamas these days? And there was no way I
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Chapter 0009
I stared at the cat a bit more before I looked at Reed who was narrowing his eyes at it, "What are you doing?" I asked. Charlie hopped off strutting towards me and twisting himself around my legs, it also felt like he was pushing me towards the other cat. Like he expected me to fight it or somethin
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Chapter 0010
I took out my phone, "I'll order," I said. He shrugged putting his phone back in, his arm brushing my side and I shifted a bit away, I was sure he brushed more my sticking out fat that was in rolls. God why the hell were some girls so perfect, not even any fat butting out their sides and then there
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