Trapped in Love With You
Trapped in Love With You
Author: Maliah

Chapter 1 "Portrait"

The sun slowly envelope the city by its warm rays. It's Friday and within just an hour, the sound of chatting people, beeping and screeching of cars and buses on the road, the cry of a baby in the next apartment, and chirping of birds will be heard simultaneously to form a typical and profound rhythm. The sound of the city.

I wake up by the knock outside my door. I grab for my phone, check the time it's already 6 in the morning. I decided to get up from my bed when I heard another knock.

"Coming... " I said. I took a shower before heading downstairs.

"Good morning... " I saw Tita Lyre frying some eggs. She smiled at me and signal me to come for breakfast. I started to eat while she continues cooking.

"Did we receive any new mail? " I asked while putting some ketchup on my second yolk.

"I'm afraid we didn't, it's been a week since the mailbox filled with bills. Why, are you expecting one? Wait. did you apply for that internship? "

I almost spilled my coffee from my mouth. I dramatically look at my watch and ready myself to escape from war.

"Gotta go Tita, I'm a bit late."

"Hey, you haven't finished your food yet, and I'm still talking to you."

"Bye Tita, I love you."

"Come back here you brat! "

I grabbed my bag and my cap on the sofa and stormed out of the house. Yes, I applied for an internship in France, I always thought I had no future here in the country for the majority of the population here consider art as a waste of time.

8:30 am, I'm running on my way to my first class cause I'm exactly 30 mins late when someone grabbed me from the back.

"Hey, " I'm totally annoyed.

"Hey, you also, come, let's go to the cafeteria, Mr. Do won't be able to attend our class due to a meeting. " It's Miah, my blockmate since 1st year, but not like her, she will go to US with her mother to manage their mini business there.

"What? Geez! Again? For the third time? I won't be surprised if he will just make us pass some out of this world project! " I rolled my eyes and wipe the sweat from my forehead with my hanky. She chuckled

"Then we will just comply with that out of this world project if that happen. I took a deep sigh and join her on her way to school's cafeteria.

"So how's your application for that internship? " Miah suddenly asked when we reached to our table. "Still got nothing." I sip my first orange juice,

I ordered three to satisfy my thirst, I suddenly felt exhausted after that run.

"Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Isn't it a bad sign? It's been 3 weeks since you sent your application? Haven't you given up yet?" She said before putting a whole lettuce inside her mouth. Gross!

"Nope. I won't, besides as you have said it's just been 3 weeks. I still can wait."

"But what if you got rejected, have you any other plans? How about Tita Lyre did she agreed with it?" I shook my head.

"Of course she haven't, but I will also not give up on convincing her that this is what I want and I want also to have her own life. She hasn't even had a boyfriend since my parents died in that car accident. I don't want to be a burden anymore." She made a forced smile and eat another lettuce. "Jesus, I won't be surprised if you'll become a goat because of the kind of food you're eating. She rolled her eyes and made a "Meh" sound. We both burst out laughing.

6 PM. The bell rang. School class finally ended for that day. I grabbed my bag and headed to the classroom door to the school's main gate. I hug Miah and say goodbye.

"Do you have any plans for tomorrow? "

"I'm not sure I'm not thinking about it yet. Why? " I answered while walking away from her, but still facing her.

"Care to join me on a movie marathon? " she's now shouting

"I'll think about it, I'll just give you a ring" I shouted back

"Okay... Take care. "

"You too." We laugh before deciding to continue our walk.

I didn't go straight to our house. My feet lead me to a portrait shop that I always visit. "Hey kid! " I saw Kris, wiping some dust on one of the displayed portraits. "Good evening Kris" How's school? Same old thing, My eyes wander around the shop until it finally found its target and from that moment my eyes were again caught by that portrait. "Oh, that portrait again, huh? " "Yeah, you did some changes? " me talking about the changed position of it. "Yeah. The owner paid a visit this morning and suggest some improvement. " "I see" and here I go again, analyzing every details like it's my first time to do it. So many questions inside my head are again coming. I was in deep thinking while my phone rings. I pick up and heard my Tita from the other line. Because of too much emotion that I'm feeling that time I leave the store without saying goodbye to Kris.

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