Chapter 6 "Fate"

Ces don't know what to do. She's in a great panic because of an uncomfortable situation she's with now. She's inside a cubicle with a strange man who's now covering her mouth with his hands. It was so tight that she can't even let a breath out.

She tried to escape from its hold, but the man just motion him to be quiet and be still. She rolled her eyes. Both of them were stunned when the doors started to open and close drastically. 

It's like somebody is looking for someone who's inside of one of the cubicles.

Ces started to feel something... Nervous... Fear.

The noise was coming nearer and nearer. She tried to calm herself, but for an unknown reason she stared at the man in front of her and she could hear her heart pump faster than its usual speed. His eyes... His two brown eyes, even though bright were like exhausted. His nose were pointed but has a mole. His jaws we're chiseled by a great carver. And his lips.... Ces closed her eyes many times just to erase the thought of his face. What's wrong with her?

Maybe her head was affected because of not getting enough air. She saw him burrows his eyes at her. She just rolled her eyes. The man seems shocked by her act, but that's for a short time. She saw him... Smirk?

"Hey! Who are you? What are you doing here in the women's room? Are you here to take a peak huh? You jerk! Get the hell outta here!"

They heard an old woman's voice nagging someone? She's really clueless on what's going on. 

A few minutes later the place was on a great silent. The strange man slightly opens their door and took a peek outside. He let his eyes wander around and when he's sure that there's no people beside them, he finally released her and walk outside the cubicle.

Ces finally felt a great relief. "Hay..." She's trying to normalize her breathing, but she wouldn't let go of the situation. Who the hell is this man and did he just drag her with him inside that tiny cubicle. As the man faced him she confronts him.

"Who are you? And why are you being hunted by someone? Did you do something unlawful? Were the cops looking for you? And why did you drag me there, are you crazy, I almost lost my breathe there!" She said without stuttering. He may be handsome, but she wouldn't let him get out of this.

"Hey, calm down. I'm not what you're thinking. I'm not a criminal or anything. I don't know also why I am being followed by that guy." 

"So you know how to talk! Do you think I would believe you? Huh? Only people whose running away from the authorities would do this. C'mon, we'll go to the cops and if you're really telling the truth, you'll come with me without any hesitation."  She grabbed him on his arm but he just waves her away. She lost balance and land on the floor. She felt a pain from his butt.

He himself was also shocked from what he did. He helps her from getting up. "Are you okay? Look, I'm sorry if I scared you or what but telling the truth. I'm no criminal, but I also don't have time to go to the cops cause I have a flight to catch up. So I'm sorry, but I really need to go." 

"Hey, wait--- ahh" she tried to stop him but her butt hurts. What did he just say flight? Oh my sh.... She looks at her watch and curse the wind. She has only had 5 minutes before she totally missed her flight. She gets her bag and swear she almost run like a flash. She didn't care anymore if she bumped into someone.

10:00 am. Chess is now inside the plane. She still couldn't believe what just happened to her, but at least she didn't miss her flight. That man jeez...

She decided to just knock off that in her mind, that it never happened at all. She looks to the window and indulge herself with the beautiful view of the top. She's happy to see the clouds. What it feels like to touch the clouds? She look down and see the buildings, the ocean. She's smiling, she's now on top of it.

"Excuse me, ma'am, would you like to have some drinks?" her face the beautiful flight attendant. She smiles to her."Oh yeah, sure" she smiled back."Water, coffee or Tea?" "Oh water would be fine." She saw a magazine and get it. "Can I borrow this one?" "Sure ma'am. Here's your water, ma'am" "Thanks."

The attendant continued to another chair.She opens her water and took a gulp of it and put back its cap. She opens the magazine that her burrow. She like reading it. There was a section about a woman that became a successful artist who's from a humble family background. Her dreams were her inspiration for her to be successful in life using the talent she received from God... The article say. 

Her turn to other pages of the magazines and her attention was caught by the man in a black velvet suit wearing the new model of a popular brand of watch. He looks hot and sexy wearing it. She thought. She looks into his eyes. It's beautiful, she felt nostalgic seeing it. It was like she've seen that pair of eyes. She tried to remember and she couldn't help but to widen her eyes. He was that strange man. She turns to another page to see other pictures of him and she's not wrong it was HIM! She looked for his name. The article says he was David Lee. David Lee? She heard it from somewhere. Right! He was the model that Mia always told her. 

She couldn't believe it. Huh! Who would have thought? She almost drags him to the police station. But he deserves it hmp! She just hope that she would never ever meet him again. She stops reading the magazine. She just decided to sleep, besides her flight will be 12 hrs before they could land on France.

She was about to fall asleep when she heard a great bang. She open her eyes and saw that everybody is in a panic. She can see people crying. Everybody was scared. Even the flight attendants are also scared even though they tried not to show it. 

"What is that?"

"What is happening?"

People are screaming again because of the plane's movement.

"What the hell is happening?" she thought.

She was startled when the oxygen masks were out, then a man's voice was heard inside the plane.

"Listen everyone, this is Captain Salvador speaking. I would be honest with you. One of our engines was damaged and it's dangerous for us to continue to fly... We need... We need to have an emergency landing. Please wear the oxygen masks in front of you and tighten your seatbelt... And pray..."

Everyone was shocked, some were crying, some were starting to be hysterical. Fuck! Are we dying? Instead of following the Captain's advice she wanders around. Is this the last day of her life? Of all the people that she wants to see on her last day she wouldn't imagine to see a familiar face, a face that she swore she will never see again. He also caught her stare. He gave her a wondering look, but she can see the fear in her eyes.

She wouldn't imagine that the last person she will see in this life was David Lee.

Fate is really not her good friend.

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