Trapped in Love With You

Trapped in Love With You

By:  Maliah  Ongoing
Language: English
4 ratings
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Ces an aspiring painter will try her luck in a foreign country to pursue her dreams. All is set and everything is fine until faith lead her into an unexpected situation. The plane that she is in crashed in a desserted island with a stranger whom she met in not so good way. Will she survived and continue to pursue her dreams or faith will again lead her another uncomfortable situation with the man that she wished she never met at all

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Helmi Alvarezha Doank
ok.bagus..sya i like.
2021-07-21 01:08:17
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Cari Ño
very nice story
2021-06-29 00:17:05
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Nenita Sotero
the story is beginning to interest me
2020-07-04 05:31:13
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Peavaeono Hunt
Nice reading.
2021-06-19 03:45:40
6 Chapters
Chapter 1 "Portrait"
The sun slowly envelope the city by its warm rays. It's Friday and within just an hour, the sound of chatting people, beeping and screeching of cars and buses on the road, the cry of a baby in the next apartment, and chirping of birds will be heard simultaneously to form a typical and profound rhythm. The sound of the city.I wake up by the knock outside my door. I grab for my phone, check the time it's already 6 in the morning. I decided to get up from my bed when I heard another knock."Coming... " I said. I took a shower before heading downstairs."Good morning... " I saw Tita Lyre frying some eggs. She smiled at me and signal me to come for breakfast. I started to eat while she continues cooking."Did we receive any new mail? " I asked while putting some ketchup on my second yolk."I'm afraid we didn't, it's been a week since the mailbox filled with bills. Why, are you expecting one? Wait. did you apply for that internship? "
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Chapter 2 "Letter"
Ces don't know what to feel. She's running through her way home. She was kind of excited and nervous at the same time. So many thoughts running through her mind. What if she's denied? What will she'll do next? Will she still pursue her dream? It's the only chance she has.At last, she's now standing in front of their door, hurriedly trying to catch her breath, she can hear her heart beating so fast because of nervousness. She took a deep breath as she reached for the doorknob. She opens the door just to meet the gaze of her aunt Lyre. She forgot. She's not done yet convincing her about her plans and she' not willing to put that to rest. Her glance switched to the envelope that is on the table, then back to her aunt again."Honey, would you like to come in or you will just stay there outside?" Aunt Lyre finally said. She was lost in reality for a while. She steps inside and close the door behind her. She finally reached for that letter on the table.
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Chapter 3 "David"
"Okay, another post David, " he folds the sleeves of the coat that he's wearing and he headed his hands nearer to his face to emphasize more the watch that he's modelling. The photographer gets 5 more photos of him in different angles, then call the other set of models. Finally done."Okay, done. Thank you David. Next model pleases" the photographer seems satisfied with his shots and make him rest for a while to get ready for another shoot.He smiled at him, then take-off the black velvet coat and silver watch that his wearing and hand it on the assistant with a big ribbon headband who's now giving him a wide smile while exaggeratedly blinking her eyes like 10 times faster than the usual. He gave her a forced smile that make the assistant shiver for a moment. Creepy. he thought.He headed to his assigned wardrobe. His manager is now busy on the phone, but once he saw him he nods. He nods back. He sits on on
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Chapter 4 "Bothered"
Two days after their graduation, Ces decided to wander around the neighborhood while riding on her bike. It's Monday morning, but not like other typical Mondays, the place was unusually calm and peaceful. She was used by the different noises here. Why wouldn't she? She lives here since she was five. Her family moved at this west side of the city when her father found a job here. Her father was a salesman while her mother was an accounting staff in a manpower company. Most of their time they dedicated it to their jobs that's why she and her aunt Lyre were always left alone in the house. Though busy with their own careers, her parents made sure to still be the best parents for her.She was passing through a row of street shops when she saw the flower shop, where her Aunt Lyre always buy sunflower seeds too. She remembered Aunt Lyre was one of the Godmother of the owner's daughter. She crossed to another street and make a left turn into
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Chapter 5 "Goodbye"
"Take good care of yourself." Aunt Lyre said while giving Ces a tight hug. She knows that her aunt was not really ready to let her go. It's the day of her departure."I will Tita... but promise me also that you'll be okay here while I'm not by your side." She finally let go of her from her hug."Of course. Don't think about me. You should think of yourself first. Don't forget to eat. Don't you ever dare to skip meals for Pete's sake, I don't want to see you look like a skeleton holding your valise once you get back here. And always call me, huh? Everyday." Though she Aunt Lyre was joking when she said it, she knew very well that she's really worried about her."Yes Tita I'll will never ever EVER forget." She looks at the passenger entrance. To be honest, she has a heavy heart, but it's too late to retreat. Now that she's near to her goal."I have to go." She saw her aunt's eyes getting teary. She hugged her once again and whispe
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Chapter 6 "Fate"
Ces don't know what to do. She's in a great panic because of an uncomfortable situation she's with now. She's inside a cubicle with a strange man who's now covering her mouth with his hands. It was so tight that she can't even let a breath out.She tried to escape from its hold, but the man just motion him to be quiet and be still. She rolled her eyes. Both of them were stunned when the doors started to open and close drastically. It's like somebody is looking for someone who's inside of one of the cubicles.Ces started to feel something... Nervous... Fear.The noise was coming nearer and nearer. She tried to calm herself, but for an unknown reason she stared at the man in front of her and she could hear her heart pump faster than its usual speed. His eyes... His two brown eyes, even though bright were like exhausted. His nose were pointed but has a mole. His jaws we're chiseled by a great carver. And his lips.... Ces closed her eyes many times
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