Chapter 2 "Letter"

Ces don't know what to feel. She's running through her way home. She was kind of excited and nervous at the same time. So many thoughts running through her mind. What if she's denied? What will she'll do next? Will she still pursue her dream? It's the only chance she has.

At last, she's now standing in front of their door, hurriedly trying to catch her breath, she can hear her heart beating so fast because of nervousness. She took a deep breath as she reached for the doorknob. She opens the door just to meet the gaze of her aunt Lyre. She forgot. She's not done yet convincing her about her plans and she' not willing to put that to rest. Her glance switched to the envelope that is on the table, then back to her aunt again.

"Honey, would you like to come in or you will just stay there outside?" Aunt Lyre finally said. She was lost in reality for a while. She steps inside and close the door behind her. She finally reached for that letter on the table. That piece of paper that for her, will determine what will she be in the next couple of months.

"It's from your application for your internship." She was back with two cups of tea. "Yeah" it's the only word I can say because based on the tone of my aunt's voice she will also do everything to make me change my mind.

"So you really want to do this... Ces-" I cut her words "Tita, you know how much it means to me, it's my dream since I was a kid"

"Yes, I know, but... honey, it's France, it's a different country, it's too far from here."

"Tita, look, I know you're worried but this is what I want and besides I haven't opened it yet. I'm also scared about their reply. What if I was denied?"

"What if you're not? Ces, you know how much I want you to pursue your dreams. But I also made a promise in front of your parents grave that I will protect you at all cost, but how can I do that if you're not here by my side?

This time she reached for her aunt's hands and gently squeeze it. "Tita, you've done enough, and I will always be thankful for everything. But this is what I need, I want to try it so that I have nothing to regret for in the future. Tita... please trust me... I promise I'll be fine"

Aunt Lyre didn't say a word, but just stare at her and hug her. She then gets up from the from the sofa and kiss her forehead. "If you're hungry, I cooked something for dinner, it's on the fridge, don't forget to eat. I'll go to bed now." She wiped her tears and nod.

Minutes had passed before she has the courage to open the envelope. What was written in the letter is something to be glad for but she can't completely be happy because of her chat with aunt Lyre. She took a sip of his lemon tea and put back the letter to its envelope. Her rise and make her way upstairs. She opens the door next to her room to see her aunt Lyre in a deep sleep lying on her floral bed. She takes few steps towards her and sit beside her. She hugged her. "Tita I promise I'll be fine... I promise." 

"David! Where are you? You're now one hour late. The director is not in the best mood. WHERE ARE YOU? Come here within 15 minutes or else both of us will lose our job!" He brushes his hair with his fingers before click the end button on his phone. It's the 15th voice mail he received. To be honest, he's not in the mood to do the photo shoot, but if he won't come maybe what his manager said will come true.He took a deep sigh before he decided to get up and get his jacket. He checks the time it's already 9:15 in the morning. He still have 10 mins to save his job. A few minutes later, he's on the road with his bike at a great speed.

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