Chapter 3 "David"

"Okay, another post David, " he folds the sleeves of the coat that he's wearing and he headed his hands nearer to his face to emphasize more the watch that he's modelling. The photographer gets 5 more photos of him in different angles, then call the other set of models. Finally done.

"Okay, done. Thank you David. Next model pleases" the photographer seems satisfied with his shots and make him rest for a while to get ready for another shoot.

He smiled at him, then take-off the black velvet coat and silver watch that his wearing and hand it on the assistant with a big ribbon headband who's now giving him a wide smile while exaggeratedly blinking her eyes like 10 times faster than the usual. He gave her a forced smile that make the assistant shiver for a moment. Creepy. he thought.

He headed to his assigned wardrobe. His manager is now busy on the phone, but once he saw him he nods. He nods back. He sits on one of the unoccupied swivel chairs and get a bottle of water from the table near to him. He drank half of it in just a gulp.

"David, what is happening to you? It's the fifth time you came late to your photo shoots. If I didn't do anything, the director might cancel you out!" he can tell that Aly's now angry by the tone of his voice. David already knew that it will happen, but as always he will still remain calm. He drank the remaining water from his bottle before facing his manager.

"Both of us know that he can't do that because... we signed a contract." he said while emphasizing his last statement. "

"Oh, so you still remember that you've signed a contract?" Aly said in a sarcastic way. "What about the contract that has terms that both parties agreed to and should be followed? And do you still remember that as a model YOU SHOULD ALWAYS COME EARLY WHENEVER YOU HAVE BUSINESS TO DO?" He continues and rolled his eyes after.

"Jesus! David. You know that we're trying to get back on track that why I'm doing anything... everything to help you out, but I can't do this alone. You should also do your part. Time flies so fast. New generations will give us new faces, new and fresh ideas and we both know how hard it is to get back once you've lost in this industry." I know how much he's serious about this but so am I? It's just he also have this... struggles... that he himself can't win with.

"I know... that's why I'm here. Look, we're almost done. It was successful. Everyone was satisfied with my performance." he just said to put an end to this argument.

"Yes, and you should be thankful, but always keep in mind that you should not feel complacent." 

Aly picked the white folder on the other side of the table and give it to him. "Here's another project for you. There will be a fashion week in France for the coming next two months and the manager picked you as one of their main models. That folder will give you a lot of information about the project so read it carefully. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask me."

"Fine. I'll read it after this shoot." he sighs so eager to make me loose out of their sight huh?

They're in that kind of atmosphere when "that" assistant came again. "Manager Aly, David, the manager is now calling you for another set." and then she goes with another exaggerated smile."Sure, we'll be there in a minute" Aly said and she nods and disappeared out of their sightDavid stood up and headed his way to the door, but he was stopped by Aly's voice. "David."

He faced him. "Don't make me regret that I gave you another chance." Aly continued,

"I won't." he replied before continue walking.

"Oh look who's here... my long lost friend... David, how are you?" he offer his hands to him for a handshake.Of all the people whom he loves to welcome him back, Ethan Well was seriously will not be on his list.

He just passes him, but Ethan grabs him in his arms. He automatically waved his hands. What the hell, this man want?

"Ooohh cool down dude, this is now how you welcome your friend?" Ethan said then chuckled.

"I have no time for you and besides, the photographer is now calling me. I have business to do. So if you don't mind, I'll excuse myself." he said managing his anger, not to burst out and punched him in the face. 

He heard him laugh. "David, I hope you're having a good comeback... You know time fly so fast. The news today will be piled up by other news, but some people will never forget what happened three years ago."

David was stopped for a moment. He can't feel the anger arousing through his head. He can feel his fist, wanting to punch someone, but he chooses not to. He continues his walk and never faced Ethan back again.

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