Chapter 5 "Goodbye"

"Take good care of yourself." Aunt Lyre said while giving Ces a tight hug. She knows that her aunt was not really ready to let her go. It's the day of her departure."I will Tita... but promise me also that you'll be okay here while I'm not by your side." She finally let go of her from her hug.

"Of course. Don't think about me. You should think of yourself first. Don't forget to eat. Don't you ever dare to skip meals for Pete's sake, I don't want to see you look like a skeleton holding your valise once you get back here. And always call me, huh? Everyday." Though she Aunt Lyre was joking when she said it, she knew very well that she's really worried about her.

"Yes Tita I'll will never ever EVER forget." She looks at the passenger entrance. To be honest, she has a heavy heart, but it's too late to retreat. Now that she's near to her goal.

"I have to go." She saw her aunt's eyes getting teary. She hugged her once again and whisper to her ears.

"Thank you... Thank you for everything... I love you." she said with full of sincerity. She doesn't know why God was too kind to her that He gave her such a loving and caring person like her parents and Aunt Lyre. 

At that moment Aunt Lyre couldn't help but to let go of the tears she kept even before cues was starting to pack her things. It's just hard for her to accept the fact that the niece that she took care for how many years will be out of her sight not in just in a short span of time but for two consecutive years. She considered Ces as her own child that's why it's really heartbreaking it for her.

"Go ahead before I change my mind and drag you back home." She said while wiping her tears with her fingers. Ces gently squeeze her aunt's hands for the last time and kissed her on her forehead.

"I should go." she said and headed to the entrance of the airport. She stopped and wave again to her aunt and continue walking. Her Aunt Lyre watch she disappeared from her sight before going home.

Ces was waiting in the holding area. Honestly speaking, she's a bit nervous. It is her first time to travel alone and what's most frightening about is that her first trip alone is in abroad. She unzipped her sling bag and checked her passport, tickets, visas and other necessities. She took the economic class. Her ticket was free and all she needs is an allowance which is not a problem at that time because she save a lot on her saving account. She doesn't have any plans to just be dependent on her parents' insurance that will sent to her by her Aunt Lyre if she needs it. She will look for a job once she get there.

She was occupied with her thoughts when a man in black sits two chairs apart from her. She can't see his face cause aside, he's wearing a face mask, the man also wears a black cap. She decided to just ignore him even though the man seems suspicious to her.

She continues checking her things when she heard the man speak. "Sir, I can't see the target here. But I'll keep an eye on him once he made his entrance here"

She was stopped for a moment because of the word "target". She studied the man beside her. It was looking at the back. He looks like he's waiting for someone to appear on the entrance. He's not holding a phone but she saw something flicking from his right ear. He's wearing an earbuds. She looks closely, and saw something suspicious behind his back. "Shit! was it a gun?" she thought to herself.

Suddenly she doesn't know what to do first, whether to scream and caught the attention of the security or just stay away from the man without it knowing what she saw. She did the latter.

She slowly gets her bag and slowly walk away from the man.

"Miss?" she froze when she heard a man at her back tried to catch her attention. She calm herself and manages to act normal as her turn to see the man that she's trying to escape to. He's holding her passport."Is this yours? I saw it on the bench that you sitted a while ago." The man said

She acts like she's shocked and normally thanked the guy. "Yes, it's mine, thanks. Careless of me. Thanks again."

The man just nods and turn away. She felt like throwing up, so she hurriedly goes to the nearest lavatory.

A lot of things came to her mind while she's staring at the mirror.

"Was it really a gun?"

"How did the security not notice it?" with all the inspections she did experience, it's impossible that the security didn't notice it.She opens the faucet and wash her hands. She took a few tissues to dry her hands when she looks at her watch. 30 minutes before her flight, she decided to go back to the holding area. She's on her way to the door when she bumped with a man. She annoyingly looked at the man and will start to nag at him when he covers her mouth with his hands and drag her into one of the cubicles.


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