Chapter 62: Rogues invasion!

Astrid's heart was pounding as the man shifted into his wolf form, but she was not one to be intimidated. Putting her fear aside, she stepped on the gas pedal and charged towards the wolf, her eyes locked on its menacing form.

The wolf tried to dodge out of the way, but it was too late. With a sickening thud, the car collided with the wolf's body, sending it flying through the air and crashing onto the ground.

But Astrid knew that she couldn't take any chances. This wolf was a threat to her and anyone else who crossed its path, she had to eliminate it. She accelerated her car and drove over the wolf, using the tire of her vehicle to smash his head.

The sound of the skull cracking under the weight of the car was bone-chilling, sending shivers down Astrid's spine.

As she stepped out of the car to check on the wolf, her stomach churned at the horrendous sight she saw. The wolf's head was now a mangled mess, its brain oozing out of the shattered skull. Astrid retched at the gruesome scen

Please guys drop a comment. I need to know if you guys are enjoying the book. Also, I changed the name of Blaze's pack to Majestic Moonshadow pack. The editors are on holidays, so they are yet to facilitate the change in chapter 3.

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